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  U.S. congressmen introduce bill that stops states from banning strong encryption
  CIA Director Freaks Out After Senator Wyden Points Out How The CIA Spied On The Senate
  Comcast begs Atlanta customers not to switch to Google Fiber: Comcast touts more on-demand video, voice remote; leaves out price and data caps.
  Google Will Reject All Flash Based Adverts In a Push For HTML5
  New 1-Terabit internet satellites will deliver high-speed internet to remote areas
  Voat user CheesusCrust whose extensive investigation found Windows 10 contacts Microsoft to report data thousands of times per day!
  U.S. can't ban encryption because it's a global phenomenon, Harvard study finds
  Moore?s law really is dead this time: The chip industry is no longer going to treat Gordon Moore's law as the target to aim for.

  Why Windows functions all begin with a "pointless" MOV EDI, EDI instruction
  "U.S. vehicle safety regulators have said the artificial intelligence system piloting a self-driving Google car could be considered the driver under federal law, a major step toward ultimately winning approval for autonomous vehicles on the roads."
  htop 2.0 is released! Now cross-platform, supporting Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Mac OS X
  htop - an interactive process viewer for Unix
  Text Mining South Park
  Modern C++ features: in-place construction
  Sprout Life adds reproduction, mutation, and evolution to Conway's Game of Life.
  VP9 is now available in WebRTC Web Updates - Google Developers
  urtxt - Every website for storing text is full of ads and requires a captcha. I made an alternative.
  Writing Tests doesn't have to be extra work
  modd: a flexible tool for responding to filesystem change
  Programming Language Influence Network
  Friction Between Programming Professionals and Beginners
  I?m a web developer and I?ve been stuck with the simplest app for the last 10 days

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