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[Video Tutorial] How to build google chrome extensions
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  Norway subsidizes Tesla by waiving sales tax, permitting use of a bus lane, and offering free parking in public lots.
  Net Neutrality isn?t just about the control of bandwidth, but also about who gets to control the information itself, who gets to control the filters that strip away content selectively in a concerted effort to influence our perceptions of the world and ultimately our behavior.
  32 Cities Want to Challenge Big Telecom, Build Their Own Gigabit Networks
  Comcast?s net neutrality commitments aren?t good enough, senator says Ars Technica
  Latest TPP Leak Reveals Even Harsher Copyright Rules
  Why the FBI Director is wrong about encryption
  I think this deserves a mention in the main tech subreddit... Happy 10th Birthday, Ubuntu!
  TWC & Cable Companies = Unregulated Monopoly

  Jack Mook, a detective and boxing instructor in Pittsburgh, got curious when two of his students stopped showing up. He went searching for them, finding them at an abusive foster home, he took matters into his own hands. Classic tale of by-the-books detective with a soft heart.
  Ex-Scientology member ambushed and harassed by Scientology's top management personnel in LAX Airport
  Bill Burr handles an annoying, douchey interviewer who thinks he is "hip".
  What's the most important thing in a woman? [0:28]
  Zach Galifianakis turns red from laughing so hard, one of my favorite late night talk show moments
  Why Eminem is an objectively good lyricist, even if you aren't a fan of his music.
  Fan has a request for Lana Del Rey at concert
  NHL's Week 2 Slow Mo Highlights, my new favorite thing

Man Coasting Through Life Entirely On Benefit Of Doubt
American Voices: Pope Francis: ‘God Is Not Afraid Of New Things’
Infographic: NFL Week Seven Winners And Losers
Nurse Being Treated For Ebola Impressed With Health Workers’ New Gear
Disillusioned Hollywood Sign Moves Back To Small Iowa Farm Town
Man Now Too Exhausted To Repress Both Anger And Sadness
Monsanto Harvest-Resistant Corn Now Engulfing Most Of Midwest
After Careful Thought, Teen Applies To College Where Family Donated Building
Infographic: Tracking Ebola In The U.S.

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