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  Digital privacy advocates should be terrified of a Clinton presidency. On Dec. 19, 2015, Hillary Clinton said she wanted a "Manhattan-like project" to break encryption.
  New House bill would stop companies from punishing you for negative online reviews
  This may sting: Google's new patent describes a smart lens injected right into your eyeball
  Satellite That Hunts for Black Holes in Space Is Missing
  The U.S. just labeled Switzerland an internet piracy haven
  U.S. spy court rejected zero surveillance orders in 2015: memo
  Google AI gains access to 1.2m confidential NHS patient records
  Self-driving cars may end gasoline era

  Do Experienced Programmers Use Google Frequently? Code Ahoy
  tota11y - an accessibility visualization toolkit
  A path to enlightenment in Programming Language Theory
  Announcing Vue.js 2.0
  The Ten Commandments of Egoless Programming
  How flexbox alleviates some common front end development pains
  A basic web server in Standard ML
  Building a twitter like live search feed with appbase.io
  Strategic Scala Style: Practical Type Safety
  Hacking Slack accounts: As easy as searching GitHub
  GCC makes your stack executable when an object file generated from assembly code without a special section is linked
  Why is hiring broken? It starts at the whiteboard.
  Smash the Code AI Competition starts today, for 8 days. Code the best bot to reach Legend League.
  Analysis shows major decline of Oracle's involvement with Java EE

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This is a mashup of many vote based news sites and popular technology and programming blogs. News is updated about every 15 minutes. For more details see the about JimmyR.com page. I'm also youtube user jimmyrcom, and I've made several educational video tutorials in the past. I provide a bunch of online education links below.

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