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Saturday, 26th of January 2008 (26-01-2008)

Guide to Making your own Free Webpage


We recommend google page creator because it's so easy. here's a long list of free hosts.

Now That You have a Host...

Make some content for your site. Many sites have an automatic page creator that will guide you through the process. You may want to do it yourself using html/css, javascript, perl or some other language. Check out w3schools for tutorials. You can also use commercial applications like Flash 8 Professional, photoshop, and Dreamweaver.


Photoshop: The most commonly used graphics program. GIMP is equally as powerful, but it's free.

Dreamweaver: This is a commercial program to make websites look pretty. It has syntax highlighting and other easy to use features.

Flash 8/Flash MX: Flash is a program for dynamic applications, animations, and games. It rules and is very easy to use.

Using the Above Howto's?

Search google for tutorials. There's thousands of pages of tutorials on how to use those programs

Programming From Scratch

You just need a good text editor like Notepad. Start -> run -> cmd, then type Notepad. Learn from, linked above.

Higher Level Programming

If you're going to have a forum or something that requires users you're going to need a host that has perl, php, or asp enabled.

What's the difference between perl, asp and php?

ASP is made by microsoft and runs on windows hosts. Windows hosts are much slower than linux hosts. Perl is more difficult to learn. PHP is the clear choice for beginners. It's very fast and it's easy to learn and install.

Where do I get a host with higher level languages?

Sorry but you'll likely have to pay. Luckily it's like 2-5$ a month. I've compiled a huge list of hosting companies for you to compare.


Yahoo will give you a domain for 3$ a year. This is the best price I've seen so far. You can get your own .com .net etc pointing to your site. I've compiled a list of tips for choosing a domain name.

Getting Hits

You have your own site full of hard work. How do you get more people to see it? Here's an article I wrote on increasing search engine placement and how to get more people to your site.

How to build google chrome extensions

Roleplay for Free

Please join my Roleplay site. Free, no email required.

Free Video Tutorials

I make video tutorials on a variety of topics on youtube. Please help me out by adding me as a friend if you have a youtube account. It really helps. Add me on Facebook

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Table of Contents
  1. Guide to Making your own Free Webpage
  2. Webhosts
  3. Now That You have a Host...
  4. Programs
  5. Using the Above Howto's?
  6. Programming From Scratch
  7. Higher Level Programming
  8. What's the difference between perl, asp and php?
  9. Where do I get a host with higher level languages?
  10. Domains
  11. Getting Hits

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