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Sunday, 21st of January 2007 (2007-01-21)

Free Education

Einstien Tongue Getting a free quality education from the internet is possible. This article is a multipage second version of my original pagerank 7 page about getting a free online education. If you have additional quality information or links post a comment. If your College, University or textbooks host interactive content without requiring payed login post a comment with the links. Though these courses will not give you college credit at any particular university you get to learn from some of the best teachers in the world.

Educational Search Engine

Free University Courses Wikibooks Directories Research
Videos PDF Documents PDF Directories

Top 10 Universities With Free Courses Online

#1 UC Berkeley

Ranked as the #1 public school in the United States, Berkeley offers podcasts and webcasts of amazing professors lecturing. Each course has an RSS feed so you can track each new lecture. For printable assignments and notes you can check the professors homepage, which is usually given in the first lecture or google his name. Even though the notes, homework and tests are not directly printed in the berkeley website, as they are in MIT and other courseware sites, it's not a problem to find them. I personally tried to use it for John Wawrzynek's machine structures class and the nutrition courses.

Visit: Berkeley Webcasts
Visit: Berkeley RSS Feeds
Visit: UC Berkeley on Google Video

Getting The Most From Berkeley Webcasts

Berkeley Videos are in .rm format and real player can be a pain. It asks you to register real player, spawns on startup. Instead, download a free program called media player classic with the real alternative plugin. Media player classic is fully featured and much easier on the computers memory. The real alternative plugin download seems to come with an older version of media player classic, so updating media classic is optional.

Download: Real Alternative Plugin
Download: Media Player Classic For Windows XP/2000
Download: Media Player Classic For Windows 98/ME

#2 MIT Open Courseware

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is ranked 7th nationally in the United States. Many of the courses do not have video lectures. Instead, they have notes in PDF format along with tests and homework.

Visit: MIT OpenCourseware Course Listings
Visit: MIT OpenCourseware Online Textbooks
Visit: MIT Courses With Video Lectures
Visit: MITWorld Public Videos
Visit: MIT Pocast: ZigZag

Getting the Most Out of MIT OCW

Since MIT OCW is heavily based on opening PDF files it's recommended you download FoxIt Reader, a freeware PDF reader that's many times faster than the bulky and slow adobe acrobat. Also Ghost Script in combination with GSView is able to read pdfs, and post scripts files.

Download: Foxit Reader

#3 Carnegie Mellon's Open Learning Initiative

Carnegie Mellon is a private research university ranked equal with Berkeley. Though registration is not required they have a registered user mode that allows you to keep track of your scores and progress. Currently 11 courses are offered. The courses are basically ebooks in a frame-based easy to use navigation system with an occasional powerful interactive Java Applet for practice and testing.

Visit: Carnegie Mellon OLI

#4 Utah State OpenCourseWare

Utah State has a very familiar structure as MIT OCW with large available course listing.

Visit: Utah State Course Listings

#5 Tufts OpenCourseWare

Tufts University in Massachusetts has a very familiar structure as MIT OCW with large available course listing.

Visit: Utah State Course Listings

#6 Openlearn

European site called Open University's OpenLearn supported by The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. Contains many online course and a different style content management system. I was unable to find anything interactive or any streaming media, though it does have forums for each course. Appears to function mostly as a large educational ebook library.

Visit: OpenLearn


Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health offers health based lecture notes and assigments. You'll find the JHSPH OCW website uses the same familiar navigation structure as MIT OCW. The notes are formatted much more cleanly but I haven't seen exams, and their search bar seems to be broken.

Visit: JHSPH OCW Course Listings
Visit: Johns Hopkins University Podcasts

#8 Connexions is an open-content library of course materials developed by Rice University. It has a huge database of content which is very useful for people who know what they're looking for. It does have ebook style higher level courses courses you can choose from.

Visit: Connexions
Visit: Connexions Course List

#9 Sophia

Initiative is led by Foothill College which contains 8 free courses.

Visit: Sofia

#10 University of Washington Computer Science & Engineering

Contains posted lectures and classnotes. Some of the courses even contain video lectures.

Notre Dame OpenCourseware

Just found out about this one.


From the creators of wikipedia, Wikiversity describes itself as being a community seeking to create and use learning materials and activities. Wikibooks is also incredibly powerful already containing everything from a detailed guide to learning French to Organic Chemistry and Nanotechnology.

Visit: Wikiversity
Visit: Wikibooks Education

Contains 1354 educational resources at the time of posting.

Visit: Education

Honorable Mention:


Barnes and Nobles University

Free online courses given as long as you buy the required reading material. Unfortunately barnes and nobles university is now barnes and nobles book club.

More University Video Sites

Top 10 University Podcasts

#1 Stanford on iTunes

Downloading iTunes is required to use this site. It contains lectures from professors, interviews and more.

Visit: Stanford on iTunes

#2 Berkley on Itunes

Download iTunes is required to use this site. It contains the same audio lectures as the site Berkley webcasts site.

