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  Google Paid Apple Billions To Dominate Search On iPhones, Justice Department Says
  South Australia Becomes World's First Major Jurisdiction to be Powered 100% by Solar Power
  Google ramps up lobbying and Facebook outspends Big Tech peers in the third quarter ahead of antitrust revelations
  It?s cheaper to build new solar than it is to operate coal plants
  The Police Can Probably Break Into Your Phone At least 2,000 law enforcement agencies have tools to get into encrypted smartphones, according to new research, and they are using them far more than previously known.
  Norway pioneered electric ferries. Now it's making them self-driving
  Scientists make digital breakthrough in chemistry that could revolutionize the drug industry
  Nigerians don?t trust the government to respond to emergency calls. So they created apps instead.

  Someone replaced the Github DMCA repo with youtube-dl, literally
  Someone published a source mirror of youtube-dl encoded as image, posted with decode commands
  What Was BeOS, and Why Did People Love It?
  Youtube-dl just received a DMCA takedown from RIAA
  Writing Robust TypeScript Libraries ? Sympolymathesy, by Chris Krycho
  Reverse-Engineering YouTube Alexey Golub
  mpv merged the ability for the ytdl_hook to use youtube-dl not in PATH or a compatible fork of youtube-dl
  Monitor your internet with python
  Reactive Programming: Hot Vs. Cold Observables
  List of Mirrors youtube-dl
  Using WinDbg to solve a real-world high CPU issue on an Active Directory Domain Controller
  MacOS Nix Setup (an alternative to Homebrew)
  Parallelizing GPU-intensive Workloads via Multi-Queue Operations (2x+ Performance Improvements on a Single Graphics Card)
  Origami Simulator

  Animaniacs trailer
  My pet rat is too attached to let me shower on my own
  I love this QuickSilver scene
  Conan, Gordon Ramsay and Norm Macdonald do a cooking segment. It goes about as well as you'd expect.
  How humans are plasticized for the Body Worlds exhibit.
  When you reload a little TOO hard
  A Stephen Seagal sketch from SNL. After this show he was declared the ?worst host of all time? and banned from future appearances.
  NFL wide receiver Jerome Simpson does a front flip over a defender to score a touchdown

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