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Video Tutorial Blog Posts

Download Open & Play Youtube FLV Files Free

Open & Play FLV Files About: Learn how to download, open and play videos from youtube and even how to convert them so with work on your PSP or ipod.

Hide Files Inside JPG

Hide Files Inside JPG About: This works by copying the compressed file in binary mode onto the end of the jpeg images. When the picture is opened, the jpg header says the length of the data and ignores everything below (the hidden zip file). When the compression software like 7-zip opens the picture it looks for compatible compression headers and starts reading the file where-ever those begin.

PCSX2 Playstation2 Emulator

PCSX2 PS2 Emulator About: The pcsx2 emulator allows you to play playstation2 games on your computer. Here are some video tutorials on getting started and even hacking the games so you can just listen to the story line.

Virtual CDs Tutorial

Virtual CDs Tutorial About: Learn how to copy your CDs to your hard drive so you'll never have to find them again or be prompted to put in disk. Learn to install configure and run daemon tools or alcohol with this simple howto Video Tutorial. No trainers don't work for online games =P.

Make Your Images Badass With Photoshop

Photoshop Tutorial - Surreal About: Simple technique to increase the color intensity and add a surreal look to any photograph or wallpaper.

Configuring epsxe Howto

Howto Configure ePSXe About: Howto configure the playstation emulator epsxe. Video tutorial. I don't know if it plays psp games. There is also a ps2 emulator that uses the same plugin and has a great compatibility list.

Tricks - Windows File Manager

Tricks - Windows File Manager About: A few tricks in the windows filemanager that makes finding files more convenient. Also I forgot to add, you can even type C:/ or any other drive name in the file name bar as an easy way to access files in the root drive directory.

Printable Sheet Music Free Online Downloads

Free Printable Sheet Music About: Whether it's flute, tuba, trombone, clarinet, saxophone, french horn, basooon, or guitare, you can get free sheet music quickly and easily using this video tutorial for any instrument you want then print it out. You can get sheet music to new movies, old video games like tetris and more.

Educational Video Games Free

Educational Video Games Free About: Play Video Games To Learn Languages online

Download Movies Episodes Free Streaming Flash

Free Streaming Movies About: Learn how to get movies and tv episodes, streaming or through torrents. Learn about the best p2p networks. Limewire vs Frostwire vs Emule Vs BitTyrant Vs Azureus vs BitComet vs Pirate Bay vs Mininova

Unblock Myspace: 3 ways

Unblock Myspace: 3 ways About: School, college, universities, and libraries like blocking sites, because they have nothing else to do. Here's 3 ways to unblock those sites and circumvent the filters / firewalls. Watchdog and lightspeed are retarded.

Free College Video lectures Online

Free College Video Lectures About: Learn about OCW and tools to make learning online faster and more efficient.

Minimalist Firefox Setup

Minimalist Firefox Setup About: Remove the buttons that say help, view, bookmarks, history, edit, and file quickly from firefox to unclutter and have more space.

Make Windows XP Faster

Make Windows XP Faster About: Make WindowsXP WindowsVista Run Faster in minutes.

Dubbing Videos Free Tools

Dub Videos Free Tools About: Learn how to make you're own I'm the Juggernaut Bitch videos. Silly redubbing videos like that and the gay mexican heman have gotten millions of views on sites like youtube and google video. You can make your own hilarious viral videos using free open source software.

CamStudio Make Video Tutorials

CamStudio Make Video Tutorials About: Many people have audio video synchronization errors but I'll show you how to get open source CamStudio Screen recording tool working right after install with some simple fast tweaks that doesnt generate a time lapse effect. It's perfect for uploading video onto Youtube.

Removing Ads Windows Vista

Removing All Windows Ads About: Removing ads on youtube, myspace and thousands of other places in just 2 minutes.

5 Photoshop Video Tutorials

5 Photoshop Tutorials About: 5 Photoshop Video Tutorials with cool tricks.

Audacity Video Tutorial

Audacity Video Tutorial About: Audacity Google Video Tutorial on Voice Harmonics.

Table of Contents

  1. Video Tutorial Blog Posts
  2. Download Open & Play Youtube FLV Files Free
  3. Hide Files Inside JPG
  4. PCSX2 Playstation2 Emulator
  5. Virtual CDs Tutorial
  6. Make Your Images Badass With Photoshop
  7. Configuring epsxe Howto
  8. Tricks - Windows File Manager
  9. Printable Sheet Music Free Online Downloads
  10. Educational Video Games Free
  11. Download Movies Episodes Free Streaming Flash
  12. Unblock Myspace: 3 ways
  13. Free College Video lectures Online
  14. Minimalist Firefox Setup
  15. Make Windows XP Faster
  16. Dubbing Videos Free Tools
  17. CamStudio Make Video Tutorials
  18. Removing Ads Windows Vista
  19. 5 Photoshop Video Tutorials
  20. Audacity Video Tutorial

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