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  City-run ISP makes 10Gbps available to all residents and businesses
  Steve Jobs 'played no role at all' in designing the Apple I or Apple II computers, Woz says
  The Boston Globe Will No Longer Let John Sununu Shill For Telecom Companies Under The Pretense Of Objectivity
  Verizon union seeks government investigation into network deterioration. Verizon lets copper landlines degrade in fiberless areas, union claims.
  The Lorica. An armor that allows for full contact martial art combat. It's also covered with sensors and a POV cam for gladiatorial competition.
  Google owned "WebM" format support now reaches Microsoft Edge
  New MIPS 64-bit CPUs from China run x86 and ARM code
  Spurred by innovators like Tesla, the energy storage business is growing fast. ?In that sense, we do expect some quarters to have much bigger jumps, as we are having this particular quarter.? The introduction of technologies such as the Tesla battery help make these gains possible, he said.

  JetBrains Toolbox (monthly / yearly subscription for all JetBrains IDEs)
  Scroll Down and Read This Comment About the PSD File Format
  PyParallel: An experimental, proof-of-concept fork of Python 3 designed to optimally exploit multiple CPU cores, SSDs, NUMA and 10Gb+ Ethernet networks.
  Neural Networks, Types, and Functional Programming
  MSBuild is going cross-platform with .NET Core!
  Announcing libsoundio 1.0.0: cross-platform audio input and output
  Is poor software development the biggest cyber threat?
  Our development process: 90 months of evolution
  Apple, Google, and other tech giants will pay $415 million in poaching scandal settlement
  Trying to gather quality reading material on Data-Oriented Design
  Announcing RubyMotion 4.0: free Starter edition, cross-platform games, watchOS 2.0
  ten-predictions - steveyegge2 (now updated with a retrospective score of how accurate he was with a decade's hindsight)
  In 1987 a radiation therapy machine killed and mutilated patients due to an unknown race condition in a multi-threaded program.
  Porting Linux to a new processor architecture, part 1: The basics [LWN.net]

American Voices: King Cobra On The Loose In Orlando
News in Brief: Naked, Dripping Wet Tom Brady Thrilled By Judge’s Decision To Overturn Suspension, Imagines Judge
News in Brief: Denny’s Market Researcher Emerges From Focus Group Shaken After Finding Out What Americans Really Want For Breakfast
News in Brief: Frenzied Trump Supporters Admit They’d Be Just As Happy Tearing Him To Pieces
Video: Onion Explains: International Drug Trade
American Voices: Majority Of Seabirds Have Ingested Plastic
Sports News in Brief: Linda Cohn Finds Tim Kurkjian’s Design For Baseball Card Of Himself In Office Printer
News in Brief: Lockheed Martin Sales Staff Instructed To Really Push Tactical Air-To-Surface Missiles This Week
News in Photos: Friend’s Grandma To Give You Hug Too

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