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Saturday, 26th of January 2008 (26-01-2008)

Making Reading Online Tolerable

Computer Screens are Straining

Many people prefer to print documents instead of reading them directly from the computer. You dont have to be on the computer all day to be able to tolerate it. If you've ever had you're eyes read or felt sickly fatigued from using the computer for extended periods of time, it is likely your brightness and gamma settings are not configured well and you really need to get a screen filter. With a good screen filter, the right screen refresh rate, and low gamma and brightness, I can easily be online for 5hours+ a day without feeling any noticable strain or fatigue.

Printing Tip

To print a writing simply select the area you want to click, go to file print, and print selection.

Comfortable Font

Go to view->font size and change it. On firefox you can quickly switch sizes by holding down ctrl and moving your mouse roller.

Changing your computers brightness

Brightness can easily cause eyestrain. At best you should buy a cheap UV filter screen at your local electronics store. Eye strain is the easiest way to making you tired and can even make you feel really sick if you use the monitor for extended periods of time. Using a UV filter in combination with adjusting the brightness is very important, but not often done. Elite Skills is a bright page, and can easily make your eyes tired if you dont have the right settings.


Many desktop monitors have a brightness feature where you just click a physical button right below the steen. There change the gamma and brightness to comfortable levels. Mess with it a bit, usually it has little icons that represent different screen configurations. If you still have it somewhere, use the manual for the monitor.


Certain Laptops have an FN function and above near the numbers key little sun icons. You can lower or higher brightness with them. If they dont, you can type in your laptops manufacturer and model on google and download the latest drivers and software for your computer, which likely come with such updates. Dont be afraid to email them.

Video Card

Some Companies like ATI have drivers to edit the brightness from your control panel. They're kinda hidden to the average person. Start->control panel->display->settings->Advanced. There's sometimes a color option to set brightness and gamma. If it's not there, you can type in your video card's manufacturer and model on google and download the latest drivers and software for your computer, which likely come with such updates. Dont be afraid to email them. To see what video card you're using go to start->run->type, dxdiag

Buying a UV Filter

UV filters cost about 20$ but once you buy one, you'll be glad you did. No more red eyes and feeling terribly sick after extended computer use.

How to build google chrome extensions

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Table of Contents

  1. Making Reading Online Tolerable
  2. Computer Screens are Straining
  3. Printing Tip
  4. Comfortable Font
  5. Changing your computers brightness
  6. Monitor
  7. Laptops
  8. Video Card
  9. Buying a UV Filter

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