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  Canadian Liberal MP's private member?s bill seeks to give consumers 'right to repair' their smart devices
  Judge in Google case disturbed that even 'Incognito' users are tracked - BNN Bloomberg
  Why Is Facebook Launching An All-Out War On Apple's Upcoming iPhone Update?
  Federal Court Agrees: Prosecutors Can?t Keep Forensic Evidence Secret from Defendants
  Airbnb reports huge loss in first time out as public company
  Bill Allowing Big Tech To Form "Techno-Governments" To Be Announced Today - The Debrief
  Security researcher recommends against LastPass after detailing 7 trackers
  Medical chatbot using OpenAI?s GPT-3 told a fake patient to kill themselves

  Medical chatbot using OpenAI?s GPT-3 told a fake patient to kill themselves
  Here?s what?s happening with the Firefox Nightly logo
  AI learns to Speedrun QWOP (1:08) using Machine Learning
  Why isn't Godot an ECS-based game engine?
  Scaling Reporting at Reddit
  GNU poke 1.0 released: an interactive, extensible editor for binary data
  Firefox replaces Google Analytics with fake no-op in strict tracking protection
  The Complete Guide to Feature Flags - Canary Releases, Gradual Roll outs, AB, Kill Switches
  Monkey Make Video
  [AI learns CS:GO] Nice video from my high-schooler mentee explaining the plan and steps in his AI project. Proud mentor here :)
  Guidelines PHP 8 GIG
  An Extraterrestrial Guide to C++20 Text Formatting (written by the author of fmt)
  When things go wrong, please don?t make em worst ? a Java Exceptions must read guide
  The Wasmer Go embedding 1.0 is released: Execute WebAssembly in Go safely, fast, easily, for all your needs

  Hello, the spam filter is currently bugged. New posts may experience issues.
  The recent Lady Gaga news reminds me of this Onion bit made years ago
  The longest waterslide in the world, measuring approximately 1.1 kilometers in length.
  Eggless omelette
  The Bachelor but with monkeys
  Guess what day it is?
  Stranger Things but it?s Hopper losing his shit for 106 seconds in Japanese
  DMA'S cover Cher 'Believe' for Like A Version

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