Visit: Berkley on iTunes

#3 Purdue University Podcasts

Audio lectures available in windows media and real media format. Click the text and not the RSS icon to download the lectures directly.

Visit: Purdue University Podcasts

#4 Southwest Tech Podcasts

Small list of audio lectures by Southwest.

Visit: Southwest Tech Podcasts

#5 UCLA Podcasts

University of california Podcasts.

Visit: Southwest Tech Podcasts

#6 WKU Podcasts

Western Kentucky University Podcasts

Visit: Western Kentucky University Podcasts

#7 DuPage Podcasts

Small collection of podcasts from the College of DuPage.

Visit: College of DuPage Podcasts

#8 NC State University

Has a 56 lecture video podcast on the hindi along with a forbidden-to-download french workbook audios.

#9 The City University of New York

York College offers 4 podcast courses.

Visit: York College Podcasts.

#10 Los Rios Community College Podcast

Small Podcast by Los Rios Community College with several courses.

Visit: Los Rios Community College Podcast

University of California, San Diego

Seems to only feature one podcast lecture at a time free per semester with a flashy site.

Visit: Philosophy Podcast
Visit: University of California Podcasts


Research Sites All Students Should Know

I'll keep this list relatively short.

Wiki Power

By now wiki needs no introduction but reminding people about some of its subsites can be useful.

Wikipedia Spoken Articles

Ask Real People Questions

Wikipedia Help Desk
Yahoo Answers
Ask Metafilter Search already Asked Questions
Google Answers: Search already Asked Questions

It's sad that google answers no longer exists ="/.

Health Education

Mayoclinic, for nutrition and health

Higher Level Searchable Databases

Google Scholar
Questia Academic
Oxford Text Archive
Scientific/Scholar Journals Search

Other General Education Sites

Straight Dope
Equation Sheets For Math
Internet Public Library
Free-ed List of Courses
BBC Learning
Sparknotes: This site helped a lot for high school english poetry and novel analysis.
Accounting Coach
Yahoo Education
CRF Massive Directory
Fact Monster
British Academy Portal
Electronic Text Center
Intute Arts and Humanities
Librarian Chick

The Power of Forums

Anytime you're looking for interactive help search for forums of the subject your looking for on google. There are millions of willing and helpful people that can help you. If you make the people feel you're coming off as just saying, "TEACH ME EVERYTHING", or "DO MY HOMEWORK, URRGENT ITS DUE TOMORROW", you won't be helped. I know it seems obvious but too many people do this, especially in Yahoo answers.

A Few Tips

Learning Math Online?

Not all sites use ugly notation and weird java applets to explain math problems. You can get help from friends and have fun at the same time using instant messengers that have "whiteboard" features like yahoo messenger and msn messenger. There's even Ajax Based Whiteboards which require only javascript. Search video sites like youtube and google video. Also search for animations on google. For example:

Algebra Flash Google Search
Algebra Animations Google Search
Algebra Videos Google Search

The same applies for higher level subjects like calculus. In general I recommend the site Their 100 solved integral problems helped me a lot for AP calc in high school. There's also a promising site called "mathcasts" that uses audio and whiteboard displays to explain various topics.

A Few Selected Forums

Poetry Forums
Grammar and Writing Forums
Psychology: Mental Health & Personal Development Forums

Free Ebooks and Courseware Texts

Finding The Textbook For OpenCourseWare Online

You could always buy used books from amazon or your local half priced books but many times the books are out of copyright and can be obtained free. Even if they're not, there are many free online textbooks created by volunteers that are just as effective. When the open courseware lectures tell you to do a homework from a textbook you don't have, search for the topic currently being discussed in the free textbook and work out all the practice problems you can.

Visit: Textbook Revolution: Free Non-Copyright Textbooks Online
Visit: Project Gutenburg: Free Out of Copyright Books of All Sorts
Visit: Wikibooks: Multiperson Editted Online Textbooks
Visit: Free Audio Books
Visit: Audio Books For Free: For Free Out of Copyright Short Poems and Stories (free registration/login required)

Peer 2 Peer Networks

P2P networks such as Emule / Frostwire and torrent trackers such as Mininova and Ebook Share often host ebooks and online audio books. Some are out of copyright, but some are blatantly illegally redistributed, so beware. Try using Google Books to confirm a copyright).

Emule Ebook Search

Audio Books on Itunes

Miettes Bedtimes Story Podcast
Stories To Go
Public Domain Podcast

Other Sites

Project Gutenburg Top 100 Lists
Cornell University Library Offering Technology and Math Ebook Downloads
Offer many free ebooks
Small collection of great ebooks
Convert Books Into Notes on your iPod
Free Tech Books: Normally it's better to just search tutorials on google for the computer related subject you're interested in.PDF ebooks
Computer Ebooks

Drawing and Photography

Support Groups

Upload your photography, drawings and even poetry into support forums for feedback and experience.

