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[Video Tutorial] How to build google chrome extensions
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  Stop Calling Tor ?The Web Browser For Criminals? Instead of being scared of the deep web, we should recognize how we can use it for good.
  Well this sucks: Apple confirms iPhone 6 NFC chip is restricted to Apple Pay
  Government could have fined Yahoo trillions of dollars "At the end of the year: the total would have been $7.9 sextillion. That?s equal to a stack of $100 bills (if that many actually existed) so high that it would go back and forth to the sun 28,769 times."
  US fines over data requests would have destroyed Yahoo in a year
  "We The People Want Our Money Safer Than Our Selfies" Paypal goes after Apple in a full page NYT ad
  AT&T?s fascinating third-way proposal on net neutrality (They just never give up)
  UPDATE:Time Warner is already terrible, despite a looming Comcast buyout. I received a mailing from them about upgrading my service to have TV included and to receive a free laptop/PC for a little less than I was already paying. I figured I would record the interaction- just in case. I'm glad I did.
  "The Moment of Truth": Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Kim Dotcom, and Glenn Greenwald take on mass surveillance in New Zealand

American Voices: Urban Outfitters Apologizes For Red-Stained Kent State Sweatshirt
In Face Of Adversity, Heroic NFL Fans Continue Watching Football
Onion Poll: Should Parents Who Let Kids Play Outside Unsupervised Be Arrested?
Slideshow: Best Cities For Millennials
Report: Laura’s Divorce Threatens Razor-Thin Democratic Majority In Family
American Voices: Facebook Tests ‘Self-Destructing Posts’ Feature
Reclusive Deity Hasn’t Written A New Book In 2,000 Years
Man Not Himself Until He Has So Much Coffee He Feels Like He’s Going To Die
Your Horoscopes — Week Of September 16, 2014

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