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[Video Tutorial] How to build google chrome extensions
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  Pirate Bay Founder "Will Wear Handcuffs" to Carry Father's Coffin "While the Pirate Bay founder will be allowed to attend the funeral, prison staff have told him he can expect to carry the coffin while wearing handcuffs. For someone convicted of copyright offenses with just 50 days sentence left .."
  Senators cave to industry, abandon unbundling of broadcast TV channels
  This is what a monopoly looks like
  NSA shared Americans' private communications with Israel: Snowden
  Senators opposing net neutrality rake in more campaign cash
  Copyright Holders Want Netflix To Ban VPN Users
  Facebook?s ?real name? policy isn?t just discriminatory, it?s dangerous
  Exposed: The Secret Mailing List of the Gaming Journalism Elite

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  Jim Morrison correctly predicts the future of music back in 1969. [1:15]
  Teen cries out during sentencing - but the Judge knows something
  Lil Dicky - "Lemme Freak" [5:04]
  Some guy in our neighborhood built this in his front yard, so kids can stop to play with it as they walk by.
  A cyclist gets stopped for riding on the pavement
  [NSFW] Life (eating, talking, gestating ...having sex) through an MRI machine.
  Monster mom beats her own baby with no remorse

American Voices: Study: Liberals, Conservatives Smell Different
Infographic: How Public Schools Spend Taxpayer Money
Highly Touted Terrorist Prospect Weighing Multiple Recruitment Offers
BREAKING: Adrian Peterson Deactivated By Family
More Cities Using Text-Based Alert System To Warn Americans If They Are In Range Of NFL Players
New Health Insurance Law Lets Employers Refuse To Cover Contraceptives If They’re Morally Opposed To Women
Opinion: History Will Be The True Judge Of My Tenure As Outback Steakhouse Shift Manager (by Greg Anderson)
American Voices: Study: Fat Shaming Doesn’t Help Obese People Lose Weight
David Cameron To Scottish People: ‘I’ll Kill Myself If You Leave’

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