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[Video Tutorial] How to build google chrome extensions
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  Amazon Prime users now have access to HBO shows for the first time
  Pirate Bay Hits Historic 10 Million Torrent Milestone
  Scientists ?freeze? light for an entire minute
  The Aereo Case Isn't About the Future of TV. It's About the Future of Speech: "This is about whether companies have grown too big and too unwieldy and too powerful to contest, and if that means the American experiment is failing because of it."
  Out in the Open: Inside the Operating System Edward Snowden Used to Evade the NSA
  Brazilian Congress passes Internet bill of rights "The gov't refused to drop a net neutrality provision that was fiercely opposed by telecom companies because it bars them from charging higher rates for access to content that uses more bandwidth, such as video streaming & voice services like Skype"
  Microsoft is at work on a free, cloud-based version of Windows called Windows Cloud that requires an Internet connection for full functionality, claims a Russian leaker.
  This Chrome add-on lets you copy and erase text inside any image on the web

  A reminder about personal information
  The best pranks don't scare or annoy, they make the victim question their own sanity
  Swedish guy fingersnapping the Super Mario theme [0:45]
  Who let this bitch drive?
  A guy dressed in a Beatlejuice costume who had broken into and slept in a stranger's house is woken up and kicked out
  Local News Airs Poor Woman's Giant Cameltoe On Live TV
  Best Drum Solo Ever?
  Insanity! - Workout Wednesday #13

NFL GMs Frantically Studying Bleacher Report Slideshow On Top College Prospects
Report: U.S. Still Leads World With Highest Density Of Kevins
Infographic: How To Live Gluten-Free
American Voices: Nintendo Game Boy Turns 25
American Voices: NASA Asks For Selfies To Celebrate Earth Day
Opinion: Like It Or Not, We All Die, Then Get Dug Up And Molested (by Karl Lundt)
Autopsy Determines Total Loser’s Corpse Contained No Traces Of Drugs, Alcohol
Onion Poll: Should Illegal Immigrants Be Deported?
Obama Spends Another Night Searching Behind White House Paintings For Safes

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