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  FBI says foreign hackers penetrated state election systems
  On Saturday the Juno spacecraft flew to within 4,200km of Jupiter -- and survived
  TIL that a company tried to create an "uber of the skies" before the Supreme Court shut them down in 2015.
  AT&T explains why it has been slow in giving Google Fiber utility pole access
  Anker recalls, refunds USB-C cable over faulty implementation
  TTIP has failed ? but no one is admitting it, says German Vice Chancellor
  Nielsen admits to 18 months of YouTube online ratings mistakes
  Google brings the National Parks to your living room with 360-virtual tours

  How I've setup a successful learning routine for myself at work (dev at Xeneta.com)
  Object Composition with SOLID (C#)
  Game graphics 101. Rendering 2D graphics on a 3D engine. Very very basic intro to shaders
  Is constructible?
  A fresh approach to numerical computing with Ruby, powered by Julia
  If SQL provided a separate clause for the return part
  Hipku ? encode any IP address as a haiku
  How a guy built a Slack bot to help him find an apartment in San Francisco
  Swagger Codegen adds Apache v2 license to auto-generated files
  7 Ways to Hack Your Brain to Write Fluently by Dan Allen
  Play along with NSA: The RAFTER unintentional radio emissions how-to.: phasenoise
  Five Principles for Programming Languages for Learners
  Saving the world with a code review (cartoon code analysis)
  GitHub - nmaggioni/Kanbanion: A Kanban board. Simple, digital and local. ? /r/electronjs

  Luckiest dog in the world
  "B-B-C! Big Black Cock!" (X-post r/funny)
  What Thor Was Doing During Captain America: Civil War
  Person gets Lyft driver fired because they don't like his Hawaiian bobble-head doll
  Young Iranian wrestler forced to fake injury in order to forfeit game against Israel
  Mcdonalds employee does a magic trick
  Hot Wheels Rollercoaster
  So there's an "anime" that uses marionettes instead of animation, and it's kind of awesome.

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