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  The U.S. Desperately Needs a ?Fiber for All? Plan
  HMD admits the Nokia 7 Plus was sending personal data to China
  Neo-Nazi groups allowed to stay on Facebook because they ?do not violate community standards?
  'Coal is on the way out': study finds fossil fuel now pricier than solar or wind - Around 75% of coal production is more expensive than renewables, with industry out-competed on cost by 2025
  Uber drivers prepare to strike Monday over 25 percent cut in wages
  Hackers Hijacked ASUS Software Updates to Install Backdoors on Thousands of Computers
  Ad scams on Android are draining your battery and making scammers rich
  The FBI's December shutdown of 15 DDoS-for-hire domains resulted in an 85-percent decrease in attack volume globally

  Hackers Hijacked ASUS Software Updates to Install Backdoors on Thousands of Computers
  FUZE ? Nintendo Switch - Tech Demo - "Code on your Nintendo Switch."
  JEP draft: Add detailed message to NullPointerException describing what is null
  Redox OS 0.5.0
  C# Hello World running without OS or runtime by Michal Strehovsk
  Crafting Interpreters - Local Variables
  Integer multiplication in time O(n log n) [PDF]
  The Siren Song of Little Languages
  Untrusted - modify the source code while playing to escape
  Using const (in D) to Enforce Design Decisions
  Seeking Volunteer Reviewers for PoW RandomX
  The Snek Programming Language: A Python-inspired Embedded Computing Language
  Stop Eliminating Perfectly Good Candidates by Asking Them the Wrong Questions
  Thousands of API and cryptographic keys leaking on GitHub every day

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This is a mashup of many vote based news sites and popular technology and programming blogs. News is updated about every 15 minutes. For more details see the about JimmyR.com page. I'm also youtube user jimmyrcom, and I've made several educational video tutorials in the past. I provide a bunch of online education links below.

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