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  Part of Reddit's new privacy policy, effective January 1, 2016, states that they may share your information with 3rd party advertisers after saying before that they wouldn't.
  A programmer wrote scripts to secretly automate a lot of his job ? and email his wife and make a latte
  Change your Amazon password: Amazon suffers potential password leak, unknown number of accounts affected
  How to destroy an American family. The Straters? lives have been devastated by relentless cyberattacks. And there?s nothing they can do about it.
  How TV ads silently ping commands to phones: Sneaky SilverPush code reverse-engineered
  600,000 Arris Cable Modems Have Double Back Doors
  Microsoft Makes Windows 10 Automatic Spying Worse
  Jeff Bezos beats Elon Musk's SpaceX in the reusable rocket race

  Silicon Valley?s Dark Secret: It?s All About Age
  Racket v6.3 is out! This release comes with a new macro expander, GTK3 support, Redex improvements, and more.
  FunctionalPlus - helps you write concise and readable C++ code
  Automated code quality checks in a cross-platform C project
  Python 3.5 type hinting in PyCharm 5
  Erik Meijer's Hacker Way (talk summary)
  The Absolute Worst Way To Read Typed Array Data with JavaScriptCore
  Apache Kafka 0.9 is Released
  Does your programming language follow the JSON spec or does it encode a NaN?
  You should really start unit testing (if you're not already doing it) - A simple introduction in C#
  Modern SQL: With ? Organize Complex Queries
  Google Launches Android Studio 2.0 With Improved Android Emulator And New Instant Run Feature
  Analyzing and Visualizing Data with F# - Free O'Reilly report
  Researchers poke hole in custom crypto protecting Amazon Web Services

  Important information regarding 3rd party licensing agencies
  WWII vet Richard Peterson explains why you don't Shoot a Parachuting Soldier
  Captain America: Civil War - Trailer World Premiere
  Bo Burnham performs Art is Dead for a group of acclaimed comedians
  Japanese gameshow "What's in the box?" with teen idol groups (no subs, none needed)
  A 2-hour Age of Empires II game with so much backstabbing, incompetence, and chaos that the pro commentator slowly loses his mind.
  A rocket just reached 100 km altitude and landed back safely on its feet!
  This is why dashcams are so important. Drivers rolls back into me and claims that I rear ended him.

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