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  Oregon towns won't wait for Google Fiber, start building their own gigabit networks
  Sony execs lobbied Netflix to stop VPN users In emails leaked from Sony Pictures, executives have expressed their frustration at Netflix for not stopping users in Australia and elsewhere from bypassing geoblocks to access the streaming video service.
  Congress will fast track the Trans-Pacific Free Trade Agreement, a deal larger than NAFTA
  There is an actual guy named "Null" who is having trouble signing up for a lot of websites
  Is This Justice? Charging an Eight Grader with a Felony for ?Hacking?
  Zuckerberg says Internet.org is not anti-net neutrality... but it is
  MakerBot employees laid off
  Japan?s maglev train clocks in at the highest speed yet achieved by a train at 366 mph.

  Things you can do in Java byte code but not in the Java language
  Visual Studio for Game Development: New Partnerships with Unity, Unreal Engine and Cocos2d
  A Million Lines of Bad Code
  LAFABLE - Large Agile Framework Appropriate for Big, Lumbering Enterprises
  An actual guy named ?Null? messes up people's databases
  Why are there both TMP and TEMP environment variables in Windows, and which one is right?
  Support Neovim
  Solving the Cheryl's Birthday problem with Prolog
  Cracking Candy Crush
  Mixing matching, mutation, and moves in Rust
  Remote Code Execution Via HTTP Request In IIS On Windows
  [PDF] The death of optimizing compilers
  boost 1.58 - a short overview
  Math for eight-year-olds: graph theory for kids!

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This is a mashup of many vote based news sites and popular technology and programming blogs. News is updated about every 15 minutes. For more details see the about JimmyR.com page. I'm also youtube user jimmyrcom, and I've made several educational video tutorials in the past. I provide a bunch of online education links below.

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