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  The Justice Department is acknowledging that the FBI, DEA and other federal law enforcement agencies are likely to make increasing use of unmanned aerial drones in the United States
  "Beginning at 5pm ET on 1 June, for the first time since October 2001, the NSA will no longer collect en masse Americans? phone records." (Happy memorial day)
  Senate votes down USA Freedom Act, putting bulk surveillance powers in jeopardy
  Young viewers don?t watch live network TV anymore. The data proves it.
  1:00 AM Senate Vote fails to pass FREEDOM ACT
  After Senate vote, NSA prepares to shut down phone tracking program
  Senate Blocks Patriot Act Extension - But "the Senate would return from its break on Sunday, May 31, just a few hours before the midnight deadline" for the Patriot Act expiration - Keep up the pressure and call your Senators at fight215.org
  "Dysfunction in Congress has gotten so bad it might end up actually doing some good: the NSA?s mass surveillance powers under the Patriot Act are now on the verge of expiring after a dramatic 1am vote in the Senate on Saturday morning."

  How not to act like an adult
  Girl in High School tearfully exposes her upbringing as a Jehovah's Witness. "Within this religion, love is conditional."
  Guilty French bulldog avoids an awkward situation
  An Irish ad from 6 years ago, especially relevant today
  Touching video of a man and a dog
  What first contact with alien lifeforms could be like.
  The girl on TV
  Trying Out A DOLLAR STORE STEAK And Getting Sick From It...Yes a $1 Steak

News: Six Flags Adds Sleeper Cars To Its Roller Coasters For Passengers Who Prefer More Restful Ride
American Voices: Airplane Rains Down Human Waste On Teen’s Sweet 16 Party
News in Brief: James Harden Pretty Sure He Felt Something Pop In Lower Beard
News in Brief: Man Commits To New TV Show Just Hours After Getting Out Of 7-Season Series
Photo Finish: Mr. Met Finally Has Sutures Removed
News: Matt Lauer Waits In Parking Garage For Anonymous Source On Parenting Trends
American Voices: Middle School Teacher Arrested For Allowing Students To Have Sex In Classroom
News in Photos: Friend Group Completely Disintegrates Within 5 Minutes Of Graduation
News in Photos: Obama Still Hasn’t Figured Out How To Adjust Height Of Oval Office Desk Chair

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