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  Trump calls for 6G cellular technology, because why the heck not
  Nike?s self-lacing smart sneakers malfunction days after release
  Facebook will shut down its spyware VPN app Onavo
  Apple's stubborn refusal to make a cheap iPhone resulted in its biggest sales decline in 3 years
  Uber data used to identify accomplices in staged Jussie Smollett attack, police say
  As fallout over pedophilia content on YouTube continues, AT&T and Hasbro pull all advertisements
  Industry Claims That Cord Cutting Would Be A Fad Aren't Looking So Hot
  Facebook decided which users are interested in Nazis ? and let advertisers target them directly

  A Heavily Commented Linux Kernel Source Code (PDF)
  Comparing C and Rust network protocol exercises
  Organization-wide GitHub community files
  Lessons Learned from 2+ Years of Nightly Jepsen Tests
  Ibera is gutting Travis CI just a few weeks after acquiring it
  Gambas - Gambas Almost Means Basic
  CWI?s PhD student Gauthier van den Hove reconstructed and analyzed the first ALGOL 60 system, a computer system designed and implemented at the Mathematical Centre (MC, now CWI). On 15 February he defends his PhD thesis ?New Insights from Old Programs - The Structure of the First ALGOL 60 System?
  Fractional calculus
  3D Game Tutorial in C++ from scratch - Part 7: Creating 3D Engine - Vertex Shader - SourceCode on GitHub
  Shifting from Tasers to AI, Axon wants to use terabytes of data to automate police records and redactions: "Law enforcement AI raises ethical questions, even in administrative work"
  No Source Code For a 14-Year Old Vulnerable DLL? No Problem. (CVE-2018-20250)
  Become a better Developer, one New Tab at a time.
  Make GitLab Board Better
  [lwn] Machine learning and stable kernels (2018-09-12)

  When you put 2000 choir teachers in a room
  Dave Chappelle skit about his white friend Chip. Never fails to make me laugh.
  Disney pulls all YouTube ads after Matt Watson's "Child Exploitation on Youtube" video
  Boy gets Dad's help by using doorbell
  Nirvana plays Smells Like Teen Spirit, 2 days after the release of Nevermind. The Moon, New Haven 1991
  Old but gold; crowd loses their shit over a ?beard cage? at a beard competition.
  Students make Johnnie Walker commercial as film project - turns into gut wrenching feels trip
  The Genie

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