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Internet Videos Blog Posts

McLovin Explains Voting

McLovin Explains Voting About: Pretty random parody of 50s style instructional video on voting.

Photoshop Video Tutorials

Photoshop Video Tutorials About: You can learn photoshop techniques using youtube, metacafe, and other completely free video sites.

Basic HTML and CSS

Basic HTML and CSS About: Video tutorial howto on basic html and css. Tons of resources.

Time Stops at Grand Central

Time Stops at Grand Central About: 207 people suddenly stop and become motionless at the exact same time among a crowd of people.

Worst Possible Reaction

Worst Possible Reaction About: So the guy gets bird poop fall on his shoulder, naturally, he looks up... with his mouth wide open!

Top 5 Mad TV Skits

Top 5 Mad TV Skits About: I usually haven't watch much MADtv much, I was more of an SNL fan, but some of the skits are awesome.

You suck at Photoshop

You suck at Photoshop About: Hilarious randomness in a you-suck-at-photoshop tutorial.

Play Guitar with Feet

Play Guitar with Feet About: This genius plays guitar great just using his feet.

Halo Mario Game

Halo Mario Game About: Halo + mario = super mario fusion, a new custom game made by some guy in Game maker pro 7. You can ( download it here).

Japanese Giant Hornet

Japanese Giant Hornet About: These 3inch monster hornet spray liquid that burns you and attracts even more hornet. According to the video below, just 30 can annihilate 30,000 honey bees.

Convert Youtube Vids

Convert Youtube Vids About: Howto download youtube videos in flv format and convert them into mp3s, mp4s for your ipod or PSP or 3gp for your cellphone. You can turn them into avis and edit them on virtualdub or windows movie maker.

Tetris on Dual Guitar

Tetris on Dual Guitar About: This guy is awesome. He's always doing cool songs. Could be a little louder though.

Omaha Beach by 3 ppl

Omaha Beach by 3 ppl About: 3 graphic designers recreate the Omaha beach attack.

Age 1 to 100 with Drums

Age 1 to 100 with Drums About: People ages 1 through 100 hit the drums.

Funny Cat Sleeping

Funny Cat Sleeping About: Little kitten is sleeping in a funny way.

Dumbest Cop Ever

Dumbest Cop Ever About: Seizes marijuana and then takes it home, cooks it into brownies, and calls 911 saying he might be dying.

Insane Movie Trailer

Insane Movie Trailer About: Those japanese do it again, proving they can make the weirdest possible movies ever.

Crow Befriends a Cat

Crow Befriends a Cat About: A crow and cat somehow become best friends. The crow even gives the cat worms sometimes. I never thought of crows as having much intelligence.

Touch Screen with Wii

Touch Screen with Wii About: Johnny Chung Lee shows how he cheaply creates an interactive whiteboard using the wiimote. The nintendo wii creates all kinds of creative opportunities for these newage hackers.

She fails at life

She fails at life About: This lady fails at life. She made Jeff foxworthy look like a genius.

Rip DVDs with VLC Player

Rip DVDs with VLC Player About: Rip dvds into common formats like mp4, mpeg, mov; using vlc player.

Efficient Speedbump

Efficient Speedbump About: World's most effective speed bump for stopping those darn kids from speeding down the neighborhood road.

90 Percent off Amazon

90 Percent off Amazon About: Find up to 90% off amazon and a list of rebates off newegg. This is the ultimate compilation of where to find cheap computers and electronics.

Funny Cats Compilation

Funny Cats Compilation About: Hilarious funny cats and kittens compilation video on youtube. Pwns lolcats.

Genius Bird

Genius Bird About: This bird mimics tons of sounds, not just human voices.

Boob Censorship

Boob Censorship About: Hear me out until the end =).

Video of Pure Weird

Video of Pure Weird About: Enjoy the Weirdness!

What is RSS

What is RSS About: What is RSS? How is it useful? RSS rules!

How Laws Pass in TX

How Laws Pass in TX About: Ridiculous footage of how the texas legislators vote.

Learn Languages Online

Learn Languages Online About: Top 5 ways to learn languages for free online.

How Debt Works

How Debt Works About: How our financial system really works.

Celebrities Look Alikes

Celebrities Look Alikes About: Celebrities that I couldn't differentiate between as a kid.

14 Virtualdub Tutorials

14 Virtualdub Tutorials About: Windows moviemaker is sucks but it's the most commonly used software to edit videos with. Virtualdub is way better and also free.

Squirrel Obstacle Course

Squirrel Obstacle Course About: Some genius animal trainer shows makes an insane obstacle course for a squirrel.

Howto Improve your download speed

Improve Download Speed About: Check and see if your advertised bandwidth is what you're really getting and learn how to compare different internet service providers.

Top 3 Firefox QuickSearches

Top 3 Firefox QuickSearches About: Firefox quicksearches allow you to do various tasks with quick keys like download youtube videos.

Impatient Kitty

Impatient Kitty About: Crazy impatient kitty.

Internet People

Internet People About: Great animation celebrating all the random viral videos that have popped up here and there.

Howto Remove Vocals Mp3s

Howto Remove Vocals Mp3s About: Learn how to remove vocals from mp3s using the free tool audacity. You can do this for karoke or even to dub videos with the original background music.

New Windows Comp Guide

New Windows Comp Guide About: Learn what to install and the tweaks to make after you get a brand new windows computer, or after you've had to delete windows and reinstall it. If you're running vista I recommend doing a clean install of XP first. If something doesn't work on vista, it's normal!

Youtube Videos Via RSS

Youtube Videos Via RSS About: Youtube has changed their API. Now you can see if your favorite youtube channel and personalities have posted videos without having to go to youtube.

Drugging of our Children

Drugging of our Children About: Documentary about the insane amount of kids now on mind altering medication for being hyper like normal kids should be.

Debunking Astrology

Debunking Astrology About: There has been no evidence that astrology / horoscopes has anything to do with anything yet it's a multibillion dollar industry. Penn and Teller and even Dawkins have attacked it too.

Youtube Anime Search Hack

Youtube Anime Search Hack About: Click the anime link under 'free tv from youtube' under this post to automatically get a high rated anime video. You can hack youtube search and find all kinds of full anime movies and episodes from series like naruto or bleach with subtitles in english.

Water Buffalo for Poor

Water Buffalo for Poor About: From the Author: '4 Generations' is a film short documenting my journey in southwestern China (near Tibet) to first find, then deliver a water buffalo to a poor family. The water buffalo led us to a family with an phenomenal story. Inspired and donated by author, educator, and founder of, Philip Greenspun.

Chocolate Rain Parodies

Chocolate Rain Parodies About: Tay Zonday turned into an internet celebrity with millions of views on youtube for his video chocolate rain. If you haven't seen it you can see the original at the bottom. It's not anything special except that the guys voice is ultra low and he looks like a little kid, and chocolate rain means like, the opposite of golden shower. Ah, saves the day.

Visualize 10th Dimension

Visualize 10th Dimension About: Visualize the 10th dimension. Warning viewing this video may make your head explode. Please keep your distance to avoid splattering your monitor.

Future of Image Resizing

Future of Image Resizing About: Dull title but amazing and incredibly promising feature we might be seeing on every website in the future.

Genius Mario World Mod

Genius Mario World Mod About: Whoever made this is brilliant. They made a game that plays itself!!! Just incredible. Crazy japanese people. Modding a game is hard enough, this guy is just a genius!

Conans Classic Car

Conans Classic Car About: Conan O'brien gets his 1992 ford taurus appraised. I think it's to parody jay leno a bit who really is a big car collector and automotive buff.

Internet Business Meeting

Internet Business Meeting About: Funny satire of what it would be like to host a business meeting with internet users.

Best of Mayor Adam West

Best of Mayor Adam West About: Family Guy Adam West is the mayor of Quahog the city where the Griffins live.

Top 10 Sports Videos

Top 10 Sports Videos About: Top 10 videos list of various sports. These truly are the greatest.

Best of Gir - Invader Zim

Best of Gir - Invader Zim About: The best of Gir from the cartoon Invader Zim. Gir is probably one of the best characters ever from a cartoon show because of its lovable stupidity and awesome randomness.

Best of Family Guy

Best of Family Guy About: Best of Family guy seasons 4 - 5. I don't know who assembled these but they did a good job making a compilation of the most hilarious random moments.

Solve Rubiks With Nose

Solve Rubiks With Nose About: Amazing frenchman solves a rubiks cube with only his nose!

Creepy Kid Dance

Creepy Kid Dance About: A big wtf to this bizarre Indian dancing kid video. This is really weird stuff.

Best Videos of 2007

Best Videos of 2007 About: These are the best videos ever. Having a video blog I see a lot of cool videos and these are definitely all-time favorites.

Feeding The Homeless

Feeding The Homeless About: Feeding the homeless without paying for it. Alright I feel sorry for the guy that brought them food but still he can't feel that bad about it at the same time.

Chicks Hatch in the Factory

Chicks Hatch in the Factory About: Lol, I didn't think they'd add engineering automation to the life cycle of chickens. At first, you're horrified. Then remember that they won't remember how they were born in a few hours, and it's all good.

Full Free Video Tutorials

Full Free Video Tutorials About: These are video tutorials I've made on youtube under the username JimmyRcom. I usually post tech stuff about programming, p2p networks and cool tricks and programs.

Alltime Best of Youtube

Alltime Best of Youtube About: The all time most viewed videos on youtube rated over 4.6 stars and with over 10,000 comments. Kinda sucks that a lot of them are just pop music videos, but there are definitely plenty of gems in this pile.

How to Get Arrested

How to Get Arrested About: If you've ever been wanting to attend mandatory sexual harassment seminars and would like to get involved with forced community service this is the way to do it.

Top 10 Videos of The Office

Top 10 Videos of The Office About: Top 10 videos from the office.

Better than Photoshop GIMP

Better than Photoshop GIMP About: The new art program from microsoft brings revolutionary innovation and ease of use absolutely free!

Amazing Stuntman

Amazing Stuntman About: Demoreel of Cyril Raffaelli, an actor and stuntman. Cyril start really soon to do some extrem jumps & tricks, he's now a famous stunt in action movie like Die Hard 4, District B13 or Kiss of The Dragon (with Jet Li)

Mozart Bond Piano Violin

Mozart Bond Piano Violin About: Mozart and James bond theme intermixed with piano and violin.

Dick Cheney is Senile

Dick Cheney is Senile About: Here is Dick Cheney in 1994 talking with sense about a war with iraq to overthrow saddam.

Simpsons Futurama Moments

Simpsons Futurama Moments About: Funny moments from simpsons futurama and family guy.

Turn Flashlight Into Laser

Turn Flashlight Into Laser About: Turn a regular flash light into a laser that can light matches and pop balloons.

Lion Reunites with Humans

Lion Reunites with Humans About: Lion reunites with the people who raised it. It starts embracing them and the other lions in the pack don't attack. The two men and lions were later mauled by gorillas.

Buffalo vs Lions vs Crocs

Buffalo vs Lions vs Crocs About: A battle between a pride of lions, a herd of buffalo, and 2 crocodiles at a watering hole in South Africa's Kruger National Park while on safari

Kittens Vs Puppies

Kittens Vs Puppies About: Puppies vs kittens and uh... bananas?

Youtube Sparta Remix

Youtube Sparta Remix About: Hilarious this is sparta music remix from the movie 300.

Mask of the Golden Ratio

Mask of the Golden Ratio About: Learn to change the sex of people and see how perfect your face is.

Thriller by 1500 Prisoners

Thriller by 1500 Prisoners About: 1,500 plus CPDRC inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, Cebu, Philippines at practice! This is not the final routine, and definitely not a punishment! just a teaser.

MIT Physics Sketching

MIT Physics Sketching About: Guy draws on white board and computer interprets it and adds physics.

Drawing Males Vs Females

Drawing Males Vs Females About: Very well done clarification of how to sketch a male portrait vs a female portrait with a good music accompaniment. Kinda weird how even the most fundamental simple things like defining male vs female are hard to answer when given a pen. Most people just draw a generic face, and then add long hair or short hair.

Genius Brazillians Fix xbox

Genius Brazillians Fix xbox About: Microsoft said they'd extend the warrenty to their xbox 360s and committed an estimated 1 billion dollars after they found out the gaming consol had a defect in the design that could cause critical components to overheat. These brilliant Brazilians use their engineering skills and show you how to successfully fix the red ring error.

Fake Titanic Sequel

Fake Titanic Sequel About: Hilariously well made sequal trailer to the first titanic movie with leonardo decaprillo.

Insane Saudis Car Skate

Insane Saudis Car Skate About: I've seen some pretty stupid stunts like wrestling moves onto tabs and motorcyclists with a death wish, but this definitely tops the list.

Read a Book Hiphop

Read a Book Hiphop About: Yes finally a good hiphop song that doesn't talk about f'in, being a gangster, having expensive crap, or being a t a club.

Photoshop Retouching

Photoshop Retouching About: Cool retouching video tutorial for photoshop.

