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[Video Tutorial] How to build google chrome extensions
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  World Wide Web inventor lashes out at Internet fast lanes: ?It?s bribery.? "Berners-Lee said that system is now in danger from ISPs who stand to amass too much power over what was intentionally built as a decentralized network ? one where no single actor could dictate outcomes to everyone else."
  Is it just me or when you see a wind turbine, you don't think its visual pollution, but think it's cool the fact someone is trying to be more greener and environmentally friendly & it is a positive visual sighting?
  Google Fiber proves it's serious about fast internet with a new leader
  FBI Case Against Aaron Swartz Declassified And Released for the First Time
  Bill Introduced in Congress to Let You Actually Own Things, Even if They Contain Software
  Evidence has mounted that gaming journalists from key publications like Kotaku, Ars Technica and Polygon have been colluding with one another to control industry-wide news coverage, adding further credence to the widespread belief that biased agenda-pushing is running rampant in the field.
  By 2100 humans could live in 'space cities' that orbit Earth
  Net Neutrality Comments to F.C.C. Overwhelmingly One-Sided, Study Says

  MilkDrop's Visualization source code as you remember in WinAmp is just fantastical amazing.
  Rust lifetimes: Getting away with things that would be reckless in C++
  JavaScript is in fact a trademark owned by Oracle
  Announing PicoLisp: a Lisp chip
  Like Perlin's Simplex Noise but don't like the patent that comes with it? Introducing OpenSimplex Noise! (x-post from /r/proceduralgeneration)
  "Transducers" by Rich Hickey at StrangeLoop
  You cannot upload files to a server using mobile Safari 8.0
  docs.gl - A better OpenGL API documentation website
  "Everybody is the same behind the keyboard"
  SSH along with all your local configuration - sshrc
  Simplifying 0install's solver with OCaml's functors
  Say hello to x64 Assembly [part 3]
  "Programming Should Eat Itself" by Nada Amin
  Ideas about a new programming language for games. - Jonathan Blow

  We'd love to hear from YOU! Please help us improve /r/videos, for more info check inside!
  This Guy Risked Getting Pecked To Death, To Save This Little Animal. A Real Hero!
  Guy learns the hard way not to propose on a paddle boat next to open water
  Seth Green is pretty passionate about Batman
  Special Delivery
  Brazilian Men Find Giant Snake In River Biggest Anaconda Ever Found
  Where will you be when the weed kicks in?
  Girl about to get her flu shot gets trolled by her brother and completely loses her mind.

Report: More Children Being Raised With Religion Of Pushier Parent
Sportsgraphic: Fantasy Football Week 3: Start ’Em, Sit ’Em
iPhone 6 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy S5
Ugly Custody Battle Over Ian McKellen Narrowly Avoided
American Voices: Survey: 10% Of Americans Have Gone To Work High
Report: Many U.S. Schools Can’t Afford Mannequins, Human Urine For Art Classes
Johnson & Johnson Hoping Brand Won’t Be Tarnished If They Dip Into Lethal Injection Game
American Voices: Obama Tweets To Scotland: Stay United With U.K.
Artifacts Discovered Buried In Washington D.C. Suggest Humans Once Passed Laws There

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