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  Neo-Nazis Are Running Out of Places to Hide Online Telegram booting far-right groups from their hub proves that platforms can, in fact, help curb terrorist recruitment in the internet age.
  Foxconn to invest $1 billion in India to move iPhone production from China
  Amazon orders employees to remove TikTok from phones ?due to security risks?
  Facebook Said to Consider Banning Political Ads
  Wyden Plans Law to Stop Cops From Buying Data That Would Need a Warrant
  The Trump Administration Is Attacking Critical Internet Privacy Tools
  Exclusive: Apple supplier Foxconn to invest $1 billion in India, sources say ? The move is part of a quiet and gradual production shift by Apple away from China
  The U.S. Army Twitch Channel Is Banning People for Asking About War Crimes

  Beautiful video on the workings of neural networks
  Haskell vs. Go vs. OCaml vs. ... (2018)
  Apps crashing on startup in production due to Facebook SDK - again
  Guide To Array Functions: Why you should pick the least powerful tool for the job
  There's no one right way to test your code
  Programming Concepts: Explained With Clean and Simple Animations
  GitHub - mljar/mljar-supervised: Automated Machine Learning Python package designed to save time for a data scientist
  Guy does the Pokmon sprite decompression algorithm by hand on a whiteboard [Livestream]
  Understanding Parser Combinators
  Facebook releases Retrie, a Haskell refactoring tool
  Community of Practice for experienced programmers
  Basis Universal Supercompressed GPU Texture Codec - support all GPU formats with 1 file smaller than normal
  Git Credential Manager Core: Building a universal authentication experience
  Ballish, a pretty fast code search tool

  The time Sacha Baron Cohen incited a riot in Arkansas
  Julian Lennon on how he had to buy letters between him and his father at auction because Yoko wouldn't give them to him.
  A local burger joint released a music video to announce they have re-opened and it?s unexpectedly great
  NOAA Scientists Film Shark Swallowed Whole during Deep-Sea Feeding Frenzy
  Weeman (4ft 100lbs) lifts Shaq (7ft 320lbs)
  A week before Nevermind was released, Nirvana performed Teen Spirit in a small record store
  When your favorite streamer sees your post

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