Fox Attacks Mr Rogers

Fox Attacks Mr Rogers About: These news casters apparently don't tell their own kids they're special just for being you. Along side that they implicate all religion is trash too because religion teaches God loves you, just for being you. Who wants to see these news casters have their kids in sweat shops so they can earn the love?

Guess what he is

Guess what he is About: You have to get it before the end. =P

Youtube Parkour Video

Youtube Parkour Video About: New sport in france that's basically urban gymnastics.

Japanese Sound Attack

Japanese Sound Attack About: 'The risk of internal injuries is just too great'. I find this really too ridiculous to believe. Supposedly these guys use concentrated sound to attack and stun their opponents.

Making hot ice

Making hot ice About: crazy experiment turning a liquid to a solid with just a touch.. amazing

Parody of All Video Sites

Parody of All Video Sites About: Also featuring Jeremy Abramson, Brian Saito, Josh Goldenberg, and Dylan Redmon. Directed and animated by Paul Jury.

People Pixel Show

People Pixel Show About: People get together up and show off an impressive display of pixel style group art.

Leno Sniff Anti-Helium

Leno Sniff Anti-Helium About: This gas not only can have aluminum float on top of it it also allows you to safely lower the pitch of your voice dramatically.

Mortal Kombat in Central Park

Mortal Kombat in Central Park About: From the poster: UC Berkeley's DeCadence sings to two guys sparing in Central Park, New York City. It isn't the best we've ever done with this song, but it was spur of the moment and fun. These guys didn't know what we were doing when we walked up.

Rollerblading In Paris

Rollerblading In Paris About: Pretty amazing speed through tons of obstacles in the busy city.

Speed Cup Stacking

Speed Cup Stacking About: I'm not sure what possessed people to start doing this, much less even standardize the method and timing to turn it into a competition, but it's pretty cool to watch.

Free TV Online Downloads

Completely Free TV Online About: This shows you were to get free TV Online.

Parkour Tag Urban Gymnastics

Parkour Tag Urban Gymnastics About: Parkour is basically urban gymnastics. These guys like jumping from ceiling to ceiling and mounting large structures.

mrpregnant out of Character

mrpregnant out of Character About: The bizarre internet phenomenon has gotten 10,000 people subscribed waiting for new videos he's released. MrPregnant finally broke down and did an out of character video from the negative comments calling him ugly and fat, despite enjoying appearing shirtless, bulging his eyes and wearing disgusting fake teeth. He was even featured on MTV where Jim Bruer called him a freak. MrPregnant is actually a guitarist of Nigerian descent somewhere in New York.

Falling at Speed of Sound

Falling at Speed of Sound About: Joseph William Kittinger II (born July 27, 1928) is a former pilot and career military officer in the United States Air Force. He is most famous for his participation in Project Man High and Project Excelsior and also, as being the first man to make a solo crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in a gas balloon. (wikipedia)

Worlds Best Husband

Worlds Best Husband About: ...Maybe not.

Disabled Break Dancing

Disabled Break Dancing About: Some amazing disabled people in a break dancing competition. Yep. You'll go to hell for laughing.

New York For 100 Dollars

New York For 100 Dollars About: 7/7/7 is right around the corner! In just a few days, the YouTube Community will gather in Manhattan's Washington Square Park for a day of fun! If you're traveling from another state, you might be surprised by how expensive New York can be. In this episode, I'll show you how to see the sights for $100.

Amazing Laser Illusionist

Amazing Laser Illusionist About: World Champion of Magic Jason Latimer presents his Laser Fiction demo/test at the Magic CastleKeep updated on with new illusion with

Videos of Pwnage

Videos of Pwnage About: Videos of people getting owned.

New Way To Dry Hands

New Way To Dry Hands About: Creator of the dyson makes something that may be the new norm for drying your hands in public restrooms.

Gummy Bear Vs Science

Gummy Bear Vs Science About: The explosive results of dropping a Gummy Bear in molten potassium chlorate

No more Friggin Paris

No more Friggin Paris About: No more paris hilton! Mika Brzezinski rips apart Paris Hilton story. YESSSS!

Arkansas Tyrant Cop

Arkansas Tyrant Cop About: Cop flips on kids for skating downtown in Hot Springs Arkansas. Jarad Graham, Drew Irwin, Skylar Nalls, Matt McCormack, Robbie Brindley, & Casey Canterbury get arrested.

Change Channel with Flashlight

Change Channel with Flashlight About: Change the channel on your tv without a remote.

Lion Embraces Woman

Lion Embraces Woman About: An African lion has been filmed 'embracing' the woman who nursed him back to health in an animal shelter in Colombia. Ana Julia Torres runs the Villa Lorena shelter for abandoned and maltreated animals.

Simpsons Tetris

Simpsons Tetris About: Small but hilarious clip of the simpsons tetris scene.

Best of Family Guy Stewie

Best of Family Guy Stewie About: Best of stewie from family guy. 6 clips of compilations in total.

Dwight Speed Paint

Dwight Speed Paint About: Dright speed painted in photoshop.

Kamikaze Mario SMB hack

Kamikaze Mario SMB hack About: Speed run of a cool super mario brother hack using an emulator. Looks pretty crazy.

Skilled Kid Guitarist

Skilled Kid Guitarist About: Some kid on youtube plays under the bridge by the red hot chili peppers.

Trippy Video Effect

Trippy Video Effect About: Time displacement experimental video. I'm not sure how this is done but it I definitely hadn't seen anything like it.

Wooden Binary Adder

Wooden Binary Adder About: This guy engineers a pretty ingenious way of creating a mechanical binary adder. Pretty useless but very awesome.

Medicine Infected With HIV

Medicine Infected With HIV About: Bayer dumped a product that contained the HIV virus to hemophiliacs. Bayer is the creator of well known drugs like aspirin and heroin... yes bayer created the most successful illegal drug ever too.

Insane Piano Duet

Insane Piano Duet About: Alkan Grand Etude Duet, Alkanian and Isaacholbrook after 4 beers. They have some perfect timing.

NES Punch Out Trailer

NES Punch Out Trailer About: Someone made a funny punch out parody featuring a real life mac.

Teenage Affluenza

Teenage Affluenza About: Funny australian parody on how trivial worries are in 1st world countries vs 3rd world countries.

Man Can Take Off Face

Man Can Take Off Face About: Leonard McQueeny holds the Guinnes book of records for the most extensive facial prosthesis. Nearly half his face is silicone rubber that he can snap on and it has changed his life.This medical advancement was developed in Australia. Other footage show people with prosethetic ears and nose.This segment is taken from the American television show Guinness World Records: Primetime.It aired and was videotaped 24 Aug 1998. WARNING: Parts of this video are graphic.People literally take parts of their face off.Don't watch if you are squeamish.

Microsoft Surface Explained

Microsoft Surface Explained About: Microsoft's new surface device. It's being marketed to big restaurants and corporations but still this is a hilarious outlook on what microsoft surface means to the average person.

Russell Peters Standup Comedy

Russell Peters Standup Comedy About: Russell Peters Indian comedian talks about airport security hype.

Insane Weight Loss Story

Insane Weight Loss Story About: The insane weight loss story of david smith. Now a skinny guy trapped in a fat mans body. He lost 401 lb without surgery or pills.

Kids make Roller Coaster

Kids make Roller Coaster About: Norwegian kids make a roller coaster loop on the train tracks.

Top 10 Photoshop Tutorials

Top 10 Photoshop Tutorials About: List of video adobe photoshop tutorials. Learn to photoshop like a professional.

Magic Tricks Revealed

Magic Tricks Revealed About: Top 20 magic tricks revealed videos.

When Viral Vids Go Wrong

When Viral Vids Go Wrong About: Viral Videos that ruin lives or have caused a bad negative impact on their makers.

Hippo Tries to Save Deer

Hippo Tries to Save Deer About: Hippo tries to saves young impala from crocodile.

Most Dangerous Gang

Most Dangerous Gang About: Documentary about the world's most dangerous gang. MS 13- gang

Best Billboard Ever

Best Billboard Ever About: Japan addidas billboard has human players suspended in the air and they play soccer on it sideways.

Secret Prisons in Europe

Secret Prisons in Europe About: Documentary about the US secret prisons in Europe that hold suspected terrorists.

Asians Banned From Arcades

Asians Banned From Arcades About: It's pretty horrible but inevitable. There may be a total ban of asians in arcades as early as 2008 =O. They threaten the arcade's bottom line.

Backup DVDs to Cds

Backup DVDs to Cds About: Nice tutorial using only freeware by . Good solution to a very common question.

Download Mp3s From Google

Download Mp3s From Google About: Get mp3s super fast using this google trick. For common music it's faster than kazaa, ares, shareaza, limewire, frostwire, torrents and p2p networks.

Magnetic Boy

Magnetic Boy About: Taiwan boy attracts metal objects. Not sure his name or the background if anyone knows, post.

Peg Shooter

Peg Shooter About: Make a small launcher out of your ordinary clothes pin.

Most Dangerous Drug

Most Dangerous Drug About: Documentary about the meth and how it works. The worlds most dangerous drug. Now there's a limit to how many bottles of nyquil and other over the counter medications you can buy at any given drug store because they can be converted to meth.

Genius Sculpturer

Genius Sculpturer About: Short film about a remarkable talent. Savant syndrome is very rare, but the results are sometimes unbelievable

History of Myspace

History of Myspace About: Unauthorized history of myspace. Who made myspace? Not Tom Anderson.

Planarity - Mind Game

Planarity - Mind Game About: This is a really tough brain game. I couldn't beat 9 it was taking way too long. See how you do.

When Artists Get Bored

When Artists Get Bored About: Some serious photomanipulations. IF you can't afford photoshop cs3 get gnu gimp =P

CNN Covers Open Source

CNN Covers Open Source About: Includes segment about open source beer at the end covered under the creative commons license.

Moving Sculptures

Moving Sculptures About: This guy designs light weight sculptures that can move with the wind.

Fire + PBC Pipe = Science

Fire + PBC Pipe = Science About: Using PBC pipe and fire powered by a propane tank this guy shows how you can shape fire using sound frequencies. Looks like one of the visual equalizers many music players have, but with real FIRE!

Best of Conan Obrien

Best of Conan Obrien About: Best of Late night with conan o'brien. I wish I could find the staring games with andy ritchter =/

Bird Mimics All Sounds

Bird Mimics All Sounds About: This bird mimics the sounds of other species in the forest. It also picked up sounds like @camera snap and shutter@, @chainsaws@ and even @car alarms@.

VMWare Fusion Mac+PC

VMWare Fusion Mac+PC About: VMware lets you use mac and PC at the same time. You can use just partitions for linux and Windows, maybe it works for mac too.

Bad Power Point Use

Bad Power Point Use About: Howto NOT use microsoft powerpoint.

Saw that Stops When Touched

Saw that Stops When Touched About: This saw will cut anything except your flesh.

Picture Everyday 8 Years

Picture Everyday 8 Years About: Picture everyday for 8 years. The longest one I've seen was 6 years I believe.

iMario - Love is Over

iMario - Love is Over About: I just couldn't stop laughing when I saw this the first time. Looks like an easily made short sprite animation, but it's a classic in disguise.

Super Soaker Flame Thrower

Super Soaker Flame Thrower About: Creative arsonists take to add innovative 'features' to their childhood super soakers.

1965 Anti-Pr0n Video

1965 Anti-Pr0n Video About: So far since then the score is pr0n 1,948,185,145 - Christian Sexual Suppression 0. They disguise the identity of the woman by a thin strip that covers only they eyes lol. Those guys have a huge collection of pr0n magazines. The pictures magically become 'tasteful' once a small strip is placed over the nips. I wonder what they'd say about nudist art.

Speed Photoshop Animation

Speed Photoshop Animation About: Using photoshop and adobe after effects this guy takes speed drawing to a whole new level.

Rat Nuerons can Fly Planes

Rat Nuerons can Fly Planes About: This research shows how brains learn at the cellular level. By placing neurons from a rat into a cell culture that is contected to a flight simulator, the neurons learn how to fly an airplane. And they learn it by trial and error.

Fattest Man Ever 1225 lb

Fattest Man Ever 1225 lb About: Monterrey Mexico resident is the fattest man ever recorded.

Crazy Dance Moves

Crazy Dance Moves About: Some crazy dance show in one of those reality talent shows.

Retarded Suicide Jumper

Retarded Suicide Jumper About: It's some funny street improv acting.

Drawing Anime With HTML

Drawing Anime With HTML About: This guy tests the limits of sanity by drawing anime using html. Adding tons of 1x1 tables with hex background lol. He recorded it stop motion video style.

How not to Host a Talk Show

How not to Host a Talk Show About: The host just can't stop laughing at this guy's really high pitched voice. Original language is dutch.

Battle Royale Full Movie

Battle Royale Full Movie About: Supposed to be some kind of metaphor for modern politics. Looks like a crazy twist between gladiator and lord of the flies.

Karl Roves Emails Found

Karl Roves Emails Found About: Karl Rove sent emails to instead of, many of them showing how they corrupted the 2004 elections.

