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  Jeff Bezos Says We're Destroying Earth, but Amazon Is the Slowest Tech Giant to Go Green
  Google honored Apollo 11 software developer Margaret Hamilton with a 1.4-square-mile portrait using moonlight and more than 100,000 mirrors
  NSA contractor sentenced to prison for huge theft of classified U.S. data
  Steve Bannon used location targeting to reach voters who had been in Catholic churches
  Hackers breach FSB contractor, expose Tor deanonymization project and more
  UK's Met Police got hacked, tweets "FUCK THE POLICE"
  Ex-NSA Contractor to Serve 9 Years for Hoarding Classified Information
  Enjoying that 25Mbps internet speed, America? Oh, it's just 6Mbps? And you're unhappy? Can't imagine why

  ISO C++ WG21 Cologne Meeting report - C++20 feature freeze
  U.S. House Committee on Financial Services hearing: "Why was the Rust language chosen? Do you believe it's mature enough to handle the security challenges?"
  Sustainable python script
  Dissecting A Dweet: How to make a Mini Black Hole in 140 bytes of Javascript!
  README template I use for most of my projects.
  Easily convert Python Objects into JSON - with advanced features like path support
  Announcing TypeScript 3.6 Beta
  Suspicious of Google?s reCaptcha? Here?s a popular alternative
  Tribute to Alan Turing
  A Rust-based TLS library outperformed OpenSSL in almost every category
  Draw your GraphQL schema
  Mathematical Proof of Algorithm Correctness and Efficiency
  Built a Python App to Analyze Twitch Viewership Data
  A 3D Rendering engine written completely from scratch.

  One of the more disturbing things I've seen in a while...
  How women in old movies talk to some dude they just met
  A 93-year-old makes the kind of breakfast she had during the Depression
  The Witcher First Trailer
  Rick n Morty S4 Clip
  Complete moron drives her new Acura DOWN THE STAIRS
  Since we are on Amazon deliveries today. I feel the urge to repost my incident.
  NASA shows how the Arctic and the Antarctic respond in opposite ways to climate change

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