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  Tesla Motors Inc.?s all-wheel-drive version of the battery-powered Model S, the P85D, earned a 103 out of a possible 100 in an evaluation by Consumer Reports magazine.
  TSA's $150K full body scanners so inept that government officials are suggesting people exiting them should immediately go through a traditional metal detector
  86% of internet users have taken steps to mask their digital footprints
  Tech Giants Want to Punish DMCA Takedown Abusers
  New York City Says It May Sue Verizon For Failed FiOS Promises
  Germany hands over citizens? metadata in return for NSA?s top spy software
  Idaho Leads The Race In Energy With 83% Of It's Electricity Coming From Renewable Sources
  License plate reader led police to man who killed reporter and cameraman.

  Andrei Alexandrescu, C++ guru, leaves Facebook to work on D language full-time
  D compiler (Dmd) moves front end to pure D from C++
  Codecademy's new Learn the Command Line course is out!
  A guy was invited by Google to its 'secret' interview process - here's what happened
  Google asks iOS 9 developers to disable strict HTTPS (ATS) in order to allow non-secure ad networks to load
  Proof of concept: timmy is a command line tool that makes many TLS servers act as a trusted timestamper. Make Google or the NSA sign your data with a timestamp provided by them.
  How recursion got into programming: a comedy of errors
  Lock-freedom without garbage collection
  Shashlik ? Native Android Environment Layer for Linux
  The Emily Programming Language: A half-functional, half-OO, Lua-inspired, insanely extensible scripting language
  Encapsulating APIs
  Java Memory Model Pragmatics by Aleksey Shipilv
  Martin Fowler on ORM Hate
  A Salute To Solo Programmers

  Good Samaritan finds $100 on the ground and gives it back to owner [25s]
  How to remove 50 000 bees from inside your wall
  I'm not super into football but I enjoyed this video
  Kid dislocates both arms.
  Amazing sound from a saxophone in a warehouse
  Never Forget - 9 years ago the greatest music video ever made about playing video games at a LAN party was made
  It takes me two hours to get home every day from school. Here's a video I made of my trip.
  If you own a GoPro you should see this. Crazy-good stabilization software.

News in Brief: Neighborhood Starting To Get Too Safe For Family To Afford
News in Brief: Department Of Labor Study Confirms Your Job Most Demanding
Sunday Magazine: Due To A Scheduling Error, We Sit Down With The Cast Of ‘Empire’ And Mitch McConnell
American Voices: Josh Duggar Enters Rehab Following Scandal
Sports News in Brief: Majority Of NFL Players Say They Wouldn’t Let Their Son Play Preseason Football
News in Brief: Responsible Gun Owner Keeps Firearms Safely Locked Away Where Only He Can Get Them During Mental Breakdown
American Voices: National Zoo Panda Cub Dies
News: Scott Walker Watches Candidates Emerge Shaken From GOP’s Female Experience Simulator
News in Brief: Nation To Try Channeling Outrage Over Gun Control Into Issue That Can Actually Be Addressed

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