New Sony Flexible LED

New Sony Flexible LED About: Maybe they'll make a comeback. After the sony BGM stuff and the ps3 flop it seems they got a lot of bad publicity.

Linux MCE is Awesome

Linux MCE is Awesome About: I don't watch too much TV so I don't know how different it is from TIVO or MythTV but it certainly sounds awesome. I liked where he was able to check whose at the door from his cell phone and even talk to them from anywhere in the world.

Japanese Human Art

Japanese Human Art About: Those crazy japanese do it again with another weird video. It helps if you lower your screen brightness and higher gamma and contrast. I wish avisynth worked for flv files =P.

Best of Chris Griffin

Best of Chris Griffin About: Best of Chris Griffin from family guy. Just various funny skits.

Zelda in Legos

Zelda in Legos About: NES Zelda recreated in legos.

Make a Flashlight Powerful

Make a Flashlight Powerful About: Turn a $5 flashlight into a $95 with some simple modifications.

Family Guy Christianity Jokes

Family Guy Christianity Jokes About: Lots of funny family guy jokes over christianity.

Attack of Killer Tortoise

Attack of Killer Tortoise About: Turtle attacks cat repeatedly. Maybe suicidal tortoise is a better name.

Some Skilled Little Kids

Some Skilled Little Kids About: These little kids pwn on guitare. Titled 'El Cumbanchero', The user writes: The Tuttle kids. Michael (8) and Sullivan (10) play El Cumbanchero on mandolin and guitar. Backed by sister Molly, (who is featured on the CD, The Old Apple Tree.)

Speed Song Making FLStudio

Speed Song Making FLStudio About: Speed run for making music too? Woah. This guy rocks. He uses a program called fruityloops aka FL Studio. Might even be the demo version =P.

Photoshop Speed Painting

Photoshop Speed Painting About: JACK BAUER - Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

300 Parody - United

300 Parody - United About: A 300 parody with 300 spartans on a plane fighting against terrorists.

Candid Camera Reaper

Candid Camera Reaper About: Funny Candid Camera Video, the Grim Reaper.

CBS Documentary Scientology

CBS Documentary Scientology About: CBS 48 hours documentary on the cult of scientology.

What All MTV Shows Have in Common Real Wolrd SWK WifeSwap

MTV Short Attention Span About: Also this is what a lot of Most Subscribed people on youtube have in common. People have gotten so stupid as to needing a picture every two seconds just to keep their attention. They just sit there, vegetating while their pitiful brain spaces out on the quick shifts. This is where the marketing efficiency and stupidity curves have crossed. Attention spans are at an all-time low.

Top 5 Google Tricks

Top 5 Google Tricks About: Top 5 tricks / google hacks for better searching and really cool finds.

Meerkats Animal Planet Documentary

Meerkats on Animal Planet About: Some guy, simon king, lives with meerkats for a year.

Funny Bush Video Quotes

Funny Bush Video Quotes About: We've all heard and read the funny bush quotes but this guy definitely did a good job of compiling a good video quotes list.

Simpsons Couch Gags

Simpsons Couch Gags About: Some funny highlights of The Simpsons intro. Every episode the couch part is different.

Chuck Norris on Family Guy Chuck Norris Jokes Funny List top 10

Chuck Norris on Family Guy About: Chuck Norris can divide by 0 and slam revolving doors. He puts the laughter in manslaughter, and now family guy. I think the jokes started in the teen terrorist group luelinks fond of sending people UPS sticks (You've already sent me them so quit -_-).

Simpsons Joan of Arc

Simpsons Joan of Arc About: Usually the simpsons jokes seem pretty mediocre now, but this one really made me laugh. Especially the end.

Demon Cats Compilation

Demon Cats Compilation About: These are some possessed kittys. Aww how...cute?

Trippy Asteroids Style Game

Trippy Asteroids Style Game About: Certainly not the hardest but definitely the craziest asteroid style game. Lots of fun and you can just hold down the mouse to keep shooting.

Dogfood Dispenser Rube G

Dogfood Dispenser Rube G About: Yet another rube goldberg machines. No matter how many times I see these, they're awesome.

Jerk Buying A Drink

Jerk Buying A Drink About: I'm surprised this guy didn't poison him the next time. Pretty simple video but really funny.

Amazing Gymnast Videos

Amazing Gymnast Videos About: Insane gymnast routines. O_o...

World of Warcraft Asian Farmers

World of Warcraft Asian Farmers About: World of warcraft has an insane following. This has prompted many people selling gold to hire people from other countries to play the game fulltime to sell gold to westerners. Probably the most comfortable sweatshop you'll ever see.

Jay Leno Stupid People 911

Jay Leno Stupid People 911 About: Stupid people that call 911. Here are some recorded phone calls from the tonight show with Jay Leno.

Ryu & Akuma Vs Cameleon

Ryu & Akuma Vs Cameleon About: Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter by user Proxicide on newgrounds. Quite possibly the most awesome animation ever made. This pwns Xiao Xiao, its reign is over. The lighting effects are just spectacular this version. Some of them remind me of final fantasy 10. Since youtube resizes to 320 x 240 I decided to add subtitles so you can read the text. It's a bit faster to load from newgrounds, but with youtube you can share the animation with your friends using a video embed, rather than wasting 11mb per download of your bandwidth.

Hardest Mario NES Hack

Hardest Mario NES Hack About: Hardest super mario brothes NES version ROM hack has been beaten with a time attack in only 2 minutes.

500 Impressions in 2 Minutes

500 Impressions in 2 Minutes About: Shy Theerakulstit does 500 celebrity movie impressions in only 2 minutes. This guy is amazing!!

Funny Crazy Guy on Youtube

Funny Crazy Guy on Youtube About: User 'drewtoothpaste' on youtube a cartoonist that makes weird videos for fun. He mixes the music himself. Absolutely brilliant demented stuff.

Rednecks Attempt Math

Rednecks Attempt Math About: Different redneck proofs that 25/5 = 14. From the movie Ma and Pa Kettle (1949).

Insane Tornado Video

Insane Tornado Video About: storm chasers Reed Timmer and Joel Taylor shot this INSANE video of a violent tornado from within 50 yards!!! We had to back up at the last second, and my cell phone fell out on the road and was taken away by the tornado!!

Best Rube Goldberg Machine

Best Rube Goldberg Machine About: Yet another insane rube goldberg machine. If you've never heard of that keyword you have some fun searches and videos to find on youtube. He turned his house into one.

The Best Compilations

The Best Compilations About: Only the best videos of the most funny subjects compiled by Jimmy Ruska =P. Subscribe to my (f Youtube Channel). Screw top 10 lists, this pwns.

Funny David Blaine Parody

Funny David Blaine Parody About: I just like the retarded face 'blaine' makes. It's very true. The real david blaine likes to do that with that drugged half open eye lids look. Haha orange soda.

Family Guy Copies Simpsons

Family Guy Copies Simpsons About: Similarities between family guy and the simpsons. Family guy copies a bunch of simpson plots.

Tetris Speed Run

Tetris Speed Run About: The author claims no emulator was used. Meh I doubt it, but anyways 999,999 points on tetris, or, tetris speed run style.

Key That Opens Any Lock

Key That Opens Any Lock About: Talk about life hacking. These guys made a special key that when bumped inside most locks will be able to unlock the door.

Simpsons World of Warcraft

Simpsons World of Warcraft About: A parody from The Simpsons making fun of MMORPG's, specifically World of Warcraft, WOW.

Penn and Teller:-The Best

Penn and Teller:-The Best About: The last show of season 3 in show time's penn and teller bullshit.

MIT Dean Lies on Resume

MIT Dean Lies on Resume About: Marilee Jones quit because she lied about her resume when applying to work at MIT 28 years ago. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is very upset.

2388 Photos - Stop Motion

2388 Photos - Stop Motion About: April 19, 2007- midnight to 10:30 am. 2,388 photos, unedited

World Strongest Dad

World Strongest Dad About: Strongest Dad in the World [From Sports Illustrated, By Rick Reilly] Eighty-five times he's pushed his disabled son, Rick, 26.2 miles in marathons. Eight times he's not only pushed him 26.2 miles in a wheelchair but also towed him 2.4 miles in a dinghy while swimming and pedaled him 112 miles in a seat on the handlebars--all in the same day.

Human Beatbox

Human Beatbox About: Screw rahzel this guy can play 3 tracks at once.

Dancing Robot

Dancing Robot About: So it's smaller than you expected XD? Well it'd be neat to have one of these in the car to replace the taco bell dog bobbing head.

Cat That Plays Piano

Cat That Plays Piano About: Nora began playing the piano on her own. She plays even when she is alone in the room. She really enjoys playing duets with a student playing on the second piano.

Product - Instant Ice

Product - Instant Ice About: That's really weird. Looks promissing I guess; if it's not toxic.

Spin - DJ Time

Spin - DJ Time About: A mysterious DJ is sent to a busy city block to mend a series of tragic events that occur in our everyday lives. Winner of 35 film festival awards worldwide.

Optical Illusions Compilation

Optical Illusions Compilation About: Only the best optical illusion videos and pictures all in one nice 8 minute video.

Super Retarded Dog

Super Retarded Dog About: Animation from newgrounds. The watch part is the most funny XD.

Charlie The Unicorn

Charlie The Unicorn About: My all time favorite newgrounds animation. Hilarious trip to candy mountain and the candy mountain cave.

Hallucinate Without Drugs

Hallucinate Without Drugs About: Trippy effect. Turn and look at your door after watching this looks awesome.

Ultimate Revenge Video

Ultimate Revenge Video About: This guy is truly evil XD. Most funny revenge video ever.

Flash Game - Curveball

Flash Game - Curveball About: A really addicting flash game where you can get curve bonuses on your hits. It's just 3d pong with a twist.

You Are Not The Father

You Are Not The Father About: The you're not the father dance maury. lol

Use Google To DL Songs

Use Google To DL Songs About: Use google as a peer to peer network much faster than limewire, frost wire or emule.

My Dog is a Jedi

My Dog is a Jedi About: Cute dog video manipulated to be a jedi.

Math Bus

Math Bus Do My Taxes About: A parody on bang bus lol. 'I'll give you 200$ if you do my taxes'.

Stewart Pwned Nancy Grace

Stewart Pwned Nancy Grace About: For those of you who don't know Nancy Grace is the annoying outspoken arrogant blonde on CNN. She's insanely polarized to one side of any issue and a hard headed nutbag. John Stewart owns her with his clever observations.

SNL Skit - Credit Card Debt

SNL Skit - Credit Card Debt About: Funny snl skit on managing credit card debt using an easy program called 'You shouldn't but stuff you can't afford'.

GreenTeaGirl Fake Youtube Exposed

GreenTeaGirlie Dance About: Greanteagril fraud. She has corporate sponsorship and is trying to be the next lonelygirl15. Oh well, in the mean time have some fun making her dance to stupid video game songs =).

Riddle - What Am I

Riddle - What Am I About: A fun riddle a wrote a few years back, so if you can guess the answer.

Dear Sister: SNL Short

Dear Sister: SNL Short About: Pretty funny random SNL skit. They hadn't had many good ones in awhile. Song: Imogen Heap - Hide And Seek.

Chickens Break Up Fight

Chickens Break Up Fight About: Two chickens break up a rabbit fight... yeah... WTF is right!

Howto Rip Phonebook in Half

Howto Rip Phonebook in Half About: How to rip a phonebook in half. Video tutorial of famous magic trick revealed.

Myth Busters Bloopers

Myth Busters Bloopers About: List of funny cut out scenes of myth busters episodes.

Annoying NES Mario Mod

Annoying NES Mario Mod About: The most annoying mario modification hack ever! The frustration of playing this game is horrible. The invisible coin block is just too hilarious.

MS Paint iPod in 6min

MS Paint iPod in 6min About: This guy draws a bad ass ipod in only 6 minutes using only mspaint. Start -> run -> mspaint. Woah!

Crazy Japanese Pranks

Crazy Japanese Pranks About: Funny compilation of hilarious japanese gameshow prank videos.

Hilarious Asian Mob

Hilarious Asian Mob About: Massive asian mobs gangs up from synchronized pranks agains helpless commuters.

Alien Looking Fish

Alien Looking Fish About: Cuttle fish act bizarre. Their skin camouflages into whatever they look at and they can shock their prey (or hypnotize) with flashing color changes on their skin. One or the narrator states they're the closest thing we have to aliens on this earth.

When Trunk Monkey Attacks

When Trunk Monkey Attacks About: A hilarious Suburban Auto Group Ad someone from metacafe compiled all their comercials. I don't see what it has to do with the car.

Insane Accuracy: Baseball

Insane Accuracy: Baseball About: Old japanese guy has insane accuracy batting. Another guy has super accuracy with his car.

Window Vista Sucks Balls

Window Vista Sucks Balls About: Windows Vista sucks bad, sucks horribly. Vista is the worst operating system ever. I had to delete Vista and install XP it wasted tons of time. Huge INCOMPATIBILITY.

Protestant Vs Catholic Heaven

Protestant Vs Catholic Heaven About: Simpsons discussion on the catholic religion vs the protestant religion with a funny dream style sequence.

