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  The U.K. proposes new law that will force Google, Apple & Facebook to decrypt and hand over messages from suspects under investigation
  Ford Pretends To Open Up Its Patents Like Tesla, But Doesn't; Media Falls For It
  IBM's supercomputer Watson ingested 2,000 TED Talks and can answer your deepest questions
  Republicans want to kill the FCC's plan to subsidize internet for the poor
  Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht sentenced to life in prison
  UN: Encryption and Anonymity Must Be Protected
  Obama: 'Handful of senators' standing in way of Patriot Act
  An app that passively records your life so you always have a witness

  Announcing GitTorrent: A Decentralized GitHub
  Humans should think of sizeof() as a function, says Linus Torvalds
  Optimizing Python using Cython
  OkHttp?s New URL Class
  Virtual Structs Part 2: Classes strike back
  Kotlin M12 is out
  [I/O 2015] Android Studio v1.3 Developer Preview Adds C/C++ Support With Refactoring, Code Completion, And Debugging Capabilities
  Android studio gets C/C++ functionality
  How Rust Achieves Thread Safety
  Solving "Vietnam snake" puzzle with constraint logic programming
  OpenApoc - Open source engine for X-Com: Apocalypse (they could use some extra C++ coders)
  John Carmack shares his experiences with static code analysis and explains why it's irresponsible to not use it.
  Ever wondered how the FFT algorithm works? This HTML5 page seems a good place to start
  Making a toy programming language in Lua, part 1

American Voices: Report: Artist Who Drew Iconic Obama ‘Hope’ Poster Has Lost Hope In Him
News in Brief: Child Therapist Excited To Actually Be Seeing Patient With Psychological Issues
Sports News in Brief: FIFA Assures Fans Investigation Won’t Affect 2022 Qatar Slush Fund
American Voices: SkyMall Announces Return Of Print Edition To Planes
News: Scientists Make Unclear Breakthrough After Giving Robot Cancer
News in Photos: Tapas Arriving Too Fast
News in Brief: Party Guest Hoping Birthday Card With Shirtless Hunk Taken In Playful Spirit With Which It Was Intended
American Voices: Survey: 1 In 4 Harvard Seniors Didn’t Have Sex During College
Infographic: The Onion’s Guide To Beach Etiquette

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