Sheezyart: Deviantart Spinoff


Submit Your Photography to Flickr
Cambridge Free Photography Tutorials
Photography Courses online
Photography Tutorials By Neil
Most Popular Photographs in Flickr by Day
Upload, Site Creates Multipage Printable Enlarged Pictures
Photography Stock Exchange
Free Photographs
Free Stock Photography
Flickr Toys
Photography Search
A Source of Inspiration
DMOZ: Photography
Google Search: Photography Tutorials


Massive List of Drawing Lessons
Drawing Lessons
Youtube search for drawing Tutorials
Video Search For Painting
Video Search For Drawing Tutorial
Art Encyclopedia
Dmoz: Drawing
DMOZ: Painting


Digital editing is extremely useful in both art and photography. Most people use photoshop but there's also a freeware program called Gimp that is equally as powerful as photoshop.

Download: Download Gimp

GIMP Video Tutorials

Tutorials on Using Gimp

GIMP Forums

Free Education For Programmers

If you want to learn to program, the internet is infinitely better than any university or any one text book you could find. There are insane amounts of tutorials and explanations in every way imaginable.

Sites To Look At Source Code of Completed Programs

Google Searches To Learn Any Programming Language

(preg) Replace foo with the programming language you'd like to learn. Sorry this is so generic, but it holds true with any programming language you can imagine. I highly recommend learning python as a first language because it's flexible and closer to english than any other programming language I've seen. Many kids and teens often want to make their own games. I recommend Macromedia Flash for beginner game creators. For advanced tutorials try the Game Programming wiki.

  1. List of foo Compilers
  2. foo documentation
  3. foo installation guide
  4. foo (check external links at bottom)
  5. foo
  6. foo forums
  7. foo installation guide
  8. foo tutorials
  9. foo step by step tutorials
  10. foo beginner tutorials
  11. foo getting started tutorials
  12. foo FAQ
  13. foo common problems
  14. Foo ebook
  15. foo ebooks
  16. foo videos
  17. learn foo
  18. foo
  19. foo video tutorial
  20. foo beginners guide
  21. foo source code examples
  22. foo source code

Search peer 2 peer networks, google video and youtube for tutorials and free media and tutorials. Arrange by shared/rating/viewcount to find the best of the best.

If You Get Stuck

  1. Search the error you got on google
  2. Check the Documenation
  3. Ask in different programming forums, be sure to include the code as a text attachment or describe your problem VERY thouroughly. You can even try asking your questions in yahoo programmers chat, yahoo answers and wondir
  4. Be persistent, programming is frustrating.
  5. If you dont understand something in a tutorial search for another one that describes the same topic until you find one that explains things in a way you can understand
  6. If you try to find a temporary code mentor for any given task in forums, express your ambitions of wanting to program without stating things to the effect of, "I just wanna start makin' loads of money" or, "TEACH ME EVERYTHING!!!". Be very specific about short term goals. Show them you use the documentation and have tried for a few hours. Show them what you've done, what you want to do, and what is stopping you from advancement.

How to Be a Programmer

Free Text Editors

Musicians: Free Ear Training

Taking a music theory class is required to get a music major and most the focus is on interval identification. The real power is mastery in identification which can let you play songs by ear. Perfect pitch is NOT required for people to play songs completely by ear. Only relative pitch is needed.

GNU Solfege

Tons of features including interval training. Runs on both windows and linux.

Download Solfege

Teoria 2.0.95

The Ear Training software is no longer being sold or distributed. It was a commercial product but the shareware version didn't have any restriction on how long you could use it. The only benefit of buying was added scores & statistics/user management. All the ear training parts of the program are completely functional.

Download Teoria 2 from can be slow so please be patient.

Ear Toner

Tiny 100k open source java program. Identify intervals, chords, scales and tuning.

Download Ear Toner

Functional Ear Trainer

Simple interface with powerful features. Its mainly for interval identification, but you can tweak to *try to train perfect pitch.

Download Functional Ear Trainer

This Ear Trainer 'Ere (Tete)

Clean looking open source program made with java. Identify intervals, chords, and scales.

Download Tete

Note for Tete and Ear Toner

The Java based programs may need a javasound bank. I don't think they use your default midi software because java is OS independent. You may need to download or lesser to hear anything. The normal install directory for windows is:
C:/Program Files/Java/YourJavaVersion/lib/audio

MultiTrack Recording and Editing Software


I thought I should pop this in, since it's such a powerful software. Make your own songs with the freeware open source program, audacity.

My Audacity Video Tutorial

Online Ear Training

Good Ear

Very popular site, but not all that great compared to downloading the software.

Good Ear's Website

Original Online Eartrainer

Java based site for practicing intervals.

Java Ear Training

Ear Plane

Flash based eartrainer

Ear Plane Flash Ear Train

Awesome site full of content. Multilingual.

Music Theory Website


Down for now...

Prolobe Website

Commerical Ear Training Software

Earmaster Pro (and Earmaster School)

This program is awesomeness. Even with all the amazing freeware programs this really is worth registering. It has a massive amount of features including a jazz ear trainer in a simple interface, despite only being 12mb. It is constantly updated, and multilingual.


