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  Verizon just blatantly betrayed net neutrality by excluding its video app from data caps
  ?Error 53? fury mounts as Apple software update threatens to kill your iPhone 6
  Pirate Bay Transforms into The World's Biggest Streaming Site
  iOS 9 Update Kills Every iPhone Repaired with Unofficial Parts
  The Internet Archive now has an awesome malware museum where you can play old viruses
  Software Company Asks Users For Input On DRM; Goes Ahead And Institutes It Anyway Over Their Objections Techdirt
  Why Electric Cars Are Ditching AM Radio: BMW i3 and Tesla Model X don't offer terrestrial AM radio because of electromagnetic interference.
  Google says Comodo?s ?secure? browser isn?t safe to use at all

  Archive.org has published the Malware Museum, where you can run old DOS viruses
  Created a "simple" 3-bit decimal adding machine in Super Mario Maker with 7-segment display.
  The Wrong Abstraction
  How Developers Stop Learning: Rise of the Expert Beginner
  Why ?Agile? and especially Scrum are terrible
  Compiling a Static Web Site Using the C Preprocessor
  Free, Open Source, 64-Bit Temple Operating System V4.02 Released: Only 81,000 lines of code. Browse source on website.
  IBM Launches Cloud Data and Analytics Marketplace
  You could have invented Parser Combinators
  The 4th and 5th parts of my n64 emulator series are up on youtube! [x-post from /r/rust]
  Allowing Matlab to Talk to Rust
  Fully functional Apollo Guidance Computer emulator written in JavaScript
  Is Sound Gradual Typing Dead?
  An introduction to C++'s variadic templates: a thread-safe multi-type map

Photo Finish: Odell Beckham Jr. Ejected For 7-Week-Late Hit On Josh Norman
News in Brief: Mom Holds Knife To Throat Of Dinner Guest Who Offered To Help With Dishes
Article: NFL Vows To Fix Bottomless Pit On Levi’s Stadium Field Before Super Bowl
News in Brief: Tale Of How Woman Started Making Earrings Out Of Scrabble Tiles Even More Spellbinding Than Anticipated
News in Brief: Christie Describes ISIS As Grave, Towering, Meaty Threat To U.S. While Staring At Diner Patron’s Corned Beef Sandwich
Sports News in Brief: Area Man Would Hate Cam Newton Even If He Was Different Minority
Infographic: What You Need To Know About The Zika Virus
American Voices: Microsoft Testing Underwater Data Centers
American Voices: Donald Trump Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

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