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[Video Tutorial] How to build google chrome extensions
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  The FCC?s next CTO is a net neutrality expert
  Tim Wu, known for originally coining the term 'Net Neutrality' and for being one of it's strongest proponents is running for Lieutenant Governor of New York State. Elections are in 9 days, how can we help Reddit?
  Floating Solar Power Plants Planned For Japan
  217mph Salt Water Powered Car Gets European Approval
  Google's Self-Driving Car Can't Navigate Heavy Rain Or 99% of Roads
  Race to gigabit Internet service takes off
  "How Facebook Makes Us Unhappy." No one joins Facebook to be sad and lonely. But a new study from the University of Michigan psychologist Ethan Kross argues that that?s exactly how it makes us feel.
  Renters Can Install Electric-Car Charging Stations Under California Bill Passed By State Legislature

  [x-post from /r/Minecraft] "Post explaining the new culling algorithm we added in MCPE 0.9 and PC 1.8, for who cares!"
  Boeing Flies on 99% Ada
  String Deduplication - A new feature in Java 8 Update 20
  What's in a Post, Part 1: Using Data Science and R to what makes a Reddit post popular
  You can't wear the manager and developer hats at the same time
  Virtual Panel: Convergence of SOA Governance and API Management
  When to learn, and when to adopt new programming tools, languages and other tech?
  Embedding Scheme for a game mission scripting DSL
  Just created my first tutorial (is on c++ and Qt's model/view programming), what do you think?
  Numbers and culture (C#)
  ECMAScript 6: what?s next for JavaScript?
  Webkit in Emacs
  Taking it to Th?emacs
  Understanding the Stack vs. the Heap

  [Meta] We need a new look! New CSS Competition
  Reported gets owned when she asks if a man is racist
  Hillarious Dad teaches his kids a simple life lesson via social media
  Daughter tries to remind mother who she is.
  Reddit reacting to Jennifer Lawrence nudes
  Love at first touch.
  Cat with laser pointer on head
  Child panics and slap his mother whose high

American Voices: Abercrombie & Fitch Dropping Logos From Clothes
Poll: 89% Of Illegal Immigrants Would Prefer Path To Corporate Status
Doctors Optimistic Sam Bradford 2 Months Away From Beginning Work On Broadcasting Career
Man Kicking Self For Wasting Valuable Plate Space At Beginning Of Buffet Line
American Voices: Researchers: Panda Faked Pregnancy To Get More Bamboo
Magazine: The Genius Behind TinyURL Explains How He Gets The Links So Small
Vikings Intrigued By Matt Cassel’s Ability To Get The Fuck Out Of Adrian Peterson’s Way
American Voices: ‘Hello Kitty’ Actually A British Schoolgirl
Infographic: A Look At The Class Of 2018

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