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  What media companies don?t want you to know about ad blockers: Ad blockers can protect you against ransomware and other malware
  Tesla driver killed in crash with Autopilot active, NHTSA investigating
  Upcoming Firefox 50 will allow you to have multiple tabs of the same site isolated from each other. So you could have two different gmail accounts open at the same time.
  Elizabeth Warren blasts Comcast, calls for stronger anti-trust enforcement
  Win7/8.1 "recommended" patch KB 3173040 generates purple full-screen Win10 upgrade notice
  Spotify Accuses Apple of ?Causing Grave Harm? By Rejecting App Update
  Apple gets patent for remotely disabling iPhone cameras, raising censorship fears
  Spotify: Apple Rejected Our iOS Update To Drive iPhone Owners To Apple Music

  Servo Nightly Builds Available
  Musical Chord Progression Arpeggiator (be sure to hit the play button at the bottom)
  Google finds 10 buffer overflows in Windows kernel font handling
  Rusty Russel's API Design Manifesto: a good API must be hard to misuse
  Final features of C++17
  "american fuzzy lop": an open-source security fuzz-testing tool, used to find bugs in many different programs
  Don Knuth: The Analysis of Algorithms (DEK reenacts his first Stanford lecture)
  Procedural Level Generation in Unreal Engine 4 using level streaming.
  StartEncrypt API critical security bug allowed issuing SSL certificates for google.com and other domains
  Announcing turndown of the Google Feed API
  Maintaining regexp's sucks, so let's verbalize it
  Statik (generic static site generator) now has a shiny new home
  State of Rust Survey 2016
  Riding Rails: Rails 5.0: Action Cable, API mode, and so much more

  It sounds like Louis(Apple laptop Repair tech) has a battle on his hands.
  My son (5) has wanted to make science videos since he learned to talk. Here's his first!
  Mind blowing cylinder/rectangle illusion
  This is not where my anus wants to be. My anus is taking a pounding right now!
  Rick Astley just had his first Number One album in 29 years, here's the hit single from "50" called "Keep Singing".
  How to be a Canadian
  id Software and Bethesda just shared this insane remix of E1M1 from Doom
  King in the North

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