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  FCC chairman mocks industry claims that customers don?t need faster Internet: Wheeler: If slow speeds are enough, why do you heavily promote faster service?
  FCC Officially Redefines Broadband As 25 Mbps Down, 4 Mbps Up
  Google Fiber is going out of its way to make rival ISPs miserable
  FCC votes 3-2 to label broadband minimum as 25 mbps down, 3 mbps up
  FCC commissioner makes boneheaded argument against raising broadband standards, says worrying about whether services can handle 4K streaming is like worrying whether they can handle 'interplanetary teleportation.
  Tesla improves Tesla Model S performance (0-60) via over-the-air software update
  Revealed: A Whole New Terrifying Level of Surveillance: New documents show government tracked drivers with license plate readers on mass scale
  Researchers make graphene magnetic, clearing the way for faster everything

  Meanwhile in Japan..
  My buddy got hit by a car while on his motorcycle, and landed like a god damn ninja.
  Stephen Fry on God
  Dog having the time of his life balancing a ball on his nose.
  Never realized just how amazing and easy to understand Chinese characters are.
  Remember the crazy Monster Energy Lady? She's at it again with a new vendetta against Muslims...Bottoms up.
  Sweden Invents a Revolutionary Anti Bullet Wall, Saab Barracuda Soft Armour
  Stephen Fry's response when asked "what if you get up to heaven and it turns out God does exist?"

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