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  Amazon, Netflix, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla And Others Partner To Create Next-Gen Video Format - It?s not often we see these rival companies come together to build a new technology together, but the members argue that this kind of alliance is necessary to create a new interoperable video standard.
  Microsoft slips user-tracking tools into Windows 7, 8 amidst Windows 10 privacy storm
  new evidence that Ashley Madison created more than 70,000 female bots to send male users millions of fake messages
  Google just announced their new logo
  Google?s Driverless Cars Run Into Problem: Cars With Drivers.Dmitri Dolgov, head of software for Google?s Self-Driving Car Project, said that one thing he had learned from the project was that human drivers needed to be ?less idiotic.?
  Google Will Soon Start Punishing Mobile Sites That Use Annoying App Install Ads
  Enough: It?s time for major tech companies to take a stand against ISP data caps
  Amazon Prime Video now does what Netflix won't: offline playback

  A kid uses a lighter in a car full of laughing gas
  Damn ass rock!
  McDonalds said no to Burger Kings offer of a peace burger but Denny's is stepping in.
  This is why people say Volvos are tanks
  It don't go down.
  How they steal wallets
  You've genuinely shit yourself NSFW
  Club DJ pranks crowd with John Cena

News in Brief: Full Summer Of Tending Backyard Garden Produces Single Edible Cherry Tomato
News in Brief: New Dating Site Suggests People You Already Know But Thought You Were Too Good For
American Voices: Authorities Block Alleged Site Of ‘Nazi Gold Train’
News in Brief: 5-Year-Old At Underfunded Kindergarten Enjoying Last Few Weeks Before Achievement Gap Kicks In
News: NASA Deploys Congressional Rover To Search For Funding
American Voices: NYC’s ‘Taxi Of Tomorrow’ Unveiled
Infographic: What The Planet Will Look Like In 2100
Commentary: You Really Don’t Know Who People Are Until You Make A Vicious Snap Judgment About Them
News in Brief: Relationship In Exciting Early Stage Where Every Exchange Causes Unspeakable Anxiety

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