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  Subscribers Pay 61 Cents Per Hour Of Cable, But Only 20 Cents Per Hour Of Netflix
  Google's intends to build a "Smart City" Google will build up infrastructure for driverless cars, data sensors, connected vehicles, and public WiFi.
  Timely reminder to update your Reddit privacy preferences
  If Russian Intelligence Did Hack the DNC, the NSA Would Know, Snowden Says
  Highest-paid CEOs run worst-performing companies, research finds
  Warning: Over 100 Tor Nodes Found Designed to Spy On Deep Web Users
  Russia gov't state censorship organization, Roskomnadzor bans Comodo... doesn't realize its own security certificate is from Comodo
  Nonagenarian model citizen wants secret surveillance data on him deleted

  A DevOps Cautionary Tale or how a company with nearly $400 million in assets went bankrupt in 45-minutes because of a failed deployment.
  Solving the Dating Problem with the SENPAI Protocol [PDF]
  Web Design in 4 minutes
  Apache Spark 2.0.0 has been released!
  A GitHub user just forked the UnrealEngine repo and gave write access + hundreds of notifications to all main repo subscribers (16k users)
  Why Uber Engineering Switched from Postgres to MySQL
  Automated Pokestop detection and Pokemon Go farming using Matlab
  Why naming remains the hardest problem in computer science
  Failsafe - A lightweight, zero-dependency library for handling failures in Java
  Pixar's Universal Scene Description Open Sourced
  MachineMatch deep learning algorithm finds the author of anonymous posts. Should the code be released?
  Fun vs. Computer Science
  AMD open sources OpenCL renderer
  Great resources to brush up and get hold of the programming basics

  Guy does hilarious lip syncs while driving around with his mom
  Russian climate scientist gets choked up reporting on the potential for methane escape in the Arctic
  The X-Files Theme Played in a Major Key Sounds Like a Wii Sports Theme
  Keep Summer Safe
  BB King breaks a guitar string and replaces it while still performing
  A sweet and funny old man who has a fishing/cooking channel that deserves more subscribers
  Makoto Nagano's final Ninja Warrior run before retirement
  Child Bankrupts Make-A-Wish Foundation - The Onion

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This is a mashup of many vote based news sites and popular technology and programming blogs. News is updated about every 15 minutes. For more details see the about JimmyR.com page. I'm also youtube user jimmyrcom, and I've made several educational video tutorials in the past. I provide a bunch of online education links below.

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