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  Reddit in uproar after staff sacking
  Reddit Is Tearing Itself Apart - /r/IAmA, /r/AskReddit, /r/science, /r/gaming, /r/history, /r/Art, and /r/movies have all made themselves private in response to the removal of an administrator key to the AMA process, /u/chooter
  Reddit's popular 'ask me anything' feature is down after a key employee is gone
  Calling for Reddit?s CEO to step down reaches 14,000 (now 18,000 plus)
  First it was Usenet, then /., then k5, then digg, now it?s Reddit
  Microsoft Edge Browser ditches Silverlight in favor of HTML5
  22 Massachusetts towns will build their own gigabit internet service.
  Reddit CEO Ellen Pao: "We haven't helped our moderators with better support after many years of promising to do so"

  "Be liberal in what you accept, and conservative in what you send" was a bad idea for protocols
  Safari isn?t the problem, but the lack of browser choice in iOS is.
  Things rust shipped without
  How Much Does an Experienced Programmer Use Google?
  Recognising a Bad User Interface at First Glance
  Silverlight dumped in microsoft plugin spring cleaning with edge
  UDP for games
  DEK:"Here then, ta-da, is the current draft of pre-fascicle 6a (317 pages). This is revision 0, dated 01 July 2015. It includes 525 exercises and a comprehensize index. I'm putting it online now for beta-testing; Addison-Wesley plans to publish it in paperback before the end of 2015. Happy reading!"
  Firebird 3.0 Beta 2 release is available for testing
  Agar.io clone written with Socket.IO and HTML5 canvas
  Immutizer4J: a small library to verify immutability of Java object graphs
  ReactJS Tutorial with Scala, Play and WebJars
  The Mystery of the Deterministic Super Shotgun
  Safely (de)serializing your XML and error handling in .NET

Sports News in Brief: ‘SportsCenter’ Co-Anchors Clearly Dating
News in Brief: Female Friend Group Fails In One Duty Of Providing Good Gynecologist Recommendation
News in Brief: Scientists Find Human Vocal Cords Developed Over Millennia To Lower Voice When Speculating On Acquaintance’s Sexual Orientation
News in Brief: Terrifying Uniformed Bachelorette Party Storms Local Bar
Horoscope: Your Horoscopes — Week Of June 30, 2015
Sports News in Brief: No One Seems To Know Guy Leaning Against Batting Cages Giving Hitting Advice
News in Brief: Hundreds Of Cheap, Generic Doorstops Flood Market After DoorBlocker Patent Runs Out
News: Researchers Say Virgin Mary Actually God’s Second Choice To Bear Son
News in Brief: New Extended Paternity Leave Offers Dads More Time To Lose Colleagues’ Respect

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