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  Reddit Admits Its Front Page Is Broken, Is Working on an Entirely New Algorithm
  Edward Snowden: Smartphones can be hacked into with just one text message and then used to spy on their owners - GCHQ, the UK?s spying agency, has a ?smurf suite? of tools that allow it to break into and listen in on phones, Snowden claims from Moscow.
  Microsoft announces Surface Book laptop
  Early iPhone 6S owners reporting burning hot Touch ID buttons
  EU-US data transfer pact ruled invalid
  Europe?s highest court ruled on Tuesday that a widely used international agreement for moving people?s digital data between the European Union and the United States was invalid.
  New Zealand sets broadband target: 50Mbps to 99%, 10Mbps to all.
  Microsoft Announces Surface Pro 4

  Important information regarding 3rd party licensing agencies
  Microsoft Sucks
  My local zoo paired a cheetah cub with a lab puppy. They became best buds.
  This person synced Spongebob clips to Black Sabbath's Warpigs
  Meet the Zombie 222, the electric 1968 Mustang that does 0-60 in 1.9 seconds
  Italian man makes tomato sauce in his smooth Italian accent. " No a'sweat, no a'sauce."
  The New Microsoft Surface Book
  Manoj Bhargava, the founder of 5-hour Energy drinks, is worth $4 Billion and is giving away 99% of it. He is now working on finding the solutions to world's biggest problems. Here's a short film about his team's efforts so far. (43:02)

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