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  400 college professors say consumers should be able to sue Equifax and other financial institutions - The professors sent a letter to senators protesting mandatory arbitration clauses
  If data is the new oil, are tech companies robbing us blind? - ?Lanier suggests that users should receive a micropayment every time their data is used to earn a company money.?
  Ajit Pai should be fired, petition says before Senate re-confirmation vote
  Deloitte hit by cyber-attack revealing clients? secret emails
  Cloudflare CEO: DDoS Attacks Will Now Be ?Something You Only Read About In The History Books? - Starting today, Cloudflare is making protection against DDoS attacks free, regardless of how bad they are.
  Russian hackers exploited a Google flaw the company has refused to fix: Hacker team ?Fancy Bear? used a Google security flaw to attack journalists, and the tech giant has done nothing
  Trump DOJ Nominee Jon Adler Pushed Scientology-Based Detox Program
  Free Press is trying to block Ajit Pai's reconfirmation

  It's Windows 3.1 All Over Again
  DeepGit is a tool to investigate the history of source code. It is based on git blame and makes it easy to trace changes to a line or block of code. DeepGit will detect code movements, even if lines are not identical
  Microsoft Is Launching A New "Programming Language for Quantum Computers"
  Tip: rubber duck debugging with Stackoverflow
  On Being Operationally Incompetent
  Worst Computer Bugs in History: The Ariane 5 Disaster
  An in-depth explanation of how a 10 year old bug in Guitar Hero was reverse-engineered and fixed without using the source code
  Humble Book Bundle: Hacking Reloaded
  Microsoft makes play for next wave of computing with quantum computing toolkit
  Godot 3 Renderer Design Explained
  The SQL I love. Efficient pagination a table with 100M records
  Iam c0ldfyr3, author of CS:S ZombieMod and before that Elite Prodigy and Darks Revenge, AMA!
  New post in the D Blog series on GC: allocating from the non-GC heap
  MySQL 8.0 RC1 ? Highlights (CTEs, Window Functions, SKIP_LOCKED, Invisible Indexes)

  [OC] My sister was stranded at the Charlotte airport overnight and decided to make the most of it.
  TIL "Velcro" is the name of a company and they ABSOLUTELY HATE it when you say "Velcro"
  Terry Crews uplifting his son's passion.
  New Zealand anti-drink driving ad with a sense of humour
  This guy lives his life one quarter mile at a time
  A cocaine packing machine found by the police today in Brazil, it can do 150 thousand baggies per day.
  Ben folds plays piano on chat roulette in front of a live audience
  Mother shits all over her sons passion.

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