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Last Updated 167/365 of 2006

Tom Cruise Comes to Yahoo! Answers


Tom Cruise came to Yahoo! Answers and asked fans to ask him Tom Cruise movie trivia. The scientologists visit comes after Donald Trump and his trophy wife asked what's the best parenting tips. The move is a publicity campaign by Yahoo! to try and attract more people, but rather than that it's annoying the crap out of the people that take it as a scholarly source.

"What's the best advice you've ever been given on raising a child?

Melania and I are so happy and proud to welcome Barron William Trump into the world."
-Donald Trump
Although Trump may have some business and real estate knowledge, he used the service to emphasize his superficial relationship with his gold digger wife as having some normality.
"Can you stump me on one of my own movies?

Think you know my movies well? Try to stump me. Ask me a question about a movie I was in."
-Tom Cruise
Tom is a moron, there's no need to analyze his post.

Important people asking stupid questions are worth nothing. They do not contribute any answers and it further confirms speculations that Yahoo! just got their permission with no intention of the people actually looking at the answers or really using the service.

The Cruise post got so much negative comments that the team took it off the front page and reverted to an older blog about using Yahoo! Answers to learn more about taxes.

For my parenting advice to Donald Trump I said.

"My best parenting advice for you is not to impregnate a much younger super model at your financial prime after she married you for your money, and expect to live happily ever after."
-Jimmy Ruska

"Tom Cruise used Yahoo! Answers to ask, "Can you stump me on one of my own movies?" Yahoo! Answers featured the question on their official blog. After a lot of people complained saying it was a publicity stunt in which he wouldn't really be reading or replying to answers, Yahoo! caught Tom Cruise on Video as he very enthusiastically praised and mentally counted toothpicks to the best answer, "how many toothpicks were dropped on the floor in Rainman?" Cruise is the second celebrity feature after Donald Trump asked for parenting tips. Yahoo! Answers is turning out to be an excellent scholarly source."
-Attempted Slashdot Article


Tom Cruise in Yahoo! Answers Blog
Donald Trump in Yahoo! Answers BlogTable 'jimmyr.comments' doesn't exist