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Sunday, 8th of April 2007 (8-04-2007)

Norton AntiVirus is A Virus

The most precompiled program in all new computers IS a virus to anyone who knows anything about computers.

What Qualifies as A Virus

Uses Up Massive System Resources

DDOS "Zombies" viruses can use up tons of your CPU space while they send looping pings of invalid lengths to their coordinated servers of choice. They're no match to Norton AntiVirus though, which can easily use 40% of your CPU and a gross amount of Memory.

Fake Error Messages & Getting Your Credit Card Number

If you do not choose to activate the trial version of Norton. You still have their disgusting services activited and eating your computer resources. Every startup you will be hassled with "You're NOT PROTECTED AGAINST THE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE PROBLEMS THAT AWAIT YOU!! ACTIVATE THE TRIAL". This mortifies the average computer user that feels no confidence.

Once your trial period is up, you'll be given the same grossly inaccurate message once again that you need Norton AntiVirus or your computer is completely insecure. Either give norton your credit card number or face being scared into giving them it with each subsequent logon. Most computer users are not confident enough to delete their antivirus and don't know how to disable norton from startup.

Is Your Computer Secure Without Norton?

YES. You can use a powerful cocktail of programs that's even more secure and faster than the bloatware that is norton. You should really ask yourself, "Is it worth having my computer go slower to have Norton AntiVirus scan every file I look at and every program I run." Many people confuse hardware problems for their old computers as viruses and anecdotally fear removing the antivirus even if they don't download anything risky.

Security Recommendations

I just bought Windows Vista. Not by choice. My laptop came with it. As far as security it had the following enabled: Windows Firewall, Windows Defender, Windows User Account Protection which gives an annoying alert every single time a program is opening and Windows Parental Controls. Windows firewall and Defender are downloadable free for XP too.

If You Value Computer Performance and You're Over 10


Video Tutorial on Preventing Viruses

Viruses Replicate Themselves Norton Doesn't

Meh. Computer manufacturers like Dell and other companies basically just bulk copy the same stuff into all their computers. Users know what they're getting as far as the OS and the hardware, but they didn't know they'd get Norton, much less a trial version. It has the same scare tactics as fake ebay and bank emails that try to steal your password. Having norton up the the minute updated will not give you ultra protection. I know norton is not a virus I just think it's ironic it has gained a lot of the same malicious attributes which it claims it protects.


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