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  Tech leaders give $5 million to build 100 new SF apartments to house homeless veterans
  Teaching Encryption Soon to Be Illegal in Australia
  Canadian Teen pleads guilty to 23 charges of swatting, harassing online game rivals
  Bitcoin mining on a 55 year old IBM 1401 mainframe: 80 seconds per hash
  Microsoft Corporation reportedly plans to acquire BlackBerry Limited
  Apple?s iOS 9 to offer stability for older iPhones; iPads to get dual-app viewing mode
  After decades of slow progress with doughnut-shaped reactors, magnetic fusion labs are gambling on a redesign.
  Four years after ?Jeopardy? win, IBM's Watson program has seen applications in 75 industries including finance, healthcare, molecular biology

  This guy blows the lid off of fat acceptance, fat hatred, and healthy at any weight
  Trying to drink water in a very windy Iceland
  Taking selfie every day for 16 years
  Squeezing cat to help her urinate.
  how to shoplift like a pro
  Some in-depth explanation on the purpose of foreskin during sex, and what is lost when it's removed [nsfw]
  What Does MOTHER*UCKER Sound Like?
  "How not to act like an adult" guy strikes again

News: Six Flags Adds Sleeper Cars To Its Roller Coasters For Passengers Who Prefer More Restful Ride
American Voices: Airplane Rains Down Human Waste On Teen’s Sweet 16 Party
News in Brief: James Harden Pretty Sure He Felt Something Pop In Lower Beard
News in Brief: Man Commits To New TV Show Just Hours After Getting Out Of 7-Season Series
Photo Finish: Mr. Met Finally Has Sutures Removed
News: Matt Lauer Waits In Parking Garage For Anonymous Source On Parenting Trends
American Voices: Middle School Teacher Arrested For Allowing Students To Have Sex In Classroom
News in Photos: Friend Group Completely Disintegrates Within 5 Minutes Of Graduation
News in Photos: Obama Still Hasn’t Figured Out How To Adjust Height Of Oval Office Desk Chair

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