Bush's Greatest Moments

Bush's Greatest Moments About: Bush is retarded. Here's some of of the great many speech flops.

The Flying Submission

The Flying Submission About: A crazy wrestling technique where the guy flips and headlocks the other guy with his legs.

Photoshop Speed Painting

Photoshop Speed Painting About: Amazing artist photoshops a guy to look super real in only 3 hours. The video is timelapse style but you can still see what he's doing. 'LOST - John Locke - Speed Painting' Will be Back Will be Back About: will be back soon, sorry guys.

Crazy Mental Calculator

Crazy Mental Calculator About: Guy goes on a math based gameshow. Given the set numbers you have to add, divide, multiply or substract to get the desired solution on the board.

Top Women Drivers Pics

Top Women Drivers Pics About: Women drivers are insane... here's the top 10 women driver pictures.

Beatbox Mario on Flute

Beatbox Mario on Flute About: I'm undecided on this one haha. Pretty amusing I guess.

Top 5 Online Musicians

Top 5 Online Musicians About: These are my top 5 picks for amazing original classical musician videos. If you have more favorites that are amazing, above and beyond normal, comment with the link.

Rats Like Being Tickled

Rats Like Being Tickled About: I thought scientists were doing their best to do mind boggling genetic and drug testing for innovative ways to stop illnesses. As it turns after 'years of study', evidence suggests rats like being tickled.

Tomato Vs Sword Speed Camera

Tomato Vs Sword Speed Camera About: Guy slices a tomato with a sword using high speed image photography.

Crazy Skilled Gymnast

Crazy Skilled Gymnast About: Maybe best gymnast ever? What the heck was that!? It needs slow motion or something.

Amazing Choreographed Fight

Amazing Choreographed Fight About: Wushu Fight. These guys are crazy fast. I know know if that spear has a real tip, but it definitely doesn't look plastic.

Apple Announces iRack

Apple Announces iRack About: MadTV Parody about the iraq war.

Google Youtube Viacom Lawsuit

Google Youtube Viacom Lawsuit About: Dimitri Martin explains the lawsuit viacom issued to google owned site, youtube. Dimitri Martin is a hilarious comedian know for out-there jokes.

Best of Ralph Wiggum

Best of Ralph Wiggum About: The slow son of police chief wiggum's best moments on the simpsons. Youtube rules. 'It tastes like burning =/'

Amazing Fiddle Player

Amazing Fiddle Player About: Plays popular well known songs with skills. Sounds like he's playing two parts at once, great player.

Funny Gameshow Moment

Funny Gameshow Moment About: The famous banana and the snake. The object of the game is simple. Just say what you see, in this case, a profession.

Canon in D Rant

Canon in D Rant About: Pachelbel rant using canon in D. This is one of the most loved songs in classical music.

Future Music Mixing Software

Future Music Mixing Software About: The new intuitive touch screen style interfaces are gaining popularity. Right now it's just a bunch of ivy league mathematician programmers making prototypes of cool ideas. This is called 'reactable' and it's some kind of music synthesis program. I can see the kids of the future moving around small symbolic blocks and objects. The interactivity will be a good change for hands-on learners.

Ketchup and Fried Painting

Ketchup and Fried Painting About: Speed painting made with McDonalds ketchup and fries on youtube.

Fishtank in Deep Fryer

Fishtank in Deep Fryer About: The crazy japanese have done it again, putting a fish tank inside their deep fryer. Since oil floats on water they found the fish do just fine and eat the remnants of the fried food. They can supposedly live happily there for years.

Luckiest Guy Ever

Luckiest Guy Ever About: No one has ever had a 'close call' like this guy.

Simpsons Evolution Intro

Simpsons Evolution Intro About: Simpsons evolution intro shows the supposed chain of major changes in the evolutionary chain turning amoeba homer into human homer. Supposedly for the simpsons movie they're turning 11 seven 11 into quicky marts and serving the same stuff Apu serves in the simpsons.

Amazing FreeStyle Climber

Amazing FreeStyle Climber About: French climber Alain Robert climbs sky scrapers without equipment. Here's an awesome youtube video of him 'at work'.

Jimmy Ruska Math RPG

My Math RPG About: This is a RPG I'm working on. I don't get internet until the 14th here then I'll be back on track reviewing videos and making more pages. Right now I'm working on the menu system so the guy can use items and equip weapons. There's still a lot to do, but now I can add new maps and monsters dynamically so it will be easier to build.

Updating Soon

Updating Soon About: Updating Soon

Terry Tate Office Linebacker

Terry Tate Office Linebacker About: Probably the best commercial ever. Reminds me of I'm the juggernaut xmen spoof on google video.

MS Vista Spech Recognition

MS Vista Spech Recognition About: This guy fights against windows vista speech recognition software. I personally use dragon naturally speaking because they have an option to add speach macros. Microsoft still looks way behind.

How Marbles Are made

How Marbles Are made About: Cool video on how marbles are created from glass, and how custom marbles can be made.

Master Pickpocket Video

Master Pickpocket Video About: This guy has a lot of good skits just search darren brown on youtube. Darren brown is a magician and skeptic that often does psychological tricks on people.

Incredible New Chairs

Incredible New Chairs About: The crazy japanses have done it again, inventing a really cool technology to 'form' their chairs according to the current needs. It looks light weight and somehow can hold the weight of multiple people.

South African Giant Slug

South African Giant Slug About: It's like watching a sloth climb a tree, but still I'd never seen these things before. They're from the Namaqualand region of South Africa.

Valentines Day Donts

Valentines Day Donts About: I've seen quite a few of these same style videos. Each one is mostly cheesy humor on its own but they've gotten really popular so here's a compilation.

Amazing Moving Plants

Amazing Moving Plants About: -Plants moving around as if they were living insects. I'm not sure about this. I'm pretty sure the 'camera' moving around is just an effect added later to high resolution time lapse footage of the plants. Still, it's very cool.

Funny Cheerleader Mistakes

Funny Cheerleader Mistakes About: A whole lot of falling and marching band / color guard bloopers from high school groups. I feel bad for some of them, ow.

Amazing Spray Painter

Amazing Spray Painter About: Slovenian spray painter makes a fantastic sci-fi painting in less than 10 minutes. He didn't even use protection from the paint fumes.

Hand Shadow Video Art

Hand Shadow Video Art About: Cool shadow hand puppet show using a whole lot of people.

Conan Plays the Wii

Conan Plays the Wii About: Conan O'brien takes on Serena Williams in tennis and wins.

Simpsons Greatest Moments

Simpsons Greatest Moments About: Simpsons funniest moments moments. Simpsons was definitely the best cartoon until family guy came.

Super Size Me Parody

Super Size Me Parody About: This is based on the super sized me documentary, where some guy eats nothing but Mcdonalds for a month. This guy makes a satirical parody saying whiskey companies also spend millions in advertising and should also be 'put to the test'.

Ukranian Student Prank

Ukranian Student Prank About: Hungry students go to the kitchen. A midget was placed under a fake stove so that his head is in the soup pot.

Accounts of LSD Use

Accounts of LSD Use About: LSD is one of the most dangerous drugs but the accounts given by those who have used it are definitely the most fascinating.

LED Lights Scare Boston

LED Lights Scare Boston About: Bunch of college guys went around boston placing aqua teen hunger force (some stupid cartoon) LED lights. The next day it was all over the TV as the police suspected they were bombs.

Ubuntu Linux 3d Desktop

Ubuntu Linux 3d Desktop About: Youtube video of a linux desktop using an amazing combination of freeware desktop 3d effects on a very fast computer.

Uganda Invisible Children

Uganda Invisible Children About: This is a documentary about the holocaust style situation in Uganda. From the Poster: In the spring of 2003, three young Americans traveled to Africa in search of such as story. What they found was a tragedy that disgusted ... all and inspired them. A story where children are weapons and children are the victims. The "Invisible Children: rough cut" film exposes the effects of a 20 year-long war on the children of Northern Uganda. These children live in fear of abduction by rebel soldiers, and are being forced to fight as a part of violent army. This wonderfully reckless documentary is fast paced, with an MTV beat, and is something truly unique. To see Africa through young eyes is humorous and heart breaking, quick and informative - all in the very same breath. See this film, you will be forever changed.

Mouse Infestation Video

Mouse Infestation Video About: Insane 'plague' of mice infests farms. I can't imagine what this barn looked like inside before they opened that door.

Glass Cat in 1 Minute

Glass Cat in 1 Minute About: Glass blower guy in venice makes a glass cat in 1 minute.

Time Lapse Video

Time Lapse Video About: 'Panning timelapses experiment, shot on a Canon 20d with some custom controllers.' -ollie larkin

Jon Stewarts vs Bill Gates

Jon Stewarts vs Bill Gates About: Bill Gates goes to the dailyshow to advertise his new windows vista.

Google TV Beta NOT A Hoax

Google TV NOT A Hoax About: Google TV Beta NOT A Hoax, I received an invite and I posted a screen capture, along with other who have also confirmed google video beta's existance.

Popcorn High Speed Cam

Popcorn High Speed Cam About: Popcorn popping while video taped by a high speed camera.

Leno: Fruit Cake Lady

Leno: Fruit Cake Lady About: Apparently the fruit cake lady died. I had never seen her before but her question and answers section at the end is hilarious.

Kevin Rose: Homerowed

Kevin Rose: Homerowed About: The creator of goes on a keyboard rampage through the cubicles.

Animator vs Animation

Animator vs Animation About: Very creative animation by an awesome young flash artist.

Awesome Desktop

Awesome Desktop About: BumpTop offers a touch screen style interface with a lot of really intuitive ways to organize data.

Guitar Bohemian Rhapsody

Guitar Bohemian Rhapsody About: Arranged for solo guitar by Edgar Cruz. Performance and Teaching excerpts.

Frank Zappa CNN Crossfire

Frank Zappa CNN Crossfire About: Frank Zappa CNN Crossfire said we're moving towards a fascist theocracy.

Hardest Game Ever

Hardest Game Ever About: Hardest Flash Game Ever with ascii graphics.

Terminator vs Robocop

Terminator vs Robocop About: This is so well recut. It's pretty amazing what they did. I think it's fake at least o_O...

Ryu Vs Scorpion

Ryu Vs Scorpion About: Someone made a really detailed fight between scorpion from mortal combat and ryu from street fighter in flash. Pretty awesome.

Coin Toss Trickery

Coin Toss Trickery About: These guys do a special coin toss where it looks like it's flipping to win free drinks.

Smart Cats

Smart Cats About: Smart cats opening jars and doors. My poor kitten wasn't blessed with brains though it used to bring back rubber bands after we threw them.

Hand Balancing Baby

Hand Balancing Baby About: I have mixed feelings about this one. On one hand this guys one sick freak, on the other, WOAH!

Beat Kids in Video Games

Beat Kids in Video Games About: How to beat your kids in video games haha.

90 Degree Pushups

90 Degree Pushups About: A Guinness World Record which pushes the boundary of what's possible. If you don't know what a 90 degree push-up is, just watch this!

Street Magician

Street Magician About: Spectators are asked to hand over an initialed quarter. He makes the quarter disappear then starts taking off his shoe. The quarter doesn't come out of his shoe but something else does.

Crazy Hamsters Video

Crazy Hamsters Video About: This hamster doesn't know when to stop running on his hamster wheel.

Rare Ancient Shark

Rare Ancient Shark About: @q-A shark with the ugly proportions of the pre-historic era has surfaced near Japan offering a rare view of this denizen of the deep. The "Frilled Shark" is hardly ever seen because its habitat is 600 metres or more below the ocean surface.@(f Reuters)@

Beatbox Cooking

Beatbox Cooking About: Cooking, with a human beatbox.

Precision Driving

Precision Driving About: Russ Swift does insane parallel parking and rides on two wheels. For fun they blow up a car.

Crows: Traffic To Crack Nuts

Crows: Traffic To Crack Nuts About: Smart crows use busy car traffic to crack nuts for them.

David Copperfield

David Copperfield About: I hadn't seen David Copperfield perform on TV but I often heard his name. Recently I've only heard a lot about David Blaine and Penn and Teller.

Worlds Best Safe Cracker

Worlds Best Safe Cracker About: With insanely sensitive fingers he cracks any safe / combination lock in record time.

10 Magic Tricks Revealed

10 Magic Tricks Revealed About: 10 cool magic tricks and then explanations on how they were done.

See with Your Tongue

See with Your Tongue About: New technology allows blind people to 'see' with their tongues. A camera sends data to a patch of electrodes placed on their tongue which creates a very pixelated 'map' of whats in front of them

Wine Tasters Prank

Wine Tasters Prank About: A convention of wine tasters is assembled. The owner of the business just had jaw surgery and... uh just watch. From the Jamie Kennedy Experiment.

Prank: Hiring to Fire People

Prank: Hiring to Fire People About: Candid camera style video where a guy being interviewed is asked to start right away. His new job is to fire many of the workers.

Cruel Mafia Prank

Cruel Mafia Prank About: Candid camera style video where new pizza delivery guy earning minumum wage learns he's got himself into the mafia.

