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Saturday, 26th of January 2008 (26-01-2008)

Best of the Internet

This is about entertaining stuff on the internet. Stuff you can write about or share when your head goes blank. Never be bored.

Best Sites of Today

The sites below will tell you about the most talked about sites and videos on the internet TODAY.

  1. digg top list
  2. FARK news
  3. delicious popular list
  4. Googles Movers and shakers
  5. youtube today
  6. Stumbleupon Buzz

Funny Videos

Videos are the new wave of blogging. People like to watch things more than they want to read things. That's just a proven fact. Here's some video sites in order by popularity. Many people embed Videos on their site and then get tons of hits from people on stumbleupon and delicious.

  1. Google Video top 100
  2. Google Video Movers and Shakers
  3. Google Video Blog
  4. Google Video Free Today
  5. Google Video Staff Picks
  6. Youtube most Favorited
  7. Youtube most viewed for week
  8. Youtube alltime best
  9. Ifilm top 100
  10. glubert funny videos
  11. Yahoo Videos
  12. Ebaums world videos
  13. stupid videos
  14. Jumpcut Most viewed & Most loved
  15. clipshack most watched
  16. Grouper most viewed & Top Rated
  17. Vsocial
  18. videos

It's worth noting that even though it's not a video site the newgrounds flash portal has so many people submitting that their top lists, even though mainly flash animations and games, rocks more than most the video sites around. You can still download flash files embedded on a site through my video tutorial on google =P.

I haven't included a few urls because they don't have a top list, but you can still upload your videos to them.

More from Google

Google also has movers and shakrers by country. Here's a short list of them.

Educational Top List

Educational Videos

Learn something new everyday, and blog about it =D.

The berekely site is one of my favorites because it's the exact berkeley video over serveral courses. It's come to my attention that some people have gotten stuck on that page because the links are in RSS format. Just download something like RSS OWL free. It's well worth it. Here's the Human nutrition course list as an example.

Educational Sites

Rather than make the huge list here, I suggest you see my Yahoo Answers Resource page. There's a ton of free education links on the left. Here's a short list summary of the best:

  1. MIT Free Courses
  2. Barnes and Nobles University
  3. Wikibooks
  4. Citeseer
  5. Google Scholar
  6. Infomine

Upload Video Blogs

You can submit your own videos online really easy to all the sites above if you have good upload speed. Now if you have an online tutorial over programming or something technical you can make a screen capture with camtasia or riverpast screen recorder and upload your tutorial on google as a free and easy accompanyment for your blog. Virtualdub the free video editor has a free extensions so you have put a watermark image of your url in every video you make.

How to build google chrome extensions

Roleplay for Free

Please join my Roleplay site. Free, no email required.

Free Video Tutorials

I make video tutorials on a variety of topics on youtube. Please help me out by adding me as a friend if you have a youtube account. It really helps. Add me on Facebook

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Table of Contents

  1. Best of the Internet
  2. Best Sites of Today
  3. Funny Videos

  4. More from Google

  5. Educational Top List
  6. Educational Videos
  7. Educational Sites
  8. Upload Video Blogs

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