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Many weren't recorded because of issues and some are super old. As of April 24, 2008 and onwards, I'll keep a record of every day of in this archive.

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    The Sandman - Stop Motion Animation
    Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps - James Bond
    Sleestak are the new hotness.. (or that's how I roll)
    Crazy Goal by Ryan Malone - Slips, and then Scores
    Dorit Chrysler -Thereminist and Singer - Electro-Pop
    Lin Zhi Airport - World's Most Challenging Runway Approach
    Rowan Atkinson - Guys after the Game - Waiter Sketch
    Andy (Ricky Gervais) attempts to impress his neighbor
    "Mentally F-ed Up" - Hometown Baghdad
    Elvis to Einstein... in Post-its!

    Best of Metacafe

    Digg Top Voted Videos in 24 Hours

    1. High School Bully gets OwNed by smaller Asian Transfer Student.
    2. Why you shouldn't rob a bank in Spain...
    3. Price is Right: Funny Guy Tears it Up
    5. Remember, Wear Your Seatbelt or THIS will happen
    6. Astronauts gone Wild U MUST SEE THIS!!!
    7. Guitar Hero 2 'Halo Theme' video
    8. Two kids want vanished band-mate to let them know he
    9. Automatic SHOTGUN.....12 gauge sweeper
    10. Bill O'Reilly Replies to Snoop Dogg
    11. What you know about math?
    12. Exploding Cigarette Prank!

    Best of Flickr

    blue coilpretty pearly petalsRange Is GoodPunti di vista - Points of viewDaviddespe deSonges d'une nuit d'été (Les plaisirs chiffonnés; Paris 20; 1er avril)stairway to heaven?L'orange du canal du Midi

    Best of Google Video Today

    Demetri Martin. Person.

    red vs blue season 3

    Christopher Titus Un-cu


    Dee Dee Dee Song

    WoW Hardware store musi

    Family Guy - Peter Grif

    Red vs Blue- Season 1

    Viva La Bam - Prank War

    Gansta Happy Feet Remix

    Lee Evans Live in Scotl

    Funny Cat Video Montage

    funny cats

    Demetri Martin

    Ultimate Showdown

    Halo Warthog Jump, Supe

    Jackass - The Loop

    Robot Chicken Ep 1

    My Guitar Gently Weeps on a Ukel

    Obadiah Parker - Hey Ya (Outkast

    WoW Hardware store music video (

    U2 And Green Day - The Saints Ar

    Artix vs The Undead

    Kid does Canon on Guitar

    Kingdom Hearts 2 Opening (Englis

    JerryC Canon Rock

    Naruto Music Video: SR-71 - Good

    O-Zone live Dragostea Din Tei (n

    "Crazy" - Gnarls Barkl

    Jimi Hendrix - Wind cries mary

    nirvana - smells like teen spiri

    Japonais Piano

    "When There was me and You&

    Jackass - The Loop

    All American Rejects - Move Alon

    Canon in D Guitar

    Ultimate Naruto Fan Flash 4

    Numa Numa is Everywhere!

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