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[Video Tutorial] How to build google chrome extensions
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  AT&T: We Told Our Customers 'Unlimited' Doesn't Mean 'Unlimited'
  Apple CEO Cook comes out: 'I'm proud to be gay'
  First detailed data analysis shows exactly how Comcast jammed Netflix
  Yet Another City Moves To Block Comcast From Taking Over Their TWC Service ? Consumerist
  Chinese Government planning to fully switch to Linux by 2020.
  Verizon: 'Title II Is Not The Answer... Except When It Gives Us Massive Subsidies, Then It's Totally The Answer'
  While You Were Getting Worked Up Over Oil Prices, This Just Happened to Solar - has already reached grid parity in 10 states that are responsible for 90 percent of U.S. solar electricity production.
  Brazil is planning a $185 million project to lay fiber-optic cable across the Atlantic Ocean, which could entail buying gear from multiple vendors. What it won?t need: U.S.-made technology

  Today is Dennis Ritchie Day
  Do not disturb: why programmers need doors
  Learn from Folly source code the new C++11 features.
  Rust: Stability as a Deliverable
  The Guts of a Spineless Machine that powers Haskell compiler GHC
  Back to Basics: Anonymous Functions and Closures
  Build Your Own Lisp now avaliable in print format!
  Develop Magazine: Sony Worldwide Studios holds the keys to the tech behind hit games such as The Last of Us and Killzone ? and it has made them available to everyone
  The Best Plugins for Sublime Text
  jQuery 3.0: The Next Generations
  Xembly : an imperative language for data manipulations in an XML
  What Does an Idle CPU Do?
  reallocarray() in OpenBSD: Integer Overflow Detection for Free
  Spring Integration Error Handling with Router, ErrorChannel, and Transformer

  10 hours walking in Skyrim as a woman in skimpy armor
  Hondas new type r ad, press 'R' while watching
  A woman from the US experiences cultural shock on a European basketball court.
  Incredible talent on display. Also guaranteed to chill you out.
  Master butcher makes a pig disappear and shows you where bacon comes from!
  Guy builds magnet shoes and has a great time learning how to use them.
  One of the greatest angry customer calls I have ever heard.
  E-40 doesn't flinch.

American Voices: New Dating Website My420Mate.com Matches Pot-Smoking Couples
American Voices: Study: Men With 20 Or More Sexual Partners At Lower Risk Of Prostate Cancer
Slideshow: Top 10 Things To Do In New York City
Statshot: Most Popular Off-Brand Halloween Costumes
Groom Admits Bride Could Have Looked A Bit More Radiant On Wedding Day
Sportswriter Has Hunch Team Will Use Bye Week To Get Healthy
Thrill-Seeking Man Wonders How Long He Can Keep Up Dangerous Sedentary Lifestyle
Cat That Spends Life On One Of Two Couch Cushions Given Rabies Vaccine
American Voices: McDonald’s Unveils New Slogan: Lovin’ Beats Hatin’

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