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  FAA let Boeing 737 Max continue to fly even as review found serious crash risk
  ?It?s Hard to Trust the Numbers.? Internet Providers Inflate Official Speed Results
  Boeing removed a feature that protects its 787 planes during lightning strikes as a cost-cutting measure, even after FAA experts objected
  Social Media Is Warping Democracy
  AT&T Said Trump Tax Cuts Would Create Thousands Of Jobs. Instead, AT&T's Laying Off Thousands.
  Apple will co-host a Democratic presidential debate in February, even as candidates regulating big tech companies like Apple
  AI expert calls for end to UK use of ?racially biased? algorithms. Prof Noel Sharkey says systems so infected with biases they cannot be trusted.
  Revealed: NHS England bosses meet with tech and pharmaceutical giants to discuss price list of millions of Brits' medical data ? The Register

  Neural networks do not develop semantic models about their environment; they cannot reason or think abstractly; they do not have any meaningful understanding of their inputs and outputs
  Visual Studio Code - November 2019 (version 1.41)
  Five years later, Heartbleed vulnerability still unpatched
  NPM bug let packages replace arbitrary system files
  Truly reactive programming with Svelte 3.0
  Java's URL.equals() Performs DNS Resolution
  Implementing Social Auth With Xamarin Forms and Asp.net core API - Cool Coders
  Functional Generative Art Using ClojureScript
  Zulip 2.1: Open source threaded team chat
  Home baked Hooks
  Experiments in Constraint-based Graphic Design
  Httpserver.h: Single header library for writing non-blocking HTTP servers in C
  I made a tutorial on how to make an App Intro component with animations. I hope you will enjoy it.
  SQL ? From Intermediate to Superhero

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