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  Microsoft bangs the final nail in Nokia Devices? coffin, will lay off 1,850
  The Pirate Bay Returns To Its Original And 13-Year-Old .ORG Domain
  US Department of Energy wants 100% solar power for electricity grid
  Is Facebook eavesdropping on your phone conversations?
  ?Pressure Mounts on FBI To Reveal Tor Browser Exploit
  Congrats, FBI, You've Now Convinced Silicon Valley To Encrypt And Dump Log Files
  Microsoft has u-turned over changes it made to a pop-up encouraging users to upgrade to Windows 10. Users were angry that clicking the cross to dismiss the box meant that they had agreed to the upgrade.
  Microsoft wasted at least $8 billion on its failed Nokia experiment

  webgazer.js, eye tracking library using the webcam that can be put on any website
  13,949 Commits and 6,148 Closed Issues Later: Thank You for Helping Realm Reach 1.0
  Facebook's Engineer, Lee Byron, explains "Bieber problem" and things to consider while designing profile activity feeds
  Ken Thompson was right, proven definitively 32 years later. (Analog Malicious Hardware)
  CircleCI blog - It's The Future
  Procedural Dungeon Generation
  CRYENGINE now available on github
  Sidekiq for Crystal, 3x faster, 3x smaller
  Performance Lessons learned from Porting Source 2 Engine to Vulkan - Dan Ginsberg - Valve (with examples from DOTA) [Video]
  Verdigris: Qt without moc
  Theo de Raadt - Privilege Separation and (OpenBSD) pledge (dotSecurity 2016)
  Export a Command Line cURL Command to an Executable
  Who Needs Git When You Got ZFS?
  You Can Tweak Your Resume all You Want, but People from Different Backgrounds Have a Hard Time Getting Software Engineering Jobs - Good story.

  A scientist, a sprint runner, and a sumo wrestler VS a giant adhesive bug trap.
  Being Fat Is NOT OKAY...Deal With It.
  [Re-Submission] We're Being Sued -h3h3productions
  H3H3 video which resulted in the take down and lawsuit.
  My baby girl does this almost every time she sneezes... finally got it on video
  Smarter Every Day Challenge: Learn the Backwards Brain Bike
  A Minnesota Construction Company made a video explaining the job. It's so funny, I want to buy a house from them!
  New father here, and I just had my one month performance review. Not good.

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