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  Netflix Is Betting Its Future on Exclusive Programming:We?ve had 80 years of linear TV, and it?s been amazing, and in its day the fax machine was amazing. The next 20 years will be this transformation from linear TV to Internet TV.?
  Congress is Attempting to Reauthorize Key Patriot Act Provisions by Sneaking it Into ?USA Freedom Act?
  WikiLeaks shows Sony changed Snowden film press release to remove "illegal spying" and "abuse of power" from the description of NSA's activities in leaked emails
  HBO has started to crack down on paying customers who access the HBO Now service from outside the United States. Subscribers from countries including Canada, the UK, Germany and Australia who use VPNs and other unblocking tools are now being threatened with account terminations.
  John Oliver Delivered a Trademark Takedown of Patent Trolls on Last Week Tonight
  With new machine, Detroit Zoo aims to turn waste into power. The $1.1 million project will convert the 400-500 tons of manure and other organic waste produced annually at the zoo into methane-rich gas to power the 18,000-square-foot Ruth Roby Glancy Animal Health Complex.
  Sony Once Again Ridiculously Warns The Media Not To Report On Leaked Emails
  Republic Wireless announces that they will actually pay subscribers back for any unused data remaining in their data plan each month

  Updates, Points Flair, and Tackling Rule 8
  Bored, entitled SJW college students at Berkley decide preventing other students from getting to class is a good idea.
  Lovely moment of kindness on the 6 train...
  Girl tries to get bigger lips. I almost cried
  I wore a GoPro to my boring office job. Decided to edit the footage into an "exciting GoPro commercial"
  WTC Elevator Pods Show Rise of New York Skyline Through Time
  Guy ran into my car last month and fled. Unfortunately for him, it was all recorded.
  I made a how-to for putting on a sweater if you're disabled exactly the way I am.

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