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Saturday, 26th of January 2008 (26-01-2008)

Svhosts Messing Up

Crashing windows: What is SVHOSTS

Svhosts is a contianer for the windows services. Don't get scared if you have a few of those guys running in your task manager. If they say you're at 100% memory use, don't be afraid to control alt delete it instead of restarting the computer.

The error occurs when one of the windows or custom services glitches. Although many articles report "it's an important windows process that SHOULD NOT be shutdown", I'm all for destroying it. First off, it's not always windows programs that get buggy and mess up. There are many programs that make windows services, but are not actually made by microsoft or bundled in the windows operating system.

If you've found this article, likely you're familiar with the task manager process and order by CPU. I do recommend you end process if it's acting up. Because SVhosts.exe can hold multiple windows services at once, it can cause other programs to crash also, most noticably the internet service and the windows audio functionality.

Getting back windows services quickly without restarting

To get any services that crashed back go to start -> run -> services.msc. Read the list and their descriptions so you can quickly troubleshoot the problem in the future and restore windows once something goes weird. If it gives an error that msc is not recognized filetype, and asks you to select from a list or find a compatible format online, click select from program list, click browse, and go to C:windowssystem32mmc.exe to open the msc file extension.

Prevent the problem in the future

It's a bit hard to guess since the task manager doesnt tell you exactly which programs and where are causing the glitch in the svhost file. It could be the software you're running is causing a glitch in the graphics or sound services, for that type of error try and download the latest patch of the game. Microsoft especially has notoriety for the random access errors.

Many times people download malicious software without knowing it, and it sets itself up on startup or as a service. To clean that up go to start -> run -> msconfig and click the services and startup list. Uncheck any programs you dont want in startup and remove and order services by manufacturer and do the same. If you're unsure use google!

Svhosts (Preformed | Performed) an illegal operation

This can cause windows to restart. This is especially frustrating when windows just booted up and it keeps repeating the cycle with a disgusting unstoppable countdown. To solve this error restart your computer, click f8 a bunch and then select boot in safe mode. From there use start->run->msconfig and edit services and startup like before.

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Table of Contents

  1. Svhosts Messing Up
  2. Crashing windows: What is SVHOSTS
  3. Getting back windows services quickly without restarting
  4. Prevent the problem in the future
  5. Svhosts (Preformed | Performed) an illegal operation

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