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Saturday, 26th of January 2008 (26-01-2008)

Digg User Misinforms Users about Google Video Porn

Porn is not allowed on google video. Some asshole submitted a false article that said Google Video allowed users to submit adult video, it got 1950 diggs somehow. He derived this from an article I had written nearly a month ago about all 38 Google Hidden Categories which had 2700+ diggs, that said google video had a "Mature and Adult" Category. He didn't come up with anything new or original except this lie:

"Google Video now* allows you to you to upload adult videos."
Source: Idiot Moron Razvan Antonescu

Horrible Impact

I was hoping it would only last a day. The first thing I noticed was there was gay pr0n on the front of my video blog from parsing the google video rss. If you're over 18 and don't believe me, here's a direct link to the pr0n on google video. Not just any porn. Dirty gay porno. On my blog. Thanks to the asshole mentioned above. Pornographers would upload their videos thinking the article was true. When it came to edit the video information they found out it's against TOS, but since they already uploaded a bunch of videos they go ahead and finish the process. The liar site did not get popular in reddit, netscape, or any other vote based news site other than digg, but digg is plenty enough especially as the top voted site of the day. This morning I found out a popular tech news blog had written, that they couldn't verify it, but they believe that Google had taken off the manditory check box certifying the users post was not pornographic. Completely untrue.

Thank you Shock Journalism

People wanted to get a shock effect and controversy that just didn't exist, through lies. I can't believe so many people, 1950 diggs, actually came to support a lie that was so easy to debunk. If the poster had been responsible they would have taken off the story lies, then it would have just been a harmless repeat story of something already posted.

On every video when you add the details it has a checkbox that says

" I certify that this video is not pornographic or obscene material"
Source: Video Edit Page

Also this is listed on their terms of services.

"(c) the Authorized Content is not, in whole or in part, pornographic or obscene;"
Source: Google Video Terms of Service

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Table of Contents

  1. Digg User Misinforms Users about Google Video Porn
  2. Horrible Impact
  3. Thank you Shock Journalism

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