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  The first pirate politician in power - many Icelandic voters have rallied around a radical, technology-focused left-wing party that champions political transparency, free health care and new measures to protect digital privacy.
  AT&T and Time Warner accidentally argue against their own merger
  Adobe Flash Responsible For Six of the Top 10 Bugs Used By Exploit Kits In 2016
  Uber Now Tracks Passengers' Locations Even After They're Dropped Off
  Snapdragon to support full Windows 10, x86 emulation
  Google, HTC, Oculus, Samsung, Sony join forces to create Global VR Association
  Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says he has ?complicated? feelings over Donald Trump's use of the service, especially as it puts a spotlight on the company
  PewDiePie quit plan prompts YouTube reply - BBC News

  PostgreSQL 10 will ship with table partitioning
  'Clean your desk' : My Amazon interview experience
  Talks that changed the way I think about programming
  10 Features in C# That You Really Should Learn (and use!)
  What?s New In Python 3.6
  JSON-Splora - GUI for editing, visualizing, and manipulating JSON data
  Announcing TypeScript 2.1
  DoomRL open sourced
  Don't Get Stuck: 6 ways to get unstuck and code faster
  Free Hardware and Free Hardware Designs - GNU Project
  Windows is coming back to ARM, this time with 32-bit x86 compatibility
  I got tired of Travis-CI build dependencies causing timeouts, so I created nightly-docker-rebuild: Use nightli.es to rebuild N docker images on hub.docker.com
  The A11y Machine is an automated accessibility testing tool which crawls and tests pages of any web application to produce detailed reports ? /r/accessibility
  GitHub: Introducing review requests

  Not a fan, but this Filipino Star Wars commercial is really the most heartwarming thing I've seen for a longtime
  I'm the director/composer for Metamorphestra, an orchestra that covers popular songs. Here's a sampled preview of our cover of System of a Down's Toxicity, with a score in the video that you can follow along with
  Karl Pilkington gives a demo of his superpower "bullshit man"
  The reason The Matrix's (1999) still holds up 18 years later is because they did so much of the action and visual effects for real.
  Never let a woman eat a watermelon seed..
  Shigeru Miyamoto and The Roots Perform "Super Mario Bros. Theme"
  The reason Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) still holds up 28 years later is because they did so much of the action and visual effects for real.
  A New History for Humanity ? The Human Era

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