I hate auralia, but you can try it. Download Auralia 3 Demo and the Musition Sampler. It's hard to find Mac ear training software, so this may be the only option for some people. They also have a 250$ notation software similar to Finale2007 and Noteworth Composer.

Personal Ear Trainer (PET)

A tiny lil prog with a not so tiny $50 price tag. Looks like it hadn't been updated since like 2000.

Download Personal Ear Trainer

Interval Loader

$35 Interval Game for kids.

Download interval Loader


57$ ear training program. Has a bunch of nifty features, but I don't consider it better than the freewares mentioned above.

Download Earope


Simple $20 ear trainer for Mac and Windows

Download Dolce

Ear Power

Mmm... bad, but popular.

Ear Power


$40 software for mac and windows. Pretty crummy interface and very few features.

Review of David Burge Relative Pitch Super Course

David Burge has a really gay voice that you have to listen to for 8 entire CDs. I hate this guy. He can talk for hours, about nothing. He can spend a CD telling you how powerful you would be, if only you had relative pitch/perfect pitch. He stops lessons for story telling time of boring anecdotes. David Burge just tells you to practice singing intervals over and over, and then gives you a little quiz on CD.

Save $389, their "list price", and just practice with a one of the freeware programs above. Sure throwing away $389 on a horrible program can get you motivated enough to send time practicing, but you won't improve anymore than just using the freeware. If he took out all the fluff his course would be 1 cd long with a short booklet of exercises. The rest of the stuff is pure hype to make the bloated price seem reasonable.

Jamey Aebersold

Haven't tried it, but he has a jazz eartraining course.

Small Ways to Help

It may be annoying for awhile bet set your default windows sounds to intervals. For example Major 7th for minimizing a window or Major 6th to Maximize it. If you constantly have your ipod on or are always playing music, find the intervals on your favorite songs. Slowly key out the melody on piano and count the half steps. It won't take long and it will be a permanent reference.

Software Piracy Freaks Take Note

Many of the above are available on p2p networks. Ear training software is annoying to pirate though because many of the companies release updates often, correcting all kinds of program problems from initial releases. What a pain it would feel like knowing the program you have has errors, and you're training with it!

Before you search your favorite serials, serialz, proggies, burned OEM, pirated direct downloads, crack, warez, demo cracks, torrents, keygen sites, or look for a "patch" for the latest software version, instead use the full version freeware programs. Most the time, the freeware is just way better.

Perfect Pitch

I have a lot to say, and a lot of resources collected on the subject. I'll devote another article about perfect pitch training.

From Wikipedia: Intervals of Songs

From Wiki Relative Pitch

Other Resources

Speed Arithmetic Trainer

Version 3. Flash Program made with ActionScript 2.

Play it!

Speed Math Trainer can be played embedded in html or from the swf source [fullscreen].

Full Screen:

Video Tutorial: How to Use

Put This Video on Your Site:

This Program is Open Source

Please retain all links and the name Jimmy Ruska in the program.

Translated Into Bulgarian by

Speed Math Program in Bulgarian

Must have flash

You must download flash 8 to use this program.

Download Speed Math Trainer

You can download it to your desktop:

Speed 26.6k
25.9k [right click save as]

Google Videos

Speed Math Program Manual by Video
Rapid Addition Technique
Speed Multiplication

Forgive the lack of effect in my voice, the screen capture thing and video uploader was being annoying so I had to make/upload the video several times.

More speed math tutorials?

If I see people are watching my videos through the statistics google offers I'll add more tutorials like 3 or 4 digit multiplication.

I have a bug to report!

Go to the bottom of this page and use the comment box.

I have a comment or Suggestion

Go to the bottom of this page and use the comment box.

Older Version

Right click and save as to put on your desktop.

Version 1 swf 70k
Version 2 swf 87k


Getting Started

Click on one of the addition or multiplication text title's. It'll make the intro disappear. From there it says "Type 1 to Start".


@i1Speed Math Options
Automiss Off/On: Will automatically count the question as missed once your time expires. This is the only reason for having missed in the stats.
Restart Level: Restarts the level.
Hide Time: Hide the timer below the submit box.
Hide Meter: Hide the moving blue bar under the submit box.
Savestar On/Off: Your stars reflect your best time only. If off, your stars will be reevaluated per turn.

The arrows near the slowest and best time are to move slowest, best, and record times down or up. The Q is to organize by questions so you can check if you started slowing down or speeding up, and by how much.

Quick Keys

Clicking "e" in the submit box will restart the level and start the timer.

Mental Math Tricks


Wikipedia Mental Calculation Article
Wikipedia Vedic Math System
Wikipedia Trachtenberg Math System
Wikipedia Abacus Math System
Math Tricks
More speed math tricks

Arthur Benjamin Math Tricks on Youtube

I got these links from Grey Matters Mental Gym which Featured this page in an article. Thanks Scott!

