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  This 17-Year-Old Has Become Michigan's Leading Right to Repair Advocate - When Surya Raghavendran dropped his iPhone, he learned to repair it himself. Now he wants to protect that right for everyone in his home state of Michigan.
  The United Kingdom has issued the first GDPR notice in relation to the Facebook data scandal which saw the data of up to 87 million users harvested and processed without their consent.
  The PC automatically began to update the software and the patient was unnecessary in anesthesia for one hour.
  Facebook?s plan to let companies it buys live independently is over - The social network is taking control and edging founders out
  Mozilla?s Firefox Monitor will now alert you when one of your accounts was hacked
  Tencent?s AI programs defeat Starcraft?s own AI - AI researchers at the Chinese tech giant Tencent have posted details of two programs capable of beating the ?cheating? AI found in the popular video game Starcraft.
  Comcast Ready to Sell 30% Hulu Stake to Disney, Report Says
  Net neutrality activists plan to educate millions of voters about candidate stances ahead of midterms

  From wireframe to HTML Code. A great milestone achieved by AI for the frontend.
  A 0Day vulnerability in MS Windows has gone public because Microsoft missed the canonical 120 days deadline
  Dropbox migrates to Python 3 - One of the largest migrations
  42 silly ways to say "Hello" in modern C++ (Sep 2018)
  The PC automatically began to update the software and the patient was unnecessary in anesthesia for one hour.
  Java 11 is released
  There are 3 main types of technical debt. Here?s how to manage them.
  AWS now supports U2F/Yubikeys
  x86 Addressing Under the Hood ? Paul Bone
  Riot Games Engineering - Cleaning Up Data Debt in League
  Self- Organizing Maps Series
  PyQt5 tutorial: Create a Python GUI in 2018 (x-post /r/python)
  A React Native boilerplate focused on separation of concerns - includes Redux, Redux Saga, React Navigation
  Code of Merit, an Alternative Solution to a Code of Conduct

  In light of Bill Cosby's conviction, this Eddie Murphy routine is even more satisfying. Fuck you Bill
  Karl Pilkington doing a great job marketing his own TV show
  Chris Kamara misses a red card on Soccer Saturday
  Amazon Delivery Kicking Package - YouTube
  Chris Farley was awesome
  Youtube scientist shows us black fire!
  The baby scene in Children of Men is so powerful and to this day is one of my favorite scenes in a movie.
  Just what your need after long day-cockatiel playing peekaboo

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