Insane Martial Arts Jumps

Insane Martial Arts Jumps About: These guys leap huge (14 people in the end) distances ending in frontward roll.

One Week of Art

One Week of Art About: Japanese artists paint on a wall. Whenever they finish something they completely start over and repaint the wall. This goes on for a week. Stop motion video style.

Voice of Buggs Bunny

Voice of Buggs Bunny About: Mel Blanc voice of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, and Barney Rubble on the Johnny Carson show.

Lighter In Slow Motion

Lighter In Slow Motion About: A lighter sparking a flame in slow motion.

The Amazing Jonathan

The Amazing Jonathan About: Funny magician / standup comedian.

Soccer Players Attacked

Soccer Players Attacked About: A massive torrent of signs flew at the players when the advertisements caught a gust of wind.

Chinese Food Prank Call

Chinese Food Prank Call About: Funny prank call. They call up to order chinese food from two chinese restaurants. When the second restaurant asks what they want they make the first guy they call repeat the order and connect the two together.

Worlds Biggest Zipline

Worlds Biggest Zipline About: Tallest and fastest Zip Line in the world, Sun City South Africa

Colbert Interview Oreilly

Colbert Interview O'reilly About: Stephen Colbert inverviews his satirical characters idol, 'papa bear' bill O'reilly.

Liquid Bullet Proof Armor

Liquid Bullet Proof Armor About: Only the chest is usually protected for the soldiers with a 20 pound vest. People have been coming up with light weight kevlar armor.

3D Face Modeling Video

3D Face Modeling Video About: Crazy technology that allows people to render a 3d model of the person from a picture then rotate, adjust lighting, make them gain / lose weight, make them smile and even make their face more feminin or masculin.

Sound Waves Through Salt

Sound Waves Through Salt About: Awesome experiment in which salt is placed over a large speaker and you can see the sound oscillating through the salt.

Stephen Colbert on Oreilly Factor

Colbert on O'reilly Factor About: Finally the two dopplegangers meet. Bill O'reilly is a douche and picked at colberts french name half the time, called left wing critics scum and called the audience of John Stewart stoned slackers and Jon Himself a pot head.

Electricity Though Fingers

Electricity Though Fingers About: Guy shoots blue electric bolts through his fingers after 'charging up' by holding on to a high voltage wire with current flowing through it.

Colbert Explains ATT

Colbert Explains A&TT About: Colbert Explains Cingular's change in name to ATT and goes through some of the history behind it.

Helecopter Saves Deer

Helecopter Saves Deer About: An odd approach was taken to save deer trapped in an ice lake.

Must See Animations

Must See Animations About: A bunch of must see animations mostly on youtube.

Magic Tricks Revealed

Magic Tricks Revealed About: A few cool card tricks and coin tricks revealed.

Comedian Demetri Martin

Comedian Demetri Martin About: Dimetry has some funny stoner-style jokes. One of his fears is falling down an escalator infinitely.

Jeep Company Waterfall

Jeep Company Waterfall About: Have you ever seen a waterfall that's just as programmable as a computer printer?

Comedian Jim Gaffigan

Comedian Jim Gaffigan About: Jim Gaffigan is a bizarre comedian. He's kinda a mix of the stoner / blue color comedian styles.

SNL Skit: Sarcasm 101

SNL Skit: Sarcasm 101 About: SNL skit with Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing) called sarcasm 101. Hilarious.

Scare Telemarketers Senseless

Best Telemarketing Prank About: Some guy makes the best prank on a telemarketer ever.

My Cat Playing With Stick

My Cat Playing With Stick About: Yep it's my ugly calico. It wasn't the prettiest but it was definitely the sweetest cat. The cutest ones would start biting and clawing (probably from being messed with by kids too much).

Best Penalty Kick Ever

Best Penalty Kick Ever About: ...and it didn't even go in.

Worst Fisherman Ever

Worst Fisherman Ever About: Not a very good tv personality either...

Music With Glass

Music With Glass About: Behind the cathedral barcelona.

Human Slingshot

Human Slingshot About: Thrill seekers at some millionaire in Utah's house construct a human slingshot with two massive poles and bungee cord.

Very Lucky People

Very Lucky People About: Very Lucky People

Insane Japanese Acrobatics

Insane Japanese Acrobatics About: Japanese gameshow acrobatics.

Guy Draws Perfect Circle

Guy Draws Perfect Circle About: Guy Draws Perfect Circle

Karate Bloopers

Karate Bloopers About: Karate Bloopers

Colbert Flaccid With Rage

Colbert Flaccid With Rage About: Colbert Flaccid With Rage

Demonstration of iPhone

Demonstration of iPhone About: Demonstration of iPhone

Chick Fight... With Cars

Chick Fight... With Cars About: Chick Fight... With Cars

Ship Floating on Gas

Ship Floating on Gas About: Ship Floating on Gas

Why Google Best Employer

Why Google Best Employer About: Why Google Wins Best Employer of 2006

Honest Used Car Salesman

Honest Used Car Salesman About: Honest Used Car Salesman

Weird Funny Laugh

Weird Funny Laugh About: Weird Funny Laugh

Myth Busters Episodes

Myth Busters Episodes About: Myth Busters Episodes

Funny Comedy Videos

Funny Comedy Videos About: Funny Comedy Videos

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Free TV Episodes About: Free TV Episodes

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Free Movies Online About: Free Movies Online

Bunny Pwning Snake

Bunny Pwning Snake About: Bunny Pwning Snake

Terrible French Contestant

Terrible French Contestant About: Terrible French Contestant

Best Optical Illusion Ever

Best Optical Illusion Ever About: Best Optical Illusion Ever

Magician Randi James

Magician Randi James About: Magician Randi James has offered 1 million dollars to anyone who can prove the existance of paranormal abilities for years. No one has succeeded.

I Need Input From Readers

I Need Input From Readers About: Please add a comment on this page if you subscribe to this blog through RSS or something. I don't know if I should continue it. Most the visitors come from random queries from google.

Comedian Lee Evans

Comedian Lee Evans About: Comedian Lee Evans

Guy Takes Picture Everday

Guy Takes Picture Everday About: Guy Takes Picture Everday

Colbert Talks to Harvard

Colbert Talks to Harvard About: Colbert Talks to Harvard

PBS vs Bush

PBS vs Bush About: PBS vs Bush

Banned SNL TV Fun House

Banned SNL TV Fun House About: Banned SNL TV Fun House

Funny Hidden Cam Videos

Funny Hidden Cam Videos About: Funny Hidden Cam Videos. Similar to candid camera

Skilled Guitare Player

Skilled Guitare Player About: Skilled Guitare Player

Water Engine Inventor Murdered

Water Engine Inventor Murdered About: Water Engine Inventor Murdered

Shaq Destroys Goalpost

Shaq Destroys Goalpost About: Shaq Destroys Goalpost

Difficult Simple Game

Difficult Simple Game About: Difficult Simple Game

Cult Infiltrates Town

Cult Controls A City About: Scientology Infiltrates Town

Trapped in Escher Staircase

Trapped in Escher Staircase About: Trapped in Escher Staircase

The DMV is Retarded

The DMV is Retarded About: The DMV is Retarded

Full Length Drawn Together Episodes

Full Drawn Together Episodes About: Full Length Drawn Together Episodes

Weird Al TV Celebrity Interviews

Weird Al TV Interviews About: Weird Al TV Celebrity Interviews

Starch + Water = Science

Starch + Water = Science About: Starch + Water = Science

59 Monty Python Skits

59 Monty Python Skits About: 59 Monty Python Skits on youtube.

Moderately Interesting Videos

Moderately Interesting Videos About: Moderately Interesting Videos

Insane Upper Body Strength

Insane Upper Body Strength About: Insane Upper Body Strength

Amazing Guitarist

Amazing Guitarist About: Andy Mckee - Amazing Guitarist

Parasitic Worm Vs Cricket

Parasitic Worm Vs Cricket About: Parasitic Worm Vs Cricket

Will It Blend Videos

Will It Blend Videos About: Insanely power and expensive blender that can destroy anything from credit cards to entire brooms.

Robot Chicken Full Episodes

Robot Chicken Full Episodes About: Free full streaming episodes of robot chicken.

Largest Non-Nuclear Blast

Largest Non-Nuclear Blast About: Largest Non-Nuclear Blast

Rumsfeld Career Highlights

Rumsfeld Career Highlights About: Rumsfeld Career Highlights

Movie Trailer Voice

Movie Trailer Voice About: Movie Trailer Voice

Sad Animation

Sad Animation About: Sad Animation

Ski Gluiding

Ski Gluiding About: Ski Gluiding

Awesome Editing

Awesome Editing About: Awesome Editing

Baby Laughing Uncontrollably

Baby Laughing Uncontrollably About: Baby Can't Stop Laughing

Smart Pig Video

Smart Pig Video About: Smart Pig

Remote Control Bird

Remote Control Bird About: Remote Control Bird

Kramer Racist Outburst

Kramer Racist Outburst About: Kramer Racist Outburst

BBC: Why We Fight

BBC: Why We Fight About: BBC Documentary entitle why we fight (Iraq War).

Richard Feynman Documentary

Richard Feynman Documentary About: Feynman Documentary on Google Video

French Magician Jerome Murat

French Magician About: French Magician Jerome Murat

Insect Parasitic Spores

Insect Parasitic Spores About: Insect Parasitic Spores

Richard Simmons Steamer Video

Richard Simmons Steamer About: Richard Simmons Steamer Video

Shamu Punished

Shamu Punished About: Shamu Punished

Crutches Breakdancer

Crutches Breakdancer About: Crutches Breakdancer/Skater

Documentary About Tetris

Documentary About Tetris About: Documentary About Tetris

Dominos 2.0

Dominos 2.0 About: Dominos 2.0

China Sells Prisoner Organs

China Sells Prisoner Organs About: China Sells Prisoner Organs 50.000 euros each: BBC Documentary on Youtube

Coffee Art

Google Video Coffee Art About: Coffee Art on Google Video

You Win, I Quit

You Win, I Quit About: Uber Soccer Juggler. These guys are better than the nike freestyle.

Iraq for Sale Video Embed

Download Iraq for Sale About: Iraq for Sale Documentary on Google Video. Download the torrent or watch the video full screen on google video.

Weird Al: White an Nerdy Music Video

White an Nerdy Music Video About: Weird Al: White an Nerdy Music Video

Daily Show: Gays in The Military

Gays in The Military About: Daily Show: Gays in The Military

Skilled Guitarist Youtube

Skilled Guitarist Youtube About: Guy that plays on two guitares at once, mario and final fantasy (VII) video game themes.

911 Conspiracy Videos

911 Conspiracy Videos About: There's been a ton of 911 conspiracy videos on google video, youtube, and even an internet online tv station on shoutcast TV, devoted only to conspiracies. Whether you believe in them or not doesn't particularly matter. If you come in calling them conspiracy nuts, that's fine. I don't believe in ghosts but still enjoy a good horror or haunted house episode.

Myth Busters: Finger Scanners

Myth Busters: FingerPrint Locks About: Myth Busters bust Finger Print Scanner locks.

Armless Italian Painter

Armless Italian Painter About: Armless Italian Painter on metacafe

Conspiracy of Silence

Conspiracy of Silence About: Banned discovery channel documentary about pedos in government called Conspiracy of Silence

2D to 3D Drawing Software

2D to 3D Drawing Software About: Teddy: Convert 2D to 3D Drawing Software

Dane Cook Standup Comedy

Dane Cook Standup Comedy About: Dane Cook Standup Comedy Videos

George Carlin Standup Comedy

George Carlin Standup Comedy About: George Carlin Standup Comedy

Weird Family Guy Moments

Weird Family Guy Moments About: A bunch of funny wierd Family Guy shorts from google video and youtube.

Cows: Damn Snow

Cows: Damn Snow About: Cows trying to mate... but damn snow.

Stanford Prison Experiment

Stanford Prison Experiment About: Video of a prison in stanford where abusive conditions by the guards cause the prisoners to feel a loss of identity. Out of the few prisoners video taped one goes on a hunger strike, one cries hysterically, and one goes crazy. Even the very obeying prisoners are treated harshly and the methods of humiliation and disciplining prisoners progressively get worse.

Conan O'Brian Triumph the Dog at Star Wars gathering

Triumph Vs Star Wars About: Triumph the insult comic dog interviews people at the star wars convention.

Hungarian Bridge Named After Colbert

Bridge Named After Colbert About: Stephen Colbert Gets a Hungarian Bridge Named After Him

Funniest Joke in the World

Funniest Joke in the World About: Funniest joke in the world video by monty python on youtube.

Evidence of Evolution Video

Evidence of Evolution About: Ken Miller Gives a Speech on Intelligent Design (creationism): Many good points, and best of all he doesnt associate science with a political party.

Funny Magic

Funny Magic on Google Video About: Funny Magic on google video.

A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind About: Austistic genius video on youtube.

Fred Phelps Attacks Colbert

Fred Phelps Attacks Colbert About: Fred Phelps, an example of dangerous religious extremists in America attack stephen colbert.

