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[Video Tutorial] How to build google chrome extensions
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  The Japanese rail operator JR Tokai said it would not charge the US to license its proprietary "maglev" technology, which allows trains to hover about 4 inches above tracks & travel at speeds of 310 mph. It is hoping the US will use its train for a proposed rail line between D.C. & Baltimore.
  California utility plans to replace all of its IT workers with cheaper H1-B workers. "employees have been training their replacements as a condition of their severance"
  Project Ara: Google's new modular smartphone
  A Bulb That Glows Using Gravity: Ballast Bulb
  Google: the unelected superpower - Google has cosied up to governments around the world so effectively that its chairman is a White House advisor
  Researchers from MIT and Harvard have developed a 100% internal cochlear implant that uses the middle ear as a natural microphone and can be wirelessly charged.
  Microsoft to build new $1.1 Billion Data Center in Iowa
  How Earbuds Have Changed The Sound (And Business) Of Pop

  A reminder about personal information
  How to fuck up an interview in the first 10 seconds
  Crazy footage of the earth opening and closing during Japanese earthquake in 2011
  McDonald's managers ordered to cheat their employees
  (NSWF) I hate it when this happens.
  In honor of 4/20 - [0:35]
  This is what happens when your dad also happens to be a video special effects expert
  Dude threatens to beat up elderly lady on bus. Passengers don't play that.

Slideshow: The Week In Sports – Week Of April 19, 2014
Magazine: Our Tips For Getting Nauseated And Staying Nauseated
American Voices: Chelsea Clinton Expecting First Child
Man Attempting To Determine Whether Restaurant Closed Without Getting Too Close
Alabama Quietly Strikes Bo Bice Day From State Calendar
[video] Report: 14% Of Americans Now Intolerant To Word 'Gluten'
Jaguars Surprised By String Of Prospects Openly Discussing Prior Drug Use, Criminal Activity During Interviews
Catcher Keeps Signaling 'I Love You'
Infographic: Planning The Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

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