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Saturday, 26th of January 2008 (26-01-2008)

Learn French Free Resources


I studied french in high school. Here's a few resources I gathered, in case it helps anyone else.

French Online Translation



French SpellCheck

Google Toolbar with MultiLinugal SpellCheck

French Resources

WikiBooks French

Wikipedia French Language External Links

Open Directory Learn French

french tutorial

french language guide

French Popular Sites

Alexa List of Popular French Sites

My favorite French site: Viola

Google News in French

Open directory French

French Videos

Google Video in French

French Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

Dofus MMORPG in French

French with Super Nintendo RPGs

To play old roleplaying(text based games) in french simply download zsnes and download the rom files. ZSNES is about 1mb and the roms span from 500k-5mb. They're a great way to learn french through playing. You'll need a free zip extractor like to extract the files. It's very worth it, if you take the time to learn how.

Super Mario RPG in French


RPG Roms In French

French Chatting

Viola French Chat

Yahoo Chat in French


French Video

French Videos

Google Video

French Learning Software

French Software from Sourceforge

On p2p Networks

This is a snapshot of downloads on the emule server for learn french, please note many of the files are copyright and being illegally distributed, which means you shouldn't download. Always double check. I've searched "learn french", "french rosetta stone". You can try "en francais" too. It doesnt have to be emule, see the best peer to peer networks for downloading.

Learn French Emule

Library French Audio

Go to your local library. They usually have audio books that can help you was well as learning books. You can temporarily burn the content on your computer for listening while you work.

French Books

Livres Emule

Free books in french

French WikiBooks

GutenBurg French books

French Penpals




Let me know if you have more free resources using the comment box.

- Jimmy
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Table of Contents

  1. Learn French Free Resources
  2. Description
  3. French Online Translation
  4. French SpellCheck
  5. French Resources
  6. French Popular Sites
  7. French Videos
  8. French Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
  9. French with Super Nintendo RPGs
  10. French Chatting
  11. French Video
  12. French Learning Software
  13. On p2p Networks
  14. Library French Audio
  15. French Books
  16. French Penpals
  17. End

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