Arab Usher Dance

Arab Usher Dance About: Arab Usher Dance O_o

Suicidal Idiots Videos

Suicidal Idiots Videos About: Suicidal Idiots Videos: A guy flits with a neoconservative at an anti gay ralley. A guy wears a KKK outfit into the hood.

Plants Can Feel

Plants Can Feel About: Mythbusters: Plants can feel

Reason for US Hate

Reason for US Hate About: Youtube Video: Why The middle east hates the US.

Violent Soccer Tackle

Violent Soccer Tackle About: Violent Soccer Tackle From Youtube

EFCC bust Nigerian 419 scammers

Nigerian Scammers Busted About: EFCC bust Nigerian 419 scammers

Kitten Defends Its Box

Kitten Defends Its Box About: This kitten has a new appendage in the form of a kleenex box which it will fight for its life to keep. Youtube embed.

Linux TouchScreen Power

Linux TouchScreen Power About: Linux TouchScreen: Gentoo Linux running the gnome desktop interface.

Im the Juggernaut Bitch

I'm the Juggernaut Bitch! About: I'm the Juggernaut Bitch Video!: This X-Men parody voice over has been getting really popular in google video and youtube. Watch the vid, the jugganaught video rules.

Psycho Kitten Metacafe

Psycho Kitten Metacafe About: This kitty is a spaz... Well all cats are spazzes, but the person who brought us this video caught a lot of cute, and funny scenes. Kitties rule.

German Numa Numa Fan

German Numa Numa Fan About: German Numa Numa Fan: It blows his mind omfg style.

Magic Card Trick Revealed

Magic Card Trick Revealed About: Greg Soloman explains how the worlds greatest card trick is performed.

Conan O'brien Plane Crash

Conan Obrien Plane Crash About: Conan O'brien Plane Crash Emmys video criticized video on youtube. You tube rules so does Conan Obrien obrian orbian.

Stewie Family Guy Videos

Stewie Family Guy Videos About: Family guy best of Stewie Griffin Clips. Louis Must DIE!!!

Soldier Turns Head Backwards

Soldier Turns Head Backwards About: This is really creepy. 180 Degree turn, maybe he can do the whole 360...

Bush Spoofs Videos Youtube

Bush Spoofs Videos Youtube About: George W. Bush videos, video spoofs on youtube and google video.

Robin Williams Live: Broadway

Robin Williams Live: Broadway About: Uploaded videos from user BoilingWater17 on youtube with the full show of Robin Williams Live on Broadway. Stream the classic standup comedy act.

Robin Williams Explains Golf

Robin Williams Explains Golf About: Robin Williams Explains Golf Scene/skit from Robin Williams Live on Broadway.

Cant Stop Laughing

Cant Stop Laughing About: Video from google video. People try to call in to ask the host questions and the host can't stop laughing.

Old Tech TV Screen Savers Full Length Episodes

Old Tech TV Screen Savers About: Old Tech TV Screen Savers Full length episodes, no torrents, flash video embeds from youtube or google video.

Full Stephen Colbert Episodes

Full Stephen Colbert Episodes About: 36 full length stephen colbert episodes on youtube. No need for torrents, flash video embeds rule.

History Channel Illegal Drugs

History Channel Illegal Drugs About: History of Drug use from babylon, china, to the United States of America. Also includes war on drugs penn and teller bullshit special, and link to PBS frontline meth epidemic report.

Robot Videos on Youtube

Robot Videos on Youtube About: Collection of Robot videos on youtube and google video.

Trigger Happy TV Youtube

Trigger Happy TV Youtube About: Collection of skits and scenes from trigger happy tv on you tube. Britsh similar to candid camera, no google video

Funny Pranks Youtube

Funny Pranks Youtube About: Funny pranks and candid camera skits on youtube.

Hiroshima Bomb CGI

Hiroshima Bomb CGI About: A collection of atom bomb videos from google video and youtube

Funny Ads Youtube

Funny Ads Youtube About: Funny ads and commercials on youtube and google video.

TV Bloopers Youtube

TV Bloopers Youtube About: TV bloopers on youtube and google video.

Mac Never Crashes

Mac Never Crashes About: How Mac with OSX never crashes, ever.

Cat Mouse Wheel

Cat Mouse Wheel About: Cat on a cat sized mouse wheel for food.

Eat Mentos Drink Diet Coke

Eat Mentos Drink Diet Coke About: Alright might be staged for shock effect since he didnt write anything about the after effects, but still.

Alternative Medicine ADHD Cure

Permanent ADHD Cure About: Permanent Cure for ADHD revealed.

Youtube Personalities

Youtube Personalities About: Youtube famous personalities. Insite celebrities on you tube.

Nintendo Wii Awesomeness

Nintendo Wii Videos About: Nintendo Wii pwned PS3 video, watch the vid on youtube.

Asians Warming up For Math

Asians Warming up For Math About: Asians right before a math test.

Dog Walks Upright

Dog Walks Upright About: Amazing Dog walks upright with its two hind legs.

Lake Peigneur Disaster

Lake Peigneur Disaster About: Lake Peigneur Disaster on youtube. Small engineering mistakes costs millions in damage. Water is sucked into a salt mine through a massive whirl pool, changing the direction of a river and causing a large waterfall. Meh, fishing is better now.

Gun Videos on Youtube and Google Video

Gun Videos Youtube About: Gun videos on google video and youtube.

Honda Domino Commercial

Honda Domino Commercial About: Aweseom Honda domino effect commercial. Starts with rolling cogs.

Fox News Attacks Kerry

Fox News Killed Kerry About: How fox news won the election for bush.

Dancing Skeleton Puppet

Dancing Skeleton Puppet About: Dancing skeleton puppet on youtube

Skydive Into Another Plane

Skydive Into Another Plane About: Sky diving from one plane to another

CNN Target USA

CNN Target USA About: CNN caught for fear mongering.

Police Brutality Miami

Police Brutality Miami About: Police brutality in Miami. Pelets vs peaceful protesters.

Bush Is Incompetent

Bush Is Incompetent About: Bush is a moron, the topic of an MSNBC show. Is he an idiot, an incompetent, or an inarticulate? I think all 3 + drunkard ignorant christian extremist.

Getting Free Labor Online

Getting Free Labor Online About: Guy who invented the distorted text to verify if you're really human makes a game in which users tag thousands of images millions of times for him, free.

Full Southpark Episodes on Youtube

Full southpark Episodes About: Full length southpark episodes on youtube. No torrents or google video.

Porn on Google Video Thanks to Digg User

Google Video Lies Cause Porn About: Google Video lies from digg users cause controversy. Missinformation causes more people to violate google video TOS by uploading pr0n.

Dry Ice Bomb Videos

Dry Ice Bomb Videos About: Dry Ice Bombs on google video.

Fat Guy Throws Chair

Fat Guy Throws Chair About: Fat guy throws chair on a politcal debate show. Fat guys are sensitive. lol

Zelda Theme Played on Ukulele

Zelda Theme on Ukulele About: Legend of Zelda played on a ukulele.

Steven Colbert: How to Steal a Bike

Learn howto Steal Bikes About: Learn to steal a bike efficiently by Steven Colbert.

Ann Coulter is a Lesbian Evil Demon ManGina Bearing Succubus

Ann Coulter: Clinton is Gay About: Ann Coulter is an evil crazy bitch. Clinton wouldn't even hit on her.

South Park Explains Mormons

South Park Explains Mormons About: Southpark explains mormonism.

College Prank Videos

College Prank Videos About: College prank videos from youtube and the prangster group.

Awesome Stop Motion Video Vids

Stop Motion Video About: Amazing Stop Motion vids from google video and youtube.

Evil Powerful Dust Devil Spawns

Dust Devil vs People About: Dust devil randomly spawns then attacks soccer plays and their corresponding chairs. Pwnage ensues.

Freestyle Soccer Video Youtube Google Video

Freestyle Soccer Video About: Freestyle soccer video on google video. It rocks, watch it.

German Safety Video

German Safety Video About: Funny German safety video.

Full Length Streaming Penn and Teller Online Videos

Penn and Teller Online Videos About: Penn and Teller Downloadable online streaming videos.

US Budget Explained in Oreos

US Budget Explained with Oreos About: Oreos explain US economic budget.

Time Fountain Video

Time Fountain Video About: Time fountain machine with florescent water droplets

Plane and Helicopter Crash Videos

Plane Crashes Videos About: Airplane and helicopter crash videos.

Top 50 Soccer Goals of All time 10 15 20

Top 50 Soccer Goals About: Top 50 futbol soccer videos of all time.

Finger Stand Monk

Finger Stand Monk About: Monk holds his body weight on one finger.

Multi Point Touch Screen Jeff Han

Multipoint Touch Screen About: Multipoint touch screens. The future of how we interact with computers by Jeff Han.

Kitten Videos on Google Video and Youtube

Kitten Videos Youtube About: Kitten videos on google video and youtube. How cute.

Dance Dance Revolution Videos

DDR Extreme Videos About: DDR Videos. Dance dance revolution videos on google video and youtube.

Colbert Vandalizes Wikipedia

Colbert Vandalizes Wikipedia About: Colbert calls for viewers to vandalize wikipedia

Microsoft Windows Vista 98 95 media center Crashes during Demonstrations

Windows Crash Videos About: Videos of windows crash, windows crashes that have occured. Windows vista speech recognition mishap, windows 98 blue screen during demonstration and Bill Gates on Conan Obrien. Conan: Should we move on? BILL: YEP

Man Attacks City with Armoured Bulldozer

Armoured Bulldozer vs City About: Armoured Bulldozer vehicle on youtube. Crazy guy goes on rampage against the city then commits suicide.

Old TV Series Introductions

Old TV Series Intros About: TV memories of old programs that played in the 70s and 80s. Two stupid dogs episodes.

Microwave Toothpick Plasma

Microwave Toothpick Plasma About: Microwave + Toothpick = Plasma and Lightening.

Chernobyl Disaster Video

Chernobyl Disaster Video About: Chernobyl disaster videos and information.

Amazing Biking Videos

Amazing Biking Videos About: Amazing biking videos from google video and youtube. Kung fu BBC documentary videos.

Suicidal Monkey Video

Suicidal Monkey Video About: Suicidal monkey attacks tigers. Gibbon, or whatever it's called.

Stephe Colbert on Whose Line Anyway

Stephen Colbert Whose Line About: Whose line is it anyway with stephen colbert. Download the episode by torrent or watch limited embeds from youtube.

Misc Cool Videos

Misc Cool Videos About: Misc funny videos. Building Bloopers, Theatre stop go motion film wasting time with pong, Colbert bashes asians, 16 buildings knocked down in china

Top 10 Bush Moments

Top 10 Bush Moments About: Top 10 Bush Moments on Letterman.

Scientology Cult Videos

Scientology Cult Videos About: Scientology videos from google and youtube exposing the cult.

Amazing Videos Today

Amazing Videos Today About: Octopuses eat sharks. Healthy kitten with two heads. Cure yourself by touching your ear. Dolphin boy see with sound.

Misc Cool Videos

Misc Cool Videos About: Cool videos I saw today from youtube and google video.

Ninja Videos Youtube

Ninja Videos Youtube About: Awesome funny and cool Ninja Videos on youtube.

Mind of Mencia Videos

Mind of Mencia Videos About: Funny collection of Mind of Mencia Videos on youtube.

Mans Show Boy Videos

Mans Show Boy Videos About: Mans show boy macs on girls videos collection from youtube.

Funny Dog Vids Part 2

Funny Dog Vids Part 2 About: Funny online dog videos part 2 of the youtube and google video collection.

Street Fighter vs NES

Street Fighter vs NES About: Street fighter vs Mario and duckhunt.

Funny Dog Videos

Funny Dog Videos About: These are my favorite funny dog videos from youtube and google video

Funny Animal Videos

Funny Animal Videos About: Funny animal videos on google video and youtube.

RPG Game Music Piano

RPG Game Music Piano About: Piano Music Video of Video game music from role playing games, rpgs, or anime. Final Fantasy and Zelda piano music most popular.

Fat People Dancing Videos

Fat People Dancing Videos About: Collection of Fat people dancing on google video and youtube.

Dirty Google Videos Ads

Dirty Google Videos Ads About: Google video doesn't link pr0n or anything with nudity, not even for paying customers. Pity really, since I rather google having the money to make my searches more relevant than the pr0n industry. They do have ads with sexual innuendo, which unfortunately keep their top rank in the google top 100 and google movers and shakers.

Stephen Colbert Videos

Stephen Colbert Videos About: Steven Colbert rules, I love this guy. He's a hilarious satirical host that plays a conservative jerk.

Lewis Black Videos Youtube

Lewis Black Videos Youtube About: Lewis_Black Lewis Black is an angry commedian that's taken to political commentary on the Daily Show. He rocks.

Internet a Series of Tubes

Internet a Series of Tubes About: Head of the Senate commerce committee which regulates the Internet says the internet is a series of tubes.

People Getting Tasered

Taser Video Clips About: Videos of people getting tasered. Ow.

