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  HitchBOT destroyed in Philadelphia, ending U.S. tour
  Anti-Web Blocking Site More Popular in the UK than Spotify & Skype
  Microsoft To Invest About $100 Million in Startup Uber
  Former Head of DHS Warns Americans About the Horrors of Govt-Mandated Crypto ?Backdoors?
  Kim Dotcom: don't trust Mega... I'm launching Mega 3.0 (Wired UK)
  Inside the failure of Google+, a very expensive attempt to unseat Facebook
  An international team of scientists has successfully built robotic insects that walk and jump off water surface without sinking just as real life Water Striders
  Woman Sees For The First Time In Years Thanks To Bionic Eye

  Project Euler has been hacked once again
  Install Me - #40 of "97 Things Every Programmer Should Know"
  Solving the temporary storage problem of C macros, to implement an inverse comma operator and swap macro
  Very enjoyable collection of short stories about dirty coding hacks on various games (Gamasutra).
  Strange Corners of C
  History's Worst Software Bugs
  Hey guys, I heard you like regex!
  A message from the FFmpeg project
  Purely Functional Programming for Python -- Visits the AST to optimize recognized pure functions.
  Meet the Micro:bit, the BBC's tiny programmable computer for kids
  Docker for easy development of lib bindings
  "?Exercises in Programming Style? by Cristina Videira Lopes is the best programming book to come along in many years"
  Executive Order -- Creating a National Strategic Computing Initiative United States

  Dude surfs a wave on a dirt bike
  There is a man in St. Louis living on a billboard until there are no murders in the city for a week. He was a few hours away from a clean week until a reporter informed him of a new murder. He was not happy.
  How cork is harvested (with an intensely satisfying crunchy sound) from trees.
  Brutally intense pistol competition comes down to insane tiebreaker.
  Adorable Cockatoo Plays Peekaboo
  Zoolander 2 - Official Teaser
  Friends of mine made a tilt shift film of Niagara Falls!
  Hiker encounters a mountain lion

News in Brief: Area Man, Woman Each Have Thorough List Of Why They Should Break Up On Standby
American Voices: Officials: Plane Wreckage Likely MH370
News in Brief: Worker Who Forgot Email Attachment Expects Coworkers To Forgive Her Just Like That
Sportsgraphic: Strongside/Weakside: Jurgen Klinsmann
News in Photos: Snack That Resided In Empty Vending Machine Slot Must Have Been Delicious
News in Brief: Anti-MDMA Campaign Warns Teens About Dangers Of Feeling More Connected To Others
American Voices: First Female NFL Coach Hired
Photo Finish: Stunning Underwater Coverage Of PGA Event Provided By Goodyear Submarine
Sports News in Brief: Fan Bravely Ventures To Other Side Of Stadium In Search Of Better Food Options

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