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[Video Tutorial] How to build google chrome extensions
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  The new Windows is to be called "Windows 10", inexplicably skipping 9. What's funnier is the fact this was "predicted" by InfoWorld over a year ago in an April Fools' article.
  Starting today UK citizens are free to copy MP3s, CDs, DVDs and live broadcasts for personal use. After an unexpected delay, UK copyright law was amended to legalize this common form of copying. In addition, the changes also broaden other forms of fair use, including parody and quotation rights.
  Reddit gets $50 million in funding and will share 10 percent of that with its users
  Your smartphone will soon be encrypted by default, and Apple or Google claim they will not be able open it for anyone ? law enforcement, the FBI and possibly the NSA ? even if they wanted to. Naturally, the US government is flipping out.
  New Windows Version will be called Windows 10
  The government says iPhone encryption helps criminals. They're wrong.
  Everything we know about Windows 10
  This is why you should install an ad blocker even if you don't mind ads...

  Not exactly sure what I just watched. But I loved it.
  David Cameron raps - by Cassetteboy
  Since there are no more Saturday morning cartoons, here is 4 hours of Looney Tunes.
  This will go viral and he will be famous 100% sure
  Decided to get a GoPro cause of all the cool videos people make. Quickly realized my life is lame.
  German Shepherd gets too excited and jumps off boat towards dolphins
  With the iPhone 6 plus recently released, let us never forget this commercial.
  What I instantly thought of when Microsoft announced they'll skip Windows 9 and go straight to Windows 10.

ISIS Having Difficulty Finding American Recruits Physically Fit For Jihad
ESPN Gives On-Air Personalities List Of 6 Pre-Approved Opinions
Nation Longs For One More Day With Dying Manufacturing Sector
American Voices: Louisiana Restaurant Offering 10% Discount To Diners Carrying Guns
American Voices: People Bending iPhones At Apple Stores
Man Hates Being Put In Position Where He Has To Think, Feel, Or Act
50 Years Of Climate Change, Habitat Loss Somehow Unable To Take Down Goddamned Parrotfish
Opinion: I’m Sorry, But You’re Just Not The Man I Hoped You Would Become When We Got Married (by Sarah Wagner)
Onion Poll: Do You Believe Spanking Is An Appropriate Punishment For Children?

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