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[Video Tutorial] How to build google chrome extensions
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  The FCC ignored hundreds of thousands of net neutrality comments (proof)
  Ex-Anonymous hacker questions North Korea's role in Sony hack: "The pipes going in, handling data, they only have one major ISP across their entire nation. That kind of information flowing at one time would have shut down North Korean Internet completely"
  Verizon tells the FCC in a filing that it?ll still charge Netflix interconnection fees no matter what the Commission decides on net neutrality.
  Engineers are working for free to make Elon Musk's Hyperloop a reality
  NASA just e-mailed a wrench to the ISS.
  Goliath strikes back: Google takes legal action against State Attorney General Jim Hood, alleging that Hood had singled the company out for a "burdensome, retaliatory" subpoena
  With all the attention being given to "North Korean Hackers" I want to take the time to remind people of one of the most important Snowden revelations.

  Best of /r/videos 2014: How it works!
  Husky playing with its children
  Watching a Chiropractor fix a damaged neck is surprisingly entertaining
  EB Games has the worst ad I have ever seen.
  Guy performs "(Don't Fear) The Reaper)" entirely using iPad apps....who am I kidding, it was me and I would just love it if you watched.
  Pod of Orcas gets a little too close for comfort
  You know you're having a good day when... [0:07]
  An assistant for the Memphis Grizzlies basketball team had his car stolen recently, so the team banded together and bought him a new one. (X-post r/nba)

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