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[Video Tutorial] How to build google chrome extensions
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  Starting today UK citizens are free to copy MP3s, CDs, DVDs and live broadcasts for personal use. After an unexpected delay, UK copyright law was amended to legalize this common form of copying. In addition, the changes also broaden other forms of fair use, including parody and quotation rights.
  What it's like to fly ultra-first class.
  The government says iPhone encryption helps criminals. They're wrong.
  Some guy shot a drone out of the sky..... with a shotgun
  ?The TV model is broken,? says ISP that stopped offering pay-TV Ars Technica
  Apple bans German publication from Apple events and test devices for doing a bend test
  ComputerCOP: The Dubious 'Internet Safety Software' That Hundreds of Police Agencies Have Distributed to Families
  WikiLeaks releases never-before-seen footage of Assange and Sarah Harrison cold-calling the State Department to warn them about the unredacted "Cablegate" documents received from Chelsea Manning

  if (osName.startswith("windows 9"))
  Inside Shellshock: How hackers are using it to exploit systems
  Game Development - Tons of resources to get started
  Smaller C Compiler
  a mini Java Class poster
  Taiga: a worthy alternative to Redmine
  Discovering Tinder's (private) API by using Charles Proxy
  Duckling: open source datetime expression parsing
  Making an animated radial menu that supports any number of items dynamically using JavaScript and some fancy-schmansy geometry
  SILE: A Modern Rewrite of TeX
  Stubbing dependencies in C++: What not to do and a better way
  Databases: Where should the application logic run?
  Beyond Light Table: a new programming environment, even for non programmers?
  Visualizing the impact of ordered vs. random index insertion in InnoDB

  Youth Football quarterback trucks, jukes and stiffarms defenders in an awesome touchdown run
  One of my all-time favorite trolling in real life videos.
  Girly Drinks vs. Manly Drinks
  Black Sushi Chef Just Can't Catch A Break
  That took a turn.
  Not exactly sure what I just watched. But I loved it.
  Instrument that produces sound for horror movies
  Animal rescue workers spend two days saving a dog who fell into a tar pit and ended up immobilized on the street, caked in tar.

Obama Currently Being Chased In Background Of Secret Service Hearing
U.S. Assures Hong Kong That Their Protest Just One Of Many Issues White House Staying Silent On
American Voices: Tetris Movie In The Works
Slideshow: Top 10 Must-Watch TV Shows This Fall
ISIS Having Difficulty Finding American Recruits Physically Fit For Jihad
ESPN Gives On-Air Personalities List Of 6 Pre-Approved Opinions
Nation Longs For One More Day With Dying Manufacturing Sector
American Voices: Louisiana Restaurant Offering 10% Discount To Diners Carrying Guns
American Voices: People Bending iPhones At Apple Stores

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