Simpsons Voice Actor

Simpsons Voice Actor About: Roesterna Fraan The Simpsons on youtube.

Messy Traffic Videos

Messy Traffic Videos About: Crazy traffic videos from different places in the world.

Auto Accident Videos

Auto Accident Videos About: Here are some car and motorcycle accident vids I found on google and youtube.

Shakira World Cup Video

Shakira World Cup Video About: Shakira in the 2006 world cup in Germany in the Finals of Italy vs France.

Mitch Hedberg Videos

Mitch Hedberg Videos About: Mitch Hedberg comedian rocked. He's a stoner sounding guy with with hilarious jokes. Unfortunately he died.

Magician Videos

Magician Videos About: Magic Videos on google video and youtube.

Zidane Headbutt Games and Parodies

Zidane Headbutt Parody About: Zidane Headbutt Spoofs, games, images, and parodies I've found.

Funny Cats Part 2

Funny Cats Part 2 About: Second part of the funny cats collection.

Americas Top Talent

Americas Top Talent About: Watch my favorite scenes from the show america's got talent. These are from youtube but you can get the latest from

Misc Educational Vids

Misc Educational Vids About: Cool educational science videos.

Misc Cool Videos Today

Misc Cool Videos Today About: Cool funny videos of today.

US Public Schools Inefficiency

US Public Schools Inefficiency About: Whats Wrong with the US public School System? John Stossel reports.

MMORPG Google Youtube Videos

Spore WOW Runescape About: Cool PC game videos on google video and youtube.

Folding Shirt Videos

Folding Shirt Videos About: Video on how to quickly fold a shirt.

Funny Cat Videos

Funny Cat Videos About: Collection of my favorite funny vids I found on google and youtube.

White People Dancing

White People Dancing About: Collection of funny videos of white people dancing.

Zidane Soccer Videos

Zidane Soccer Videos About: Zinedine Zidane soccer collection.

Bush Idiot Moron Videos

Bush is Stupid Videos About: Watch youtube videos on Bush being stupid.

Whose Line is it Anyway Funny Videos

Whose Line Anyway Videos About: My favorite Whose line is it anyway funny comedy videos.

Japanese Sushi Comedy

Japanese Sushi Comedy About: Japanese sushi comedy video on youtube.

Techno Robot Dance

Techno Robot Dance About: David Elsewhere Kollaboration robot dance on google video.

Guitare Youtube and Google Videos

Guitarist Videos About: Watch these awesome guitarists rock in youtube and google video.

Chris Rock Police Encounter

Chris Rock Police Encounter About: Chris rock's funny police encounter video.

Carola Hangs Up on Anne Coulter

Carolla vs Ann Coulter About: Adam Carola Hangs up on Ann Coulter.

Zidane Headbutt Video

Zidane Headbutt Video About: Zidane runs ahead of another jogging player then powerfully headbutts him to the ground. Red card, terrible last game for zidane, and france loses the world cup final.

John Stewart Crossfire

John Stewart Crossfire About: Watch the video of John Stewart on CNN crossfire.

Juggling Collection Youtube Google Video

Juggling Video Collection About: Juggling collection on google video and youtube... 0.o Entertaining, I swear.

Hidden Google Video Categories

Hidden Google Video Categories About: Hidden google video categories discovered. Also google movers and shakers listed by country.

Funny Mac Parody

Mac Parody Videos About: Watch some Mac Parody Videos from google video.

Internet Soccer Videos 4

Internet Soccer Videos 4 About: 4th set in collection of awesome futbol videos. Fifa world cup 2006 rocks.

Google Video Pool Trick Shots Collection

Pool Trick Shots Videos About: Awesome pool trickshots. Billiards at its best.

Fourth of July With Google Video

Fourth of July Google Video About: Celebrate the fourth of July on Google video with fireworks displays, fireworks explosions, and a bit of humor.

Consol Time Attack Videos

Cool Time Attacks About: Awesome timeattack video video game collection from snes,nes,n64,PC, etc.

Street Acrobatics

Street Acrobatics About: Watch these street gymnasts doing crazy stunts.

Mr woo Soccer

Mr woo Soccer About: Mr Woo juggles the soccer ball with awe inspiring skill.

Educational Videos

Educational Videos About: Powers of 10 internet video. McGraw Hill differences between sexes video.

Online Soccer Videos Part 3

Internet Soccer Videos 3 About: Collection of Internet Soccer Videos Part 3 in light of fifa world cup alemania 2006

Internet Soccer Videos Part 2

Internet Soccer Videos 2 About: Collection of Internet Soccer Videos Part 2 in light of fifa world cup alemania 2006

Internet Soccer Videos

Internet Soccer Videos About: Watch a huge collection of soccer videos online.

Funny Google Videos

Funny Google Videos About: Hilarious google videos I saw today

Liberal vs Conservative

Liberal vs Conservative About: Definition and difference of Liberal vs Conservative

Crazy Japanese Videos

Crazy Japanese Videos About: Crazy Japanese Gameshow Videos on youtube

German Iraq Documentary

German Iraq Documentary About: German Iraq Documentary on google video review.

Balmer Developer Chant

Developers Song Remix About: Steve balmers developers remix song used on google video

