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  Apple has a change of heart and approves an app that finds net neutrality violations
  The U.K. and France Are Thumbing Their Noses at the U.S. Over Net Neutrality Repeal - ?the U.K. and France said Friday: ?... we wish to restate our commitment and support for the principle of net neutrality, which promotes a free and open internet.??
  The Senate Just Voted to Expand the Warrantless Surveillance of US Citizens
  Apple and Samsung are both under investigation by the Italian government over planned obsolescence - Italy?s antitrust organization wants to know if the two companies are intentionally slowing down their phones
  FCC chairman admits cell phone data is not the same as broadband Internet.
  Fed Up With Drug Companies, Hospitals Decide to Start Their Own
  YouTube removing videos of people eating Tide Pods
  Congress demanded NSA spying reform. Instead they let you down

  Moderators needed, apply within!
  Unemployed Irish guy creates epic commercial to prove himself to ad agencies
  It snowed in Charlotte, and our local news introduced us to this lovely lady...
  I've kept this video a secret from my family and friends. It's time the world sees it...
  Someone in VRchat has a seizure while playing, everyone stops what they?re doing to make sure he?s okay.
  Dad, tell me again why you don't blow out the candles?
  Pow Surfing
  Televangelist Kenneth Copeland praises Jesus for his new private jet

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