Part 1: Introduction, Adding 2- and 3-digit numbers
Part 2: Adding 2- and 3-digit numbers, Calculating tips, Subtracting 2- and 3-digit numbers
Part 3: Subtracting 2- and 3-digit numbers
Part 4: Subtracting 2- and 3-digit numbers, Multiplying 2- and 3-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers
Part 5: Multiplying 3-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers, Percentages, Division of 2- and 3-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers
Part 6: Division of 3-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers
Part 7: Multiplying fractions
Part 8: Multiplying, Adding and subtracting fractions, Converting fractions to decimals
Part 9: Converting fractions to decimals, Estimation, Squaring
Part 10: Squaring, Algebra
Part 11: Algebra, Fibonacci addition trick

Speed addition

To add rapidly start from left to right.

Step 1: Add the first two numbers.
Step 2: Glance if the next pair of numbers is greater than one, if it is, add one to the first pair, and write the remainder for the second pair. If it's less than zero just add straight down
Step 3: Repeat step 2 until you run out of numbers.

Speed Multiplication

Double Digits

Step 1: Multiply the first two numbers together.
Step 2: Cross multiply and add the Sums.
Step 3: Multiply the last two digits.
Step 4: Add the sums of each step.

Put This Video on Your Site:

Speed Math Tricks

The following tips are taken from the book "Rapid Math Tricks and Tips" (c) 1992 by Edward H. Julius. The tips themselves are public domain and the author's direct explanation or examples are not used. This is not the full list of tricks. Mistakes listed here do not reflect the author of the book.

Multiply by .4, 4,40,400 etc

Simply double the number twice and adjust the decimal, because 2x2=4

Multiply by .8, 8, 80, 800 etc

Double it three times, because 8 is 2 x 2 x 2

Multiply by .5, 5, 50, 500 etc

Divide by two and adjust decimals, because 5=10/2

Square two digit numbers ending in 5

Multiply the tens digit by a whole number, then attach 25 to the end.

Multiply two digit numbers by .11, 11, 110, etc

Add the two digits your multiplying by 11 together and put their sum in the middle of the same two digits. 12*11=?, 1+2=3,solution 132

Multiply by .25,25,250, etc

Divide by four, and adjust the decimal. Because 2.5=10/4.

Divide by .25,25,250, etc

Multiply times 4 and adjust the decimal.

Multiply a one or two digit number by .99,99,990

Substract the number by one and call it value 1, then substract the number from 100 and call it value 2. Put the two values together.

Multiply a two digit number times .101,101,1010

Write the number twice and adjust the decimal. 64*101=6464

Rapidly Multiply .125,1.25 12.5 etc

Divide by 8, adjust decimals. Because 5/4 or (10/8) is 1.25.

Rapidly Divide .125,1.25 12.5 etc

Multiply 8, adjust decimals. Because 5/4 or (10/8) is 1.25.

Multiply by .9, 90, 900 etc

Multiply the value your multiplying times nine, time 10 instead. Take that solution and substract the value your multiplying times nine from it. 9 x 21, we say 10 x 21 =210-21=answer.

Rapidly Multiply by .12, 1.2, 12, 120 etc

Multiply times 10 and call it value 1, multiply times 2 and call it value 2. Add the solutions. 12 * 60= (10x60)600+(60*2)120

Multiply by 15

Multiply by 10 and get value 1, divide by 2 then multiply by 10 and get value two. 15*34 = (10x34)340+((34/2)*10)170

Top 10 Free Educational Software

Note that this list is mainly targetted towards windows users. That's not because I think windows is better, but it's because I know linux users already know this type of information ;).

#1 OpenOffice

Replace the bulky, unsecure bloatware called microsoft office with this freeware clone. Yes, if your computer crashes it makes save checkpoints every few seconds to recover data.

#2 7-zip

Do you like to open rar, zip, and tar files without being prompted to register? Download 7-zip for a fast light weight compressor/decompressor of files.

#3 Foxit Reader

Do you value time, sanity and a fast computer? Download foxit reader so you can download pdf files and read them instantly. Adobe acrobat frequently crashes and makes my fast computer sound like its grinding away while lagging horribly trying to process the monster program.

#4 GraphCalc

Replace your graphing calculator with your computer.

#5 HotKeyBind

Similar to winkey. Allows you to quickly and efficiently configure quick keyboard shortcuts to a variety of tasks.

#6 Media Player Classic

Used with plugins this is a fast light weight tool to watch all kinds of video formats. In recent years many hackers have targetted windows media player because of many glitches in the way it processes streaming media. MPC uses much less memory making it way faster for students who like multitasking.


Are you a hardcore instant messenger? With gaim. all at once, you can connect to AIM and ICQ (Oscar protocol), MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, IRC, Jabber, Gadu-Gadu, SILC, Novell GroupWise Messenger, Lotus Sametime, and Zephyr networks. Gaim supports plugins!

#8 Emule / Frostwire / Azureus

The p2p trio can help get archived tutorials and instructional materials. P2P software CAN be educational. I found it very useful for learning french and finding sheet music (searching archives on emule). Be sure to check copyrigths before you download something =P. This combination of freeware is probably the most efficient.

