I've just learned doing this kind of stuff is againt the youtube API TOS. Thread: http://groups.google.com/group/youtube-api-gdata/browse_thread/thread/f2d0b7b9f0b425b8 you can still look through the source. Youtube Chromeless API: Embed audio from any youtube video to any other >
Video Source - Audio Source
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Resync the audio of one youtube vid with the video of another

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Green Tea Girlie vs Tetris
Fat people dancing to Loituma
MrPregnant Dancing to This is SPARTA!!111oneone

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Inspired from Benny Hillifier and made open source
Most of this is from the example code at the Youtube API example page + a little php

Source Code

Rename as php, run, complain to my gmail username JimmyRuska

My other work with the youtube API

Millions of youtube vids all rated over 4.7 stars with 40+ ratings
Custom cross browser chromeless player with pure javascript +subtitle support

Source released by Jimmy Ruska