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  Trump pulls out of TPP trade deal
  China announces mass shutdown of VPNs that bypass Great Firewall
  Don?t Bank on Your Anonymized Web Browsing History Being Anonymous
  Wash. lawmakers push bill to eliminate TV, internet cancellation fees for servicemembers
  South Korea announces plans to develop supersonic train similar to HyperLoop
  Samsung?s Note 7 apology was full, humble, and nerdy
  Trump?s new FCC chief is Ajit Pai, and he wants to destroy net neutrality
  Faraday Future, once seen as a 'Tesla killer,' is said to be in shambles as cash runs low and executives flee

  1096 - Cisco: Magic WebEx URL Allows Arbitrary Remote Command Execution - project-zero
  New Microsoft DirectX Shader Compiler based on Clang/LLVM now available as Open Source
  TIL - A std::vector<bool> only occupies a bit per element at the cost of being non-contiguous
  My Favorite Algorithm: Metropolis-Hastings
  DMD 2.073 released with lots of bug fixes and enhancements
  Nathan Gordon's Wind Waker Analysis : Fire & Haze - following on from the hugely popular Sea episode!
  Game where you build a CPU
  What Is LINQ And Why Do I Want To Use It?
  Chris Lattner interviewed about LLVM, Swift, and Apple on ATP
  Algorithm visualisations created from actual code running side by side
  Random data generator (names, genders etc.) to test your app
  React and .NET Core Deployment on Linux
  Microsoft open sources Visual Studio Test
  Real Time Delivery Updates with Slack, MongoDB Atlas & Tailable Cursors

  Cab Driver Claims John Elway Is The Best QB Of All-Time, Has No Idea Elway Is Sitting In The Back Seat
  Can he just once?
  This is what fear looks like (00:10)
  I've taken a selfie everyday since I was 12 years old. 35 hours and 2500+ photos later, my selfie everyday project has been perfectly stabilized. Please take a look! - [02:02]
  Bobby Lee has unique problems that no one else in the world has to deal with. Here he explains why he can't perform in Ausitn TX.
  Adult Swim is at their weird shit again.
  Shooting Skateboarders
  Natalie Portman

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