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  Apple lawsuit reveals most chargers sold on Amazon are fake
  DDoS on DynDNS causing internet-wide outages
  Google Has Quietly Dropped Ban on Personally Identifiable Web Tracking
  Major DDoS attack on Dyn DNS knocks Spotify, Twitter, Github, Etsy, and more offline
  Samsung 'blocks' exploding Note 7 parody videos - BBC News
  FTC Warns AT&T Court Victory On Throttling Could Screw Consumers For Decades
  U.S. Energy Shakeup Continues as Solar Capacity Triples
  Bike lock that makes thieves vomit

  Image Synthesis from Yahoo's open_nsfw
  Linux kernel fix for privilege escalation vulnerability due to copy on write race condition
  Tens of millions of XML files to track and version. Suggestions?
  From the D Blog: libasync -- An event loop library written in D
  Routing around single point of failure DNS issues
  New 2016 edition of POSIX / SUS / IEEE Std 1003.1 standard
  I just started an Open Source Beer Brewing App
  Nightmare Machine - Horror imagery generated by artificial intelligence
  How to write an effective bug report that actually gets resolved (and why everyone should)
  curl-library: An alert on the upcoming 7.51.0 release
  There's a year of Reddit Gold up for grabs for some assembly over on /r/goforgold, right now.
  First in a series on rewriting/refactoring legacy apps
  HashLink, a virtual machine for Haxe
  2016/10/20: Parsing Bash is Undecidable

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This is a mashup of many vote based news sites and popular technology and programming blogs. News is updated about every 15 minutes. For more details see the about JimmyR.com page. I'm also youtube user jimmyrcom, and I've made several educational video tutorials in the past. I provide a bunch of online education links below.

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