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[Video Tutorial] How to build google chrome extensions
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  CurrentC (Wal-Mart's Answer To Apple Pay and Google Wallet) has already been hacked
  FBI cut hotel Internet access, sent agents to ?fix? it without warrants
  A long-empty cigarette plant in North Carolina will be transformed into a factory making super-sized batteries for renewable energy
  Can Authorities Cut Off Utilities And Pose As Repairmen To Search A Home? - "Some legal cases do more than raise eyebrows ? they push the legal envelope to change the law."
  British Spies Allowed to Access U.S. Data without a Warrant
  Verizon Launches Tech News Blog... That Bans Any Articles About Net Neutrality Or Government Surveillance
  Huge potential FCC ruling sets the stage for Apple and Amazon to replace your cable company
  I sent a ping to a server in New Zealand from Lausanne, Switzerland

  10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Man
  College student hits four shots in a row (layup, free throw, three pointer, half court) to win $10,000
  T-Pain sings a set of three songs without any autotune, his voice is actually very impressive
  Kid Rock surprises fan with Down Syndrome for his 30th birthday.
  Things get a little out of hand at the end of Scenes From a Hat on Whose Line
  One of the best prank phone calls I have ever heard. Tom Mabe gets a call from a telemarketer and turns the table on them.
  Bad idea to steal a hackers computer.
  Marines destroy their porn with military honors.

2-Year-Old Never Thought He Would Live To See Giants Win World Series
Empty Streets In Kansas City Not Necessarily Indicative Of Royals World Series Game Being On
Street Harasser Haunted By Woman Who Got Away With Dignity Intact
Traumatized Nation Terrified To Make Its Voice Heard In Another Election
American Voices: Pope Francis: Evolution Is Not Inconsistent With God
Bears GM Hoping To Motivate Jay Cutler With More Guaranteed Money
[video] ONN Exclusive: Fire-Ninja Inferno Becomes First Openly Gay Fatal Melee Fighter
Delicate Little Man Kept Awake All Night By Having Coffee After Four O’Clock
Restaurant Patrons Rapidly Losing Faith Parents Going To Do Something About 4-Year-Old

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