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  Uber app checks whether your phone is rooted, has HeartBleed vulnerability. Records your wifi, phone, gps, mms logs and more.
  AT&T told to stop calling U-verse the ?Fastest Internet for the price? -- AT&T didn't make it clear that "fastest for the price" gets you only 3Mbps
  Amazon?s Fire sale: Phone is now just $199 unlocked; Amazon also deletes hundreds of negative reviews
  Australian scientists are developing wind turbines that are one-third the price and 1,000 times more efficient than anything currently on the market to install along the country's windy and abundant coast.
  Mark Cuban Again Illustrates He Has No Idea What Net Neutrality Is Or Why It's Important
  AT&T backtracks on fiber claims, says it won?t really halt 100-city plan. Either way, AT&T says net neutrality will limit fiber and DSL upgrades.
  Obama signs E-Label act so your next phone can drop the ugly logos
  Facebook's Real Name Policy is Being Enforced Again - Names like 'Nikki' being changed to 'Nicola'

Families Of Bears Players Ask To Have Faces Blurred Out During Thanksgiving Promos
Thanksgiving Affords Nation Rare Opportunity To Eat Large Amounts Of Food While Watching Football
American Voices: NYC Restaurant Offering $35,000 Thanksgiving Dinner
Statshot: Top Thanksgiving Side Dishes
Man At Airport Pissed That Other People Had Same Idea To Go Home For Thanksgiving
Everyone In Family Compliments Grandmother On How Small And Feeble She’s Gotten
NFL To Crack Down On Players For Excessive Thanksgiving Celebrations
American Voices: Budweiser Retiring Clydesdale Ads In Grab For Millennials
American Voices: Ferguson Prosecutor: Cable News ‘Most Significant Challenge Encountered’ In Investigation

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