Table of Contents

  1. Internet Videos Blog Posts
  2. McLovin Explains Voting
  3. Photoshop Video Tutorials
  4. Basic HTML and CSS
  5. Time Stops at Grand Central
  6. Worst Possible Reaction
  7. Top 5 Mad TV Skits
  8. You suck at Photoshop
  9. Play Guitar with Feet
  10. Halo Mario Game
  11. Japanese Giant Hornet
  12. Convert Youtube Vids
  13. Tetris on Dual Guitar
  14. Omaha Beach by 3 ppl
  15. Age 1 to 100 with Drums
  16. Funny Cat Sleeping
  17. Dumbest Cop Ever
  18. Insane Movie Trailer
  19. Crow Befriends a Cat
  20. Touch Screen with Wii
  21. She fails at life
  22. Rip DVDs with VLC Player
  23. Efficient Speedbump
  24. 90 Percent off Amazon
  25. Funny Cats Compilation
  26. Genius Bird
  27. Boob Censorship
  28. Video of Pure Weird
  29. What is RSS
  30. How Laws Pass in TX
  31. Learn Languages Online
  32. How Debt Works
  33. Celebrities Look Alikes
  34. 14 Virtualdub Tutorials
  35. Squirrel Obstacle Course
  36. Howto Improve your download speed
  37. Top 3 Firefox QuickSearches
  38. Impatient Kitty
  39. Internet People
  40. Howto Remove Vocals Mp3s
  41. New Windows Comp Guide
  42. Youtube Videos Via RSS
  43. Drugging of our Children
  44. Debunking Astrology
  45. Youtube Anime Search Hack
  46. Water Buffalo for Poor
  47. Chocolate Rain Parodies
  48. Visualize 10th Dimension
  49. Future of Image Resizing
  50. Genius Mario World Mod
  51. Conans Classic Car
  52. Internet Business Meeting
  53. Best of Mayor Adam West
  54. Top 10 Sports Videos
  55. Best of Gir - Invader Zim
  56. Best of Family Guy
  57. Solve Rubiks With Nose
  58. Creepy Kid Dance
  59. Best Videos of 2007
  60. Feeding The Homeless
  61. Chicks Hatch in the Factory
  62. Full Free Video Tutorials
  63. Alltime Best of Youtube
  64. How to Get Arrested
  65. Top 10 Videos of The Office
  66. Better than Photoshop GIMP
  67. Amazing Stuntman
  68. Mozart Bond Piano Violin
  69. Dick Cheney is Senile
  70. Simpsons Futurama Moments
  71. Turn Flashlight Into Laser
  72. Lion Reunites with Humans
  73. Buffalo vs Lions vs Crocs
  74. Kittens Vs Puppies
  75. Youtube Sparta Remix
  76. Mask of the Golden Ratio
  77. Thriller by 1500 Prisoners
  78. MIT Physics Sketching
  79. Drawing Males Vs Females
  80. Genius Brazillians Fix xbox
  81. Fake Titanic Sequel
  82. Insane Saudis Car Skate
  83. Read a Book Hiphop
  84. Photoshop Retouching
  85. Fox Attacks Mr Rogers
  86. Guess what he is
  87. Youtube Parkour Video
  88. Japanese Sound Attack
  89. Making hot ice
  90. Parody of All Video Sites
  91. People Pixel Show
  92. Leno Sniff Anti-Helium
  93. Mortal Kombat in Central Park
  94. Rollerblading In Paris
  95. Speed Cup Stacking
  96. Free TV Online Downloads
  97. Parkour Tag Urban Gymnastics
  98. mrpregnant out of Character
  99. Falling at Speed of Sound
  100. Worlds Best Husband
  101. Disabled Break Dancing
  102. New York For 100 Dollars
  103. Amazing Laser Illusionist
  104. Videos of Pwnage
  105. New Way To Dry Hands
  106. Gummy Bear Vs Science
  107. No more Friggin Paris
  108. Arkansas Tyrant Cop
  109. Change Channel with Flashlight
  110. Lion Embraces Woman
  111. Simpsons Tetris
  112. Best of Family Guy Stewie
  113. Dwight Speed Paint
  114. Kamikaze Mario SMB hack
  115. Skilled Kid Guitarist
  116. Trippy Video Effect
  117. Wooden Binary Adder
  118. Medicine Infected With HIV
  119. Insane Piano Duet
  120. NES Punch Out Trailer
  121. Teenage Affluenza
  122. Man Can Take Off Face
  123. Microsoft Surface Explained
  124. Russell Peters Standup Comedy
  125. Insane Weight Loss Story
  126. Kids make Roller Coaster
  127. Top 10 Photoshop Tutorials
  128. Magic Tricks Revealed
  129. When Viral Vids Go Wrong
  130. Hippo Tries to Save Deer
  131. Most Dangerous Gang
  132. Best Billboard Ever
  133. Secret Prisons in Europe
  134. Asians Banned From Arcades
  135. Backup DVDs to Cds
  136. Download Mp3s From Google
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  138. Peg Shooter
  139. Most Dangerous Drug
  140. Genius Sculpturer
  141. History of Myspace
  142. Planarity - Mind Game
  143. When Artists Get Bored
  144. CNN Covers Open Source
  145. Moving Sculptures
  146. Fire + PBC Pipe = Science
  147. Best of Conan Obrien
  148. Bird Mimics All Sounds
  149. VMWare Fusion Mac+PC
  150. Bad Power Point Use
  151. Saw that Stops When Touched
  152. Picture Everyday 8 Years
  153. iMario - Love is Over
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  155. 1965 Anti-Pr0n Video
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  157. Rat Nuerons can Fly Planes
  158. Fattest Man Ever 1225 lb
  159. Crazy Dance Moves
  160. Retarded Suicide Jumper
  161. Drawing Anime With HTML
  162. How not to Host a Talk Show
  163. Battle Royale Full Movie
  164. Karl Roves Emails Found
  165. New Sony Flexible LED
  166. Linux MCE is Awesome
  167. Japanese Human Art
  168. Best of Chris Griffin
  169. Zelda in Legos
  170. Make a Flashlight Powerful
  171. Family Guy Christianity Jokes
  172. Attack of Killer Tortoise
  173. Some Skilled Little Kids
  174. Speed Song Making FLStudio
  175. Photoshop Speed Painting
  176. 300 Parody - United
  177. Candid Camera Reaper
  178. CBS Documentary Scientology
  179. What All MTV Shows Have in Common Real Wolrd SWK WifeSwap
  180. Top 5 Google Tricks
  181. Meerkats Animal Planet Documentary
  182. Funny Bush Video Quotes
  183. Simpsons Couch Gags
  184. Chuck Norris on Family Guy Chuck Norris Jokes Funny List top 10
  185. Simpsons Joan of Arc
  186. Demon Cats Compilation
  187. Trippy Asteroids Style Game
  188. Dogfood Dispenser Rube G
  189. Jerk Buying A Drink
  190. Amazing Gymnast Videos
  191. World of Warcraft Asian Farmers
  192. Jay Leno Stupid People 911
  193. Ryu & Akuma Vs Cameleon
  194. Hardest Mario NES Hack
  195. 500 Impressions in 2 Minutes
  196. Funny Crazy Guy on Youtube
  197. Rednecks Attempt Math
  198. Insane Tornado Video
  199. Best Rube Goldberg Machine
  200. The Best Compilations
  201. Funny David Blaine Parody
  202. Family Guy Copies Simpsons
  203. Tetris Speed Run
  204. Key That Opens Any Lock
  205. Simpsons World of Warcraft
  206. Penn and Teller:-The Best
  207. MIT Dean Lies on Resume
  208. 2388 Photos - Stop Motion
  209. World Strongest Dad
  210. Human Beatbox
  211. Dancing Robot
  212. Cat That Plays Piano
  213. Product - Instant Ice
  214. Spin - DJ Time
  215. Optical Illusions Compilation
  216. Super Retarded Dog
  217. Charlie The Unicorn
  218. Hallucinate Without Drugs
  219. Ultimate Revenge Video
  220. Flash Game - Curveball
  221. You Are Not The Father
  222. Use Google To DL Songs
  223. My Dog is a Jedi
  224. Math Bus
  225. Stewart Pwned Nancy Grace
  226. SNL Skit - Credit Card Debt
  227. GreenTeaGirl Fake Youtube Exposed
  228. Riddle - What Am I
  229. Dear Sister: SNL Short
  230. Chickens Break Up Fight
  231. Howto Rip Phonebook in Half
  232. Myth Busters Bloopers
  233. Annoying NES Mario Mod
  234. MS Paint iPod in 6min
  235. Crazy Japanese Pranks
  236. Hilarious Asian Mob
  237. Alien Looking Fish
  238. When Trunk Monkey Attacks
  239. Insane Accuracy: Baseball
  240. Window Vista Sucks Balls
  241. Protestant Vs Catholic Heaven
  242. Bush's Greatest Moments
  243. The Flying Submission
  244. Photoshop Speed Painting
  245. Will be Back
  246. Crazy Mental Calculator
  247. Top Women Drivers Pics
  248. Beatbox Mario on Flute
  249. Top 5 Online Musicians
  250. Rats Like Being Tickled
  251. Tomato Vs Sword Speed Camera
  252. Crazy Skilled Gymnast
  253. Amazing Choreographed Fight
  254. Apple Announces iRack
  255. Google Youtube Viacom Lawsuit
  256. Best of Ralph Wiggum
  257. Amazing Fiddle Player
  258. Funny Gameshow Moment
  259. Canon in D Rant
  260. Future Music Mixing Software
  261. Ketchup and Fried Painting
  262. Fishtank in Deep Fryer
  263. Luckiest Guy Ever
  264. Simpsons Evolution Intro
  265. Amazing FreeStyle Climber
  266. Jimmy Ruska Math RPG
  267. Updating Soon
  268. Terry Tate Office Linebacker
  269. MS Vista Spech Recognition
  270. How Marbles Are made
  271. Master Pickpocket Video
  272. Incredible New Chairs
  273. South African Giant Slug
  274. Valentines Day Donts
  275. Amazing Moving Plants
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  277. Amazing Spray Painter
  278. Hand Shadow Video Art
  279. Conan Plays the Wii
  280. Simpsons Greatest Moments
  281. Super Size Me Parody
  282. Ukranian Student Prank
  283. Accounts of LSD Use
  284. LED Lights Scare Boston
  285. Ubuntu Linux 3d Desktop
  286. Uganda Invisible Children
  287. Mouse Infestation Video
  288. Glass Cat in 1 Minute
  289. Time Lapse Video
  290. Jon Stewarts vs Bill Gates
  291. Google TV Beta NOT A Hoax
  292. Popcorn High Speed Cam
  293. Leno: Fruit Cake Lady
  294. Kevin Rose: Homerowed
  295. Animator vs Animation
  296. Awesome Desktop
  297. Guitar Bohemian Rhapsody
  298. Frank Zappa CNN Crossfire
  299. Hardest Game Ever
  300. Terminator vs Robocop
  301. Ryu Vs Scorpion
  302. Coin Toss Trickery
  303. Smart Cats
  304. Hand Balancing Baby
  305. Beat Kids in Video Games
  306. 90 Degree Pushups
  307. Street Magician
  308. Crazy Hamsters Video
  309. Rare Ancient Shark
  310. Beatbox Cooking
  311. Precision Driving
  312. Crows: Traffic To Crack Nuts
  313. David Copperfield
  314. Worlds Best Safe Cracker
  315. 10 Magic Tricks Revealed
  316. See with Your Tongue
  317. Wine Tasters Prank
  318. Prank: Hiring to Fire People
  319. Cruel Mafia Prank
  320. Insane Martial Arts Jumps
  321. One Week of Art
  322. Voice of Buggs Bunny
  323. Lighter In Slow Motion
  324. The Amazing Jonathan
  325. Soccer Players Attacked
  326. Chinese Food Prank Call
  327. Worlds Biggest Zipline
  328. Colbert Interview Oreilly
  329. Liquid Bullet Proof Armor
  330. 3D Face Modeling Video
  331. Sound Waves Through Salt
  332. Stephen Colbert on Oreilly Factor
  333. Electricity Though Fingers
  334. Colbert Explains ATT
  335. Helecopter Saves Deer
  336. Must See Animations
  337. Magic Tricks Revealed
  338. Comedian Demetri Martin
  339. Jeep Company Waterfall
  340. Comedian Jim Gaffigan
  341. SNL Skit: Sarcasm 101
  342. Scare Telemarketers Senseless
  343. My Cat Playing With Stick
  344. Best Penalty Kick Ever
  345. Worst Fisherman Ever
  346. Music With Glass
  347. Human Slingshot
  348. Very Lucky People
  349. Insane Japanese Acrobatics
  350. Guy Draws Perfect Circle
  351. Karate Bloopers
  352. Colbert Flaccid With Rage
  353. Demonstration of iPhone
  354. Chick Fight... With Cars
  355. Ship Floating on Gas
  356. Why Google Best Employer
  357. Honest Used Car Salesman
  358. Weird Funny Laugh
  359. Myth Busters Episodes
  360. Funny Comedy Videos
  361. Free Cartoons Online
  362. Free TV Episodes
  363. Free Movies Online
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  365. Terrible French Contestant
  366. Best Optical Illusion Ever
  367. Magician Randi James
  368. I Need Input From Readers
  369. Comedian Lee Evans
  370. Guy Takes Picture Everday
  371. Colbert Talks to Harvard
  372. PBS vs Bush
  373. Banned SNL TV Fun House
  374. Funny Hidden Cam Videos
  375. Skilled Guitare Player
  376. Water Engine Inventor Murdered
  377. Shaq Destroys Goalpost
  378. Difficult Simple Game
  379. Cult Infiltrates Town
  380. Trapped in Escher Staircase
  381. The DMV is Retarded
  382. Full Length Drawn Together Episodes
  383. Weird Al TV Celebrity Interviews
  384. Starch + Water = Science
  385. 59 Monty Python Skits
  386. Moderately Interesting Videos
  387. Insane Upper Body Strength
  388. Amazing Guitarist
  389. Parasitic Worm Vs Cricket
  390. Will It Blend Videos
  391. Robot Chicken Full Episodes
  392. Largest Non-Nuclear Blast
  393. Rumsfeld Career Highlights
  394. Movie Trailer Voice
  395. Sad Animation
  396. Ski Gluiding
  397. Awesome Editing
  398. Baby Laughing Uncontrollably
  399. Smart Pig Video
  400. Remote Control Bird
  401. Kramer Racist Outburst
  402. BBC: Why We Fight
  403. Richard Feynman Documentary
  404. French Magician Jerome Murat
  405. Insect Parasitic Spores
  406. Richard Simmons Steamer Video
  407. Shamu Punished
  408. Crutches Breakdancer
  409. Documentary About Tetris
  410. Dominos 2.0
  411. China Sells Prisoner Organs
  412. Coffee Art
  413. You Win, I Quit
  414. Iraq for Sale Video Embed
  415. Weird Al: White an Nerdy Music Video
  416. Daily Show: Gays in The Military
  417. Skilled Guitarist Youtube
  418. 911 Conspiracy Videos
  419. Myth Busters: Finger Scanners
  420. Armless Italian Painter
  421. Conspiracy of Silence
  422. 2D to 3D Drawing Software
  423. Dane Cook Standup Comedy
  424. George Carlin Standup Comedy
  425. Weird Family Guy Moments
  426. Cows: Damn Snow
  427. Stanford Prison Experiment
  428. Conan O'Brian Triumph the Dog at Star Wars gathering
  429. Hungarian Bridge Named After Colbert
  430. Funniest Joke in the World
  431. Evidence of Evolution Video
  432. Funny Magic
  433. A Beautiful Mind
  434. Fred Phelps Attacks Colbert
  435. Arab Usher Dance
  436. Suicidal Idiots Videos
  437. Plants Can Feel
  438. Reason for US Hate
  439. Violent Soccer Tackle
  440. EFCC bust Nigerian 419 scammers
  441. Kitten Defends Its Box
  442. Linux TouchScreen Power
  443. Im the Juggernaut Bitch
  444. Psycho Kitten Metacafe
  445. German Numa Numa Fan
  446. Magic Card Trick Revealed
  447. Conan O'brien Plane Crash
  448. Stewie Family Guy Videos
  449. Soldier Turns Head Backwards
  450. Bush Spoofs Videos Youtube
  451. Robin Williams Live: Broadway
  452. Robin Williams Explains Golf
  453. Cant Stop Laughing
  454. Old Tech TV Screen Savers Full Length Episodes
  455. Full Stephen Colbert Episodes
  456. History Channel Illegal Drugs
  457. Robot Videos on Youtube
  458. Trigger Happy TV Youtube
  459. Funny Pranks Youtube
  460. Hiroshima Bomb CGI
  461. Funny Ads Youtube
  462. TV Bloopers Youtube
  463. Mac Never Crashes
  464. Cat Mouse Wheel
  465. Eat Mentos Drink Diet Coke
  466. Alternative Medicine ADHD Cure
  467. Youtube Personalities
  468. Nintendo Wii Awesomeness
  469. Asians Warming up For Math
  470. Dog Walks Upright
  471. Lake Peigneur Disaster
  472. Gun Videos on Youtube and Google Video
  473. Honda Domino Commercial
  474. Fox News Attacks Kerry
  475. Dancing Skeleton Puppet
  476. Skydive Into Another Plane
  477. CNN Target USA
  478. Police Brutality Miami
  479. Bush Is Incompetent
  480. Getting Free Labor Online
  481. Full Southpark Episodes on Youtube
  482. Porn on Google Video Thanks to Digg User
  483. Dry Ice Bomb Videos
  484. Fat Guy Throws Chair
  485. Zelda Theme Played on Ukulele
  486. Steven Colbert: How to Steal a Bike
  487. Ann Coulter is a Lesbian Evil Demon ManGina Bearing Succubus
  488. South Park Explains Mormons
  489. College Prank Videos
  490. Awesome Stop Motion Video Vids
  491. Evil Powerful Dust Devil Spawns
  492. Freestyle Soccer Video Youtube Google Video
  493. German Safety Video
  494. Full Length Streaming Penn and Teller Online Videos
  495. US Budget Explained in Oreos
  496. Time Fountain Video
  497. Plane and Helicopter Crash Videos
  498. Top 50 Soccer Goals of All time 10 15 20
  499. Finger Stand Monk
  500. Multi Point Touch Screen Jeff Han
  501. Kitten Videos on Google Video and Youtube
  502. Dance Dance Revolution Videos
  503. Colbert Vandalizes Wikipedia
  504. Microsoft Windows Vista 98 95 media center Crashes during Demonstrations
  505. Man Attacks City with Armoured Bulldozer
  506. Old TV Series Introductions
  507. Microwave Toothpick Plasma
  508. Chernobyl Disaster Video
  509. Amazing Biking Videos
  510. Suicidal Monkey Video
  511. Stephe Colbert on Whose Line Anyway
  512. Misc Cool Videos
  513. Top 10 Bush Moments
  514. Scientology Cult Videos
  515. Amazing Videos Today
  516. Misc Cool Videos
  517. Ninja Videos Youtube
  518. Mind of Mencia Videos
  519. Mans Show Boy Videos
  520. Funny Dog Vids Part 2
  521. Street Fighter vs NES
  522. Funny Dog Videos
  523. Funny Animal Videos
  524. RPG Game Music Piano
  525. Fat People Dancing Videos
  526. Dirty Google Videos Ads
  527. Stephen Colbert Videos
  528. Lewis Black Videos Youtube
  529. Internet a Series of Tubes
  530. People Getting Tasered
  531. Simpsons Voice Actor
  532. Messy Traffic Videos
  533. Auto Accident Videos
  534. Shakira World Cup Video
  535. Mitch Hedberg Videos
  536. Magician Videos
  537. Zidane Headbutt Games and Parodies
  538. Funny Cats Part 2
  539. Americas Top Talent
  540. Misc Educational Vids
  541. Misc Cool Videos Today
  542. US Public Schools Inefficiency
  543. MMORPG Google Youtube Videos
  544. Folding Shirt Videos
  545. Funny Cat Videos
  546. White People Dancing
  547. Zidane Soccer Videos
  548. Bush Idiot Moron Videos
  549. Whose Line is it Anyway Funny Videos
  550. Japanese Sushi Comedy
  551. Techno Robot Dance
  552. Guitare Youtube and Google Videos
  553. Chris Rock Police Encounter
  554. Carola Hangs Up on Anne Coulter
  555. Zidane Headbutt Video
  556. John Stewart Crossfire
  557. Juggling Collection Youtube Google Video
  558. Hidden Google Video Categories
  559. Funny Mac Parody
  560. Internet Soccer Videos 4
  561. Google Video Pool Trick Shots Collection
  562. Fourth of July With Google Video
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  564. Street Acrobatics
  565. Mr woo Soccer
  566. Educational Videos
  567. Online Soccer Videos Part 3
  568. Internet Soccer Videos Part 2
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