#9 AntiVirus

This will help suppliment #8. Believe it or not there are now large and commercially competitive freeware antiviruses. For individual files you want to scan for viruses try Jotti Malware Scan and Virus Total.

#10 Winkey

Little known powerful file that allows you to configure the windows key in windows. You can go to your favorite sites, open common files, and play your favorite music at the combination of two keys.,5506-order,1-page,1-c,alldownloads/description.html

Commercia Windows Programs Replacable With Open Source

Windows Freeware "Open CD"

Opensource Educational Software

Open Source Schedueling Freeware

Todo lists, calendars and such.

Flash Card Programs

Many students learn material with flash cards. There's been thousands of flash card like programs made to help you memorize content quickly and easily. In fact, I even made an online quiz maker myself in php, though it's not the most straight forward to learn >_<.

Misc Links

Web 2.0 For Students

Take Notes Online

Quiz Yourself With FlashCards

Generate a Class Schedule

Use an Instant Messenger to Take Notes

Generate Professional Looking Organized Data and Exibits

Online Spreadsheet and Word Processor

Don't Let A Bad Professor Get Away with It


Find Groups With Similar Hobbies Near You

Find Restaurants And Other Locations Near You

Find Yourself An Appartment and Friends

Google Personalized

Add rss feeds from blogs/image galleries of friends. You can add open courseware rss feeds as well for in progress courses.

Finding Any University Course With Google

Turn thoughts into reality with google. Be persistent and you'll almost always find what you're looking for or at least learn a little bit more about how things work in the process.

Thought: "I want to learn computer Calculus from Harvard"

  1. Google " calculus"
  2. Found better domain. Google ""
  3. Google " calculus"
  4. 2nd result: Found math pdf book entitled "advanced Calculus" written by harvard professor
  5. Found list of all harvard math professors
  6. I hover over the names of the professors and find that some links don't go to the subdirectory /people/ but instead link to professors websites.
  7. I find a professor that teaches Multivariable Calculus who offers handouts and instructional material.
  8. Reality: I'm learning calculus from Harvard.

Thought: "I want to learn computer algorithms from Princeton"

  1. Google " computer science".
  2. Found better domain. Google ""
  3. Found Analysis of Algorithms lectures. The first result also contains some code from his latest books linked with the keyword code.
  4. Reality: I'm learning computer algorithms from Princeton

Thought: "I want to learn french from Cambridge"

  1. Google " french"
  2. First link has Tons of French Resources in online resources as well as clicking undergraduate courses
  3. Altering the query to " french inurl:french" gives even more resources.
  4. Reality: I'm learning french from Cambridge

Thought: "I want to see real chemistry exams before my final."

There's tons of searches I can use, from fairly simple to very long. Use these exact searches on google.

  1. Free chemistry (test|exam|tests|exams)
  2. Practice Chemistry (test|exam|tests|exams)
  3. Chemistry (test|exam|tests|exams) filetype:pdf
  4. intitle:index.of "last modified" -html -htm -php chemistry (test|exam|tests|exams) pdf
  5. Reality: You find more chemistry tests, pretests and related material than you'd ever want to go through.


It's usually best to learn from multiple sources when you're trying to learn something complicated. Search google for as many resources as you can and compile a list of resources before you get started. It should feel like you hit a brick wall if you get stuck learning a concept in one particular resources.

TOP 10 Ways to Become More Efficient With Firefox

My Video Tutorial

Put This Video on Your Site:

Firefox Quick Keys

The only useful button in firefox is the tools button, otherwise everything else can be accessed with common quick keys

The media manager, firefox forward button, stop button, and profile have no quick key, as far as I know.

Useful Tricks To Prevent Data Loss

While your writing in your favorite forum using firefox you can use several editing quick keys. CTRL+Z is undo, so if you accidently delete a paragraph, CTRL+Z becomes your best friend. Shift+CTRL+Z is a redo button, so if you write something and click ctrl+Z one too many times and it eats another paragraph, you can fix it all with Shift+CTRL+Z.

Before posting anything on a forum, add your post to the clipboard with an infinitely short but stress saving key combination. CTRL+A (select all) CTRL+C (copy). This way if your comp got unplugged or disconnected, or if the server just went down, you'll have a copy of your work that you can post again later (though rewriting almost always turns out a more elegant phrasing).

UPDATE: Here's a bigger list of firefox quick keys by CNET.

Download Themes

Head over to the firefox most popular skins page. I personally like the whitehart theme best. Spend some time testing out themes you like.

Remove Clutter

Right click your toolbar and click customize. Remove and add objects to take up less room. The firefox toolbar doesn't have to be bulky.

