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Sunday, 8th of April 2007 (8-04-2007)

Microsoft Windows Vista 32bit Review

I just bought a new laptop and unfortunately Windows Vista came with it. It's just been one day and I've noticed several programs are incompatible. I'll continue adding to the list as I notice more problems.


Why Not XP?

Aside from having already paid probably $200 from the price of the laptop for vista, I still have high hopes Vista will improve. Windows XP has tons and tons of security updates and of course the 2 massive service packs. That really wories me because some security issues and glitches might have been hackishly fixed. It really feels like a very inefficient, but finally stable system. The only thing positive I've seen so far is that. Vista at least automatically reloads explorer.exe after it has crashed and restores the other folders. Widgets are pretty useless outdated toys that eat up memory. It's easier just to use RSS online or just use the old active desktop.

Windows Vista Services

To my horror my brand new laptop had 70 (!!) processes running at first boot and was already using up a significant amount of memory at startup. The new windows transparencies/effects are nice, but not worth the gross memory consumption they use. Even if I have 2 gigs memory, it's better well spent on maxing games/databasing.

Windows Vista Services to Disable

These are microsoft vista services I disabled. I might re-enable a few if I learn they're needed by something. You can see a short / brief / quick description of each Windows

WINHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service

I don't use a proxy. Unless you're using a paid service to browse annonymously, or connecting through some remote server to bypass work or school firewalls, it's useless.

Windows Update / Background Intelligence Transfer

I'll enable it in a few months to see if there's anything new.

Windows Search

Maybe this is a renamed indexing service? Search still works but warns it could be faster if indexing is enabled.

Windows Remote Management

I don't like the word "remote". Anything that has remote in the title usually ads the ability for other computers to connect to yours and gain some level of control.

Windows Modules Installer

Supposedly this was for uninstalling updates or something.

Windows Media PLayer Network Sharing Service

I hate windows media player. I rather use winamp, or songbird. Also disabled: Windows Media Center Serice Launcher, scheduler service, reciever service

Windows Firewall

Use Sygate's Personal firewall free. It's more compact if you disable logging.

Windows Event Log

When have you ever read the windows event log? / Windows event log collector

Windows Error Reporting Service

There's millions of people that don't know how to disable this service to report for me. Only data in aggregate is analyzed.

Windows Defender

Use spybot search and destroy and adaware. Google toolbar has a phising protector. If you use more than that you're either paranoid or retarded.

Windows Connect Now - Config Registrar

I dont use dialup?

Windows Backup

I live on the edge. Also I fear the gross disk space and constant background file copying that such a service might use.

Volume Shadow Copy

Sounds like some kind of disk backup system used with the scheduler.

UPnP Device Host

Universal plug and play... but when I use my usb mouse / head set/ external hard drive / ethernet connections they all still work and are detected the moment I plug them in. I have no idea what it does.


Windows Classic mode is fine for me. I set my own sounds / backgrounds.

Terminal Services Configuration



I dont use dialup

TCP/IP NetBios Helper

Anything that says helper can generally be ignored

Tablet PC input service

I dont own a tablet PC.

System Event Notification Service

I dont read event logs or sent to microsoft.

Smart Card / Removal Policy

Maybe for external wireless cards? Mines built in, I dont care.

Security Center

lol. Norton, Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, Windows Parental Controls, Windows User Protection Mode, Security Accounts Manager Isn't that just grossly overdoing it?

Secondary Login

No one else is going to be able to connect to this comp.

Remove Registry Service / Remote Access Conection Manager

There it goes again with that unsecure keyword "remote".


This is actually useful. Plugin a USB device and windows uses it to cache frequently used programs. Meh.

Quality windows Audio Video Experience

This is maybe a windows help and support feature or a windows media player feature, in either case, useless.

Protected Storage

I've never encrypted a file

Problem Reports and Solutions Control Panel Support

I hear google is more useful than the archived list of crap microsoft vista speculates over.

Print Spooler

I dont own a printer =O!

Parental Controls

I don't own TEH BABIES =O!


Remote access?

ktmRM for distributed Transaction Coordinator


IPsec policy Agent

Some kind of security function.

Ip Helper

I disable anything with the name helper.

IKE and AUTHIP IPSEC Keying Modules


Human Interface Device Access

Some kind of disability device service.

Health Key and Certificate Management

Another security service?

Desktop windows MAnagement Session manager

I'm the only one that uses the computer. Even if this thing opens up stuff that was previously open it would get really annoying.

Com+ System Application /Event System


Certificate Propagation

Another security / networking feature.

Base filtering Engine

Used by windows firewall. The firewall is also disabled.

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