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[Video Tutorial] How to build google chrome extensions
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  Australian scientists are developing wind turbines that are one-third the price and 1,000 times more efficient than anything currently on the market to install along the country's windy and abundant coast.
  Dirt-cheap Android tablets from Best Buy, Walmart, elsewhere found to ship with major security flaws
  Facebook's Real Name Policy is Being Enforced Again - Names like 'Nikki' being changed to 'Nicola'
  The European Parliament Just Voted To Break Up Google
  UK Pirate Party slams government plans for IP address identification
  SpaceX Unveils Autonomous Drone Ship for Landing Reusable Rockets
  Bavaria plans free wifi for 'whole state'
  Graphene breakthrough could herald green fuel revolution

  W3C HTML JSON form submission
  Android Studio 1.0 Release Candidate 2 Released - Android Tools Project Site
  Miranda NG Project to Get the "Wild Pointers" Award (Part 2) (Static Analysis)
  As we start planning the next edition of Introduction to Algorithms (CLRS), what should we add and what should we remove?
  Git v2.2.0 released
  Top 10 Python idioms I wish I'd learned earlier
  Writing a Primitive Windows Debugger
  A structured tree like search engine
  Benchmark.It - Simple .Net benchmarking
  An attempt to categorize programming languages by naming patterns
  TCP / HTTP Listening On Ports: How Can Many Users Share the Same Port
  Does column width 80 make sense in 2014?
  From Switch Statement Down to Machine Code
  Want a real Linux tablet with Wayland and Qt and glibc and stock user land? If so, then now's the time to support Jolla! They have recently added three stretch goals to their very successful crowdsourcing campaign.

Younger Cousin’s Growth Spurt Throws Off Competitive Balance At Family’s Thanksgiving Touch Football Game
Weird Wooden Chair Pressed Into Service For Thanksgiving
Families Of Bears Players Ask To Have Faces Blurred Out During Thanksgiving Promos
Thanksgiving Affords Nation Rare Opportunity To Eat Large Amounts Of Food While Watching Football
American Voices: NYC Restaurant Offering $35,000 Thanksgiving Dinner
Statshot: Top Thanksgiving Side Dishes
Man At Airport Pissed That Other People Had Same Idea To Go Home For Thanksgiving
Everyone In Family Compliments Grandmother On How Small And Feeble She’s Gotten
NFL To Crack Down On Players For Excessive Thanksgiving Celebrations

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