This is my ultra minimalist firefox setup with the navigations and bookmarks toolbar disabled (unchecked). I'm not saying you should do the same, but showing people that firefox can look clean and doesn't have to look bulky with tons of extensions. I have google spellcheck and google pagerank, which are incredibly useful. The back button has been removed since I can just click backspace, and so has the refresh button (F5). The rest of the buttons regular toolbar buttons have been removed, eg. file, edit, bookmarks, view with a userChrome.css hack that goes in C:/Documents and Settings/your name/Applicationdata/mozilla/profiles/somerandomfolder/chrome/. Renabling the default userChrome is easy though, just delete it.

Firefox Extensions

Many extensions cause memory leaks and make firefox more intolerable, but there really are some I can't live without like google toolbar for spellcheck and pagerank. Siteadvisor is great to protect new computer users from malware and customize google is really nifty. VideoDownloader is extremely useful for people who have fast connections and enjoy watching videos from youtube and google video.

Adblocking Extensions

Rather than adblock, adblock plus, filter.G and other ad blockers I heavily recommend the windows hosts blocker. Using a firefox extention makes firefox parse (scan) the code of each page you look at then remove the ads, this makes firefox more slow/unreliable especially with large pages and many tabs.

TAB Mix Plus

Another extension I can't live without is TAB MIX Plus, here's why...

Many of these features you have to enable for them to become active once you've installed the extension by clicking tools -> Tab Mix Plus. Check out the help page.

List of Best Firefox Extensions

I've made a Best firefox extensions ever list. Also be sure to see the official most popular extensions list.

Learn About RSS and Live Bookmarking

To open your bookmarks click ctrl+B, you're halfway there. Now learn about LiveBookmarks on FIrefox. Click the little RSS button and now everytime you check your bookmarks you'll see if there's anything new or interesting that's been posted on your favorite sites.

Disabling Some JavaScript Features

JavaScript is great but certain aspects of it are simply annoying. Sometimes script kiddies or idiots create really bad code resizing a window to 0x0. If the 0x0 window is closed last it saves that as your default window size and only lets you open firefox maximized unless you resize firefox with command line. Resizing, moving, and hiding stuff in anyway is very irritable. Editing the javascript settings and using the javascript features on tab mix plus can prevent frustrations.

I don't want...

Learn about Firefox Quick Searches

This is one of the most powerful tricks hardly anyone uses. Firefox quick seaches are easy to add. For example, go to, right click their search engine, click add a keyword for this search, set the keyword as imdb... Now type "imdb Drunken Master" in the address bar. Viola, instant search.

What Quicksearches do you Have?

I have a lot actually, not that I ever use them often, but when I do I feel special.

Firefox JavaScripts

There's a lot of scriptlets available to do useful things. For example, on forms sites like Yahoo Main, and others add features to prevent you from being able to save your passwords onto your browser (form autocomplete=1). To add it you have to drag it to bookmarks 0.o... that's where people get confused.

Setting FoxIt Reader to Replace Adobe Acrobat

Foxit pdf reader is much much faster at opening PDF documents. There's literally like PDF download extension that warns you "this file is a pdf document and will take ages to load, are you sure you want to open it!?". Just download FoxIt, uninstall adobe reader, then go to tools -> Options -> View & Edit actions, then set Foxit as default pdf reader for the MIME type PDF. No more worrying, waiting, and lost hair from adobe crashing the browser as it disgustingly tries to embed adobe into firefox on an accidently pdf click.

Prevent Firefox Crashes

Most of the time firefox will crash or hang because of memory leaks, meaning the memory used by the program will continue to grow and grow. There's no reason your firefox should be using 250mb of ram and 99% of the processor (check ctrl+alt+delete with windows or type "top" on linux command line).

Editing Firefox Configurations

To lower your firefox memory usage type about:config in the address bar. Search for and edit these values, if they dont exist, create them:

browser.cache.memory.capacity 4 to 8 mb
config.trim_on_minimize Windows only, trim memory on minimize
browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers Amount of saved pages in the browser history set to 0 to clear download history after successful download

Personally I like disabling java which I reenable if I find an applet really worth the time. Java slows down the browser and eats a ton of memory. Closing the applet page does not release the memory. Run crescendo instead of quicktime as my default midi and mp3 player. For videos run media player classic with real player and quicktime alternative. Download media player classic last from the sourceforge page, because quicktime and real alternative have older versions.

Firefox Command Line Arguements

There's a list of command line arguments in MozillaZine and an official help page. Most people don't need to use this but it can be useful. For example if you have some kind of key or voice macro program, you can add a command line reference to open a new tab when you click or say something. Its main benefit is for developers and webmasters who use it to access consols to debug and inspect sites or firefox itself.

Amazing Free Documentaries And Videos

Tons of PBS Documentaries

I *think* I've seen them all over the course of a year. I hadn't seen a single bad one.

Feynman: Pleasure of Finding Things Out

Documentary About North Korea Nuclear Program

Urban Gymnastics

BBC Documentary: Black Holes

History Of Video Games

Documentary About Linux

Conspiracy of Silence

Israeli Vs Palestinian Conflict

Power of Nightmares

Donor Hearts Giving More Than Just a Pump?

