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  Pizza drones are go! Domino's gets NZ drone delivery OK
  ?Betrayal of trust'? WhatsApp to start sharing user data with Facebook, corporations
  Researchers are able to detect your keystrokes with over 90% accuracy using Wi-Fi devices. Not using a malicious software, but by detecting the ripples in the Wi-Fi signal.
  WhatsApp is going to share your phone number with Facebook. That means WhatsApp users could soon start seeing more targeted ads on Facebook.
  Researchers at Princeton have built an open source 25-core chip that can easily be scaled to create a 200,000-core computer
  Google Fiber reduces staff by 50%
  All the Ways Your Wi-Fi Router Can Spy on You: "By analyzing the exact ways that a wi-fi signal is altered when a human moves through it, researchers can ?see? what someone writes with their finger in the air, identify a particular person by the way that they walk, and even read a person?s lips."
  Windows 10 Privacy Placebo: Phone home setting gets automatically re-enabled

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