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  The FCC chairman is a former cable lobbyist. And he just helped kill the Comcast merger.
  FBI And United Airlines Shoot The Messenger After Security Researcher Discovers Vulnerabilities In Airplane Computer System: "..someone notices a flaw in a system, points it out publicly instead of exploiting the flaw, and is thoroughly punished for his or her efforts."
  Tesla's $13,000 battery could keep your home running in a blackout
  Company breaks open Apple Watch to discover what it says is 'planned obsolescence'
  Apple says it removed apps with Pebble compatibility by mistake
  64-year-old engineer sues Google for age discrimination Ars Technica
  Transparent Armor From Naval Research Labs; Could Also Ruggedize Your Smart Phone
  Scammers Take Over New EZTV Domain Name

  Barcelona is a great city right now for software developers, with tons of job opportunities, a vibrant startup scene, and the same weather and Mediterranean lifestyle that brings millions every year. I'm thinking on starting a monthly job offers writeup, would you be interested??
  ?What will C++17 be?? -- Bjarne Stroustrup on C++17 goals
  This is a little challenge to find out which tools programmers use to get their everyday tasks done quickly.
  The Beauty of Code
  The perpetual playthings
  How I shrunk a Docker image by 98.8% ? featuring fanotify
  Maintainership transfer of uBlock: post mortem
  Magento Vulnerability - A Cascade of String Based Exploits
  Teleoperated Surgical Robots: How many violations of basic security principles can you spot?
  FizzBuzz In Too Much Detail
  This criticism is both old and infamous, but I can't find much actual rebuttal to it and don't know enough to know whether it is valid. Anyone?
  ARM Processor ? Sowing the Seeds of Success
  Play PNacl with nim lang
  JALSE (Java Artificial Life Simulation Engine) 1.0.0 release (x-post r/JALSE)

  The Joker's New Tattoos
  My friend removed the music from "The Way You Make Me Feel" music video. Michael Jackson is much creepier without the music.
  My girlfriend has wanted a puppy for 5 years, today she finally got one.
  Reporter robbed by black youths while covering baltimore protests
  Man summons herd of cows by playing Lorde on trombone.
  A reenactment of Valve's betrayal
  Saved trapped snake, and rewarded with a surprise
  Married With Children Bruce Jenner Prophecy!

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