Birth Of The Internet

NOVA: PBS Science Episodes Online

Videos By Milton Friedman

Science Video Blog

How the Federal Reserves Work

Stephen Wolfram Creator of Mathematica Speeches

Hans Bethe: Quantum Physics Made Relatively Simple Videos On Google Video

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Nice guys finish first

Soccer Riots of the World Cup

WTO Imposters Have Fun WTO Crimes

Learning Any Language Online

This list of steps can apply researching most all languages.

Itunes Free Learning Languages Podcast Courses

Podcasts rule, but you need to download itunes to open these links.

Learn Arabic
Learn Chinese
Learn Chinese
Learn Chinese
Learn Chinese
English As a Second Language ESL
English For Business
Beginner French
Learn French
Learn French
Learn French
Learn French Verbs
Learn German I II III IV
Learn German Grammar
Learn German
Learn Greek
Learn Hindi
Learn Italian
Learn Italian
Learn Japanese With Video
Japanese for Beginners
Learn Japanese Symbols
Learn Korean
Learn Portuguese
Learn Brazillian Portuguese in Spanish
Learn Russian
Learn Russian For Businesses
Russian Literature
Learn Spanish
Learn Spanish
Learn Spanish

General Steps to Find Language Tutorials

  1. Wikipedia: search the language of your choice and check external links
  2. Google: "Learn X", "learn X free", "x grammer", " x"," x"
  3. Translate: Babel fish serves as a multilingual translator. Google toolbar has an option that will translate words by hovering over them.
  4. Find the Most Popular Sites: Check the alexa top sites by country and find the most popular sites in your language
  5. Culture: Pressdisplay is a awesome tool that has newspapers from 35 languages. Go to and pick a country at the bottom to change language
  6. Interact: Yahoo chat from yahoo instant messenger has chat rooms in other languages and even has voice chat. DMOZ includes a list of chats in other languages
  7. Practice Reading: Project Gutenberg, Wikibooks, and wikipedia all have the option to change languages
  8. Watch Videos: Check the list of domain extensions corresponding to the country. Go to google video and replace the .com with the domain extension. For example here's google video france.

Consol Emulation

Emulation basically makes playing consol games possible on your computer. Read more about it on Wikipedia. Playing games can help me learn a languages? In respect to reading and grammar, absolutely. The old role playing games of the past are completely text dependent. Super nintendo games are mostly targetted because they are of small file size and there are many fan sites like emuverse and Snakeyes that offer translation patches in multiple languages for any game. Awesome titles include Super Mario RPG, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana 3, Star Ocean, Tales of Phantasia, Breath of Fire 1 and 2, Romance of the Three Kindgoms, Final Fantasy 2 - 5. Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced (EU) for GBA and Zelda: Majora's Mask for N64 are among many exceptions of other consols that have multilingual games.

Download: ZSNES: Super Nintendo Emulator
Visit: Rom-world for snes roms
Visit: Romnation for snes Roms

Peer 2 Peer Networks

Beware of peer to peer networks. They can offer some great stuff but you have to check copyrights before you download anything because many of the programs may be illegally redistributed. For more about p2p networks check out my best peer to peer networks article.

Exernal Links

Learn French online
Multilingual TV online
Non English Videos on
List of itunes Language Guides
Learn Chinese
Free French Ebooks
Google Language Tools
56 lectures on Hindi

Weigh Loss: Free BMI Checker

Put This Video on Your Site:


You can save the above BMI program by right clicking here and click save target as. BMI is intended for people who dont workout, have an average build, and are over 20 years old. There's a childrens BMI calculator on There's other calculators made more recently using other formulas to calculate ideal body weight.

Body Fat

Check your percent body fat with a doctor or trainer in a local university.

Male:Low: 6-10% fat
Optimal: 11-17% fat
Moderate: 18-20% fat
Obesity: Greater than 25% fat
Female:Low: 14-18% fat
Optimal:19-22% fatModerate: 23-30% fat
Obesity: Greater than 30% fat

Lose weight?

You need to lose 3500 calories per pound



Wiki: Dieting
Wiki: Diet List
Mean Finder

Info Groups

Teen Weightloss
About Weightloss


Stumble Upon

Track Calories

Track Calories

Support Groups

Yahoo Groups
Google Groups


Food Pyramid


Calorie Calcs
Cal. in Food
What's Average?
Burning Chart
Athletes Diet
Google Answers
Yahoo! Answers
McDonalds Chart

Jimmy Ruska's Educational Tools

Here are some educational sites/programs I've made.

Flash Programs

Open Source Speed Math Program
Hearing Loss Test

Programmed in php with its own content management system.

Eliteskills Poetry And Writing Club

Quiz Creator

My attempt at an online quiz creator. A quiz page programmed in php which generates a quiz page. Because no database is used I am very proud of this creation.

Quiz Creator


Learn French Online
Learning Languages Online
Top Blogging Resources
Comparison of Online Chess Servers
Yahoo Answers Reference Page

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Learn about online scams
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