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[Video Tutorial] How to build google chrome extensions
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  Why Comcast Will Be Allowed to Kill Net Neutrality: "Comcast's Senior VP of Governmental Affairs Meredith Baker, the former FCC Commissioner, was around to help make sure net neutrality died so Internet costs could soar, and that Time Warner Cable would be allowed to fold into Comcast."
  FCC To Propose New 'Net Neutrality' Rules: Proposal Would Allow Broadband Providers to Charge Content Companies for Consumer Access
  FCC proposal would destroy net neutrality
  Net neutrality dead for good? FCC may endorse pay-for-play deals [Ars Technica]
  F.C.C., in ?Net Neutrality? Turnaround, Plans to Allow Fast Lane
  Viewing Pirated Material Is Not Direct Copyright Infringement, Judge Tells Tarantino
  UK Government: 'No reason' why MP3 resale shouldn't be legal
  Net Neutrality Finally Dies at Ripe Old Age of 45

  A reminder about personal information
  Darude - Sandstorm on a toy trumpet is just hilarious
  Russian guy tries out Oculus Rift. [x-post /r/ContagiousLaughter]
  Dolly Parton's "Jolene" played at 33 RPM has an unexpected sound
  Jordin Tootoo makes young fans day.
  EA Sports
  Guy watches "gay lovemaking" with unplugged headphones!
  Dan Bilzerian throwing a naked girl off a roof. NSFW

American Voices: ‘Goonies’ Sequel In The Works
Neighborhood Kids Grant Landmark Status To House Where Guy Killed Himself
Activists Release Horrifying Video Showing How Meat Products Are Eaten
Perverted Little Boy Asks To Sleep With Parents
NFL GMs Frantically Studying Bleacher Report Slideshow On Top College Prospects
Report: U.S. Still Leads World With Highest Density Of Kevins
Infographic: How To Live Gluten-Free
American Voices: Nintendo Game Boy Turns 25
American Voices: NASA Asks For Selfies To Celebrate Earth Day

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