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  Raspberry Pi Zero $5 computer unveiled: Buying the cheapest computer in the world is now cheaper than buying your lunch.
  128GB RAM modules are going to be introduced by Samsung in the near future
  A convicted software pirate has been handed an unusual punishment. The man, named only as Jakub F, will be spared having to pay hefty damages - as long as a film denouncing piracy he was made to produce gets 200,000 views.
  Sneaky Microsoft renamed its data slurper before sticking it back in Windows 10
  "Amazon could be building the cord-cutter's dream streaming service"
  It?s illegal to make private copies of music in the UK?again
  Russia?s largest data center will be powered by nuclear energy
  Huge Security Flaw Can Expose VPN Users' Real IP-Adresses

  Raspberry Pi Zero: The new $5 Raspberry Pi
  Finding Bugs In The First C++ Compiler - What does Bjarne Think!
  PyLaTeX 1.0.0: Generate latex files and snippets. The first stable release, now with lots of documentation and examples. [x-post from /r/python]
  Using Cellular Automata in "Subete ga F ni Naru" Ending Theme
  W - A simple programming language.
  Efene: an Erlang VM language that embraces the Zen of Python
  The Silver Bullet Syndrome
  Another example of why you shouldn't roll-your-own crypto
  Build a Desktop App with GitHub Electron and Couchbase
  The C11 and C++11 Concurrency Model (2014) [pdf]
  chroma.js, a tiny JavaScript library for dealing with colors!
  The TTY demystified
  Programming language subreddits and their choice of words
  Grasping Haskell: functors, applicatives and monads (Part 1)

  Important information regarding 3rd party licensing agencies
  "Green 19, Green 19, AHH FUCK"
  I shot over 9000 photos to make this time-lapse drawing. Wanted to share with you guys.
  "That is dog shit!"
  Gordon Ramsay putting rude customers in their place. As a retail worker, this was so satisfying.
  Firefighter saves suicide woman by kicking her in the face
  Russian Ex-Spetsnaz throwing two knives at once
  That one relative at EVERY thanksgiving

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