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  Already not exactly on the public's good side after its slow expansion of usage caps and net neutrality tap dance routine, Comcast is now notifying users in many markets that they'll soon be seeing rate hikes as well
  The Government Wants You To Forget It Will Still Collect Your Phone Records in Bulk
  NSA shuts down bulk phone surveillance program today: Under the Freedom Act NSA and law enforcement agencies must get a court order to ask telcos like Verizon to enable monitoring of call records of specific people or groups for up to six months
  Comcast Tests Net Neutrality By Letting Its Own Streaming Service Bypass Usage Caps Techdirt
  Toyota, one of the auto makers that wants to build self-driving cars: When NASA software engineers evaluated Toyota?s source code in 2010, they found 7,134 violations. Barr checked the source code against MISRA?s 2004 edition and found 81,514 violations.
  The RCMP wants more online surveillance power. We should say no.
  Li-Fi, A New Technology Which Is 100 Times Faster Than Wi-Fi
  A Graphene Microphone Could Pick Up Sounds Far Beyond the Limits of Human Hearing

  Toyota Unintended Acceleration and the Big Bowl of ?Spaghetti? Code. Their code contains 10,000 global variables.
  A CEO's Guide to Emacs
  Raspberry Pi Zero - Conserve power and reduce draw to 30mA
  Iosevka, a programming type face
  New Developer expectations vs reality
  Announcing Diesel ? A Safe, Extensible ORM and Query Builder for Rust
  unRESTful Web Services with HTTP2 by Fabian Stber
  Why Julia's DataFrames Are Still Slow
  Let?s Build A Simple Interpreter. Part 5.
  Zero Knowledge Proof: Secret Santa Protocol
  React + Flux with Bridge.net updated on NuGet - Strongly typed React with C#
  Perl 6 Is Fun
  GNU Coreutils Gotchas
  A gentle introduction to fuzzing C++ code with AFL and libFuzzer

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