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Saturday, 26th of January 2008 (26-01-2008)

Lazy Efficient

Preventing Mess of Wires

Have a rat nest of wires at home? Do the wires really need to be that long!? The computer is less than 1 foot away...

I've come up with an idea to fix the senselessly tangled wires problem. Fork USB cables I own a laptop and it's just too much clutter already. I dont need my mouse and camera to have 5 foot cables when the computer they plug into is 5 inches away.

Fork it.

Simply fork it. The usb cables are just the right size to fit nicely into the picks of a plastic fork. Simply wrap the wires around the fork until it's gives an ideal length, then stick the cable between a pic, and stick the bottom part of the cable between another pick. It's very stable in that it wont easily come undone in a trip, and a very easy way to preven tangling. If you're a smoker, use your lighter inside to melt the tips of the fork to have a closure of the ends. Just put the end points together with your fingers an inch away from the tip and use fire on the plastic. It's easy to break off if you want to use the full length of the wire.

Just USB?

Break off a pick from the fork and it's the perfect size for ethernet or other bigger cables.

Tape it!

Simply taping the wires to go along the wall or the back parts of the desk is also a cheap and easy way to prevent clutter. Masking tape is good because it's transparent, but it doesnt hold as well. You'll need to wrap the tape around part of the wire the best you can, rather than just vertically taping it. Make sure the tape is snuggle wrapping as much of the wire as possible.

What? It looks tacky?

Efficiency doesnt have to look pretty =P. Cheap and simple is fine if it saves time, and prevents the dirty mess of wires look.

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Table of Contents

  1. Lazy Efficient
  2. Preventing Mess of Wires
  3. Fork it.
  4. Just USB?
  5. Tape it!
  6. What? It looks tacky?

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