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  Doctors Without Borders on TPP: ?We consider this the worst-ever agreement in terms of access to medicine,? he said. ?It would create higher drug prices around the world?and in the U.S., too.
  Secret US court allows resumption of bulk phone metadata spying: Thought Congress put a halt to the snooping program Snowden exposed? Think again.
  David Cameron is going to try and ban encryption in Britain
  EU Moves To Create Internet Fast Lanes, Pretends It's Net Neutrality By Redefining Basic Words
  22-Year-Old Kid Fucks With the Airline Industry by Building Skiplagged.com
  Texas Town Is Charging Us $79,000 for Emails About Pool Party Abuse Cop
  "For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens: as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone." - David Cameron
  A new ?cloud tax? law goes into effect in Chicago today, aimed at seeking out more revenue from popular streaming platforms such as Netflix

  EFF to Developers: If You Get an API Claim After Oracle v. Google, We Want to Hear From You
  Tetris as a C++ Template Metaprogram
  Firefox 41 will use less memory when running AdBlock Plus
  v2.0 of Rant, the procedural text generation language, has been released.
  Strange Corners of C
  Qt 5.5 Released
  Why We Need WebAssembly: An Interview with Brendan Eich
  Towards semantic version control
  A C compiler in a microkernel in a 406 line js CPU emulator. Looking for feedback.
  Dolphin Progress Report: June 2015
  John Carmack proposal for Scheme as a VR scripting language
  Reykjavik University Competitive Programming Course
  Backblaze open sources reed-solomon erasure coding source code
  The Three Worst Programming Languages

Sports News in Brief: ‘SportsCenter’ Co-Anchors Clearly Dating
News in Brief: Female Friend Group Fails In One Duty Of Providing Good Gynecologist Recommendation
News in Brief: Scientists Find Human Vocal Cords Developed Over Millennia To Lower Voice When Speculating On Acquaintance’s Sexual Orientation
News in Brief: Terrifying Uniformed Bachelorette Party Storms Local Bar
Horoscope: Your Horoscopes — Week Of June 30, 2015
Sports News in Brief: No One Seems To Know Guy Leaning Against Batting Cages Giving Hitting Advice
News in Brief: Hundreds Of Cheap, Generic Doorstops Flood Market After DoorBlocker Patent Runs Out
News: Researchers Say Virgin Mary Actually God’s Second Choice To Bear Son
News in Brief: New Extended Paternity Leave Offers Dads More Time To Lose Colleagues’ Respect

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