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  Bernie Sanders calls for a ban on police use of facial recognition
  Wireless Carrier Throttling of Online Video Is Pervasive: Study
  Twitter ran paid ads from China's state news media criticising the Hong Kong protests
  As The NSA Declares Phone Record Program Dead, Trump Administration Asks For A Permanent Reauthorization
  Facebook, Twitter accuse China of running disinformation campaign against Hong Kong protesters
  Bernie Sanders just called for a ban on law enforcement use of facial recognition. Every other 2020 candidate should do the same.
  SF is home to the world's oldest webcam. After 25 years, it's being switched off.
  YouTube sues alleged copyright troll over extortion of multiple YouTubers

  Dirty tricks 6502 programmers use
  OpenDrop: An Open Source AirDrop Implementation
  Sushi Roll: A CPU research kernel with minimal noise for cycle-by-cycle micro-architectural introspection
  I am building an xkcd styled chart library
  A tiny Real-Time Ray Tracer
  .NET Core and systemd
  A Practical Introduction to Big O
  How Rust optimizes async/await: Part 1
  Kaspersky AV injected unique ID allowing sites to track users in incognito mode
  Humble Book Bundle: Python Programming by No Starch Press
  Write Fuzzable Code
  Drogon(C++17) becomes one of the fastest web frameworks in the latest TFB benchmark
  Async-std: an async port of the Rust standard library
  I used an AI to measure how shrinking the playfield size in NES Tetris affects the difficulty of the game [6502 asm, Java and videos]

  LockPickingLawyer decodes Master Lock Personal Safe by sight in seconds
  "Kerbal Space Program 2" Announcement Trailer
  Marvin Gaye's isolated vocal track on the song "I Heard It Through The Grapevine"
  The Pokemon Company awards cheap plastic trophies to it's tournament winners, one breaks the instant a little kid receives it
  I Quickly Explain Why the USA Network Logo is Perverted
  My nuts hurts
  My wife makes macrame plant hangers just as a creative outlet. Seeing how happy it makes her, I secretly created an Instagram page. People started leaving lots of comments, and she got her first order. After a few days I decided it was time to reveal everything!
  How flat can cats become?

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