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Saturday, 26th of January 2008 (26-01-2008)

Configuring Firefox Extensions

Top Firefox Extensions

These are my favorites. Firefox is so superior to internet explorer. It's sad many people don't download the extensions.


Google Toolbar For Firefox: Adds Google Toolbar to firefox. Includes an option for spellcheck for when you're blogging or sending emails. Google search is the best search engine, use it! We have a link to firefox with googlebar in our help us free page.

Customize Google: Allows you enable several useful google features to enhance browsing. Watch their presentation.


SiteAdvisor: Shows which sites are bad, as determined by the sites downloadable files and how much spam they send when signing up. Site includes a presentation.

Noscript: Blocks javascript/java plugins from loading unless you enable them. Makes the internet much safer.

Adblock: Blocks ads

Adblock Filter.G Updater Updates Adblock

Adblock Plus Allows an easy way to block any ad you specify.

Useful Tweaks

Faster Fox: Tweaks firefox to be even faster than it already is.

SessionSaver.2: If firefox crashes this program restores what you were doing, including the forms you were filling

Tab Mix Plus: Makes tabbed browsing more efficient. A huge convennience.

Download Them All: A download manager. Select an area with links to downloads or pages and it will download them all.

Internet Explorer Tab: Some programs wont work in firefox. For example some online virus scanners. This ads a tab to quickly move to internet explorer when you need to.


Stumbleupon: Find sites from people with similar interests

Video Downloader Download video from your favorite sources like youtube and google video.


All in One gestures: Mouse gestures to quickly navigate from site to site. Very configurable and can also be used as a screen marker.

Download Status Bar: Says the status of your downloads on the status bar.


PDF download: PDF's are annoying to load. It takes awhile for adobe reader to load and sometimes it even crashes. Some sites dont mark links as pdf at times. This program tells you when it's pdf file you're clicking and even offers to load it in html format.

Wizz RSS News Reader: Get your favorite news instantly.


FoxyTunes: Firefox Built in music player. Listen to music, load, and switch tracks while browsing on the same interface.

Weather: Check the weather in your local area

Want more?

See the most popular extensions

See the highest rated extensions

This blog lists 50


Many of the extensions are expirimental and still in testing. They may cause your firefox to crash more often as unexpected bugs occur from the updates. For best results update them often!

How to build google chrome extensions

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Table of Contents

  1. Configuring Firefox Extensions
  2. Top Firefox Extensions
  3. Google!
  4. Security
  5. Useful Tweaks
  6. Neato!
  7. Quirky
  8. RSS and PDF
  9. Fluff
  10. Want more?
  11. Warning

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