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Saturday, 26th of January 2008 (26-01-2008)

IQ Tests Criticism


IQ tests try to define a number to your intelligence, or lack of it. Many people think they're truly brilliant and want to be part of organizations such as MENSA, which is the spanish word for stupid in feminine form.

IQ tests are psychology's biggest industry. Many people pay for others to tell them they're smart. It's kinda like a horoscope, only much more "certified"/standardized.

I had a fascination with puzzles when I was young. I would get IQ books and go through them slowly. The more I did this, the more I improved. Wow, my intelligence is getting higher as I learn to recognize more puzzle patterns. Big deal. That isn't intelligence. MENSA also accepts people with an SAT score greater than 1300. As has been well documented, it's a matter of preparation rather than inborn magic to get a good SAT score.

Online IQ Tests

If you go to any school, or any flaming forum, you'll find plenty of ego from people who took online IQ tests. Reports usually range from 135-160. I distinctly remember one moron to even claim he had a "history IQ of 225". Nick Jones, you're a moron. Sites like Emode/tickle and commercial IQ test sites offer a free test of simple, stupid questions of basic math and english then give you an IQ of 120-145. They give you titles and say what historical figure thinks in a similar fashion. For full details about your IQ(brilliance) you have to pay the low cost of 10-25$ normally. The answers are usually available in serveral internet forums by puzzle enthusiasts.

Yes. People buy their intelligence. In a little piece of paper. Of course emode and other online IQ tests are the most unbiased sources of intelligence you've ever met. You'd still buy it if they called you a moron huh? You're obviously most like charles manson rather than Ben Franklin.

Serious IQ tests go to 145. The IQ hype is highly speculative. Bobby Fischer and Kasparov claim their IQ to be 180-185. Chessbase itself, a stupid chessnews site had the nerve of asking:

"Do Ashkenazi Jews, by virtue of their history, have higher IQs than the rest of society?"
Source: Chessbase

What is real intelligence

Some third world countries are reported to have people with lower intelligence. Around 70 or less. Not because they have stupider people, because many of the people don't know how to read and write and do not engage in mentally stimulating activities because of long work and family.

Without using a number to define you, as sites like hotornot and ratemypic have shown people love, intelligence is actually the neural concentration in your brain. What do you think is genius? Awesome memory, good at puzzles, ability to read and go through tons of knowledge?

Most of what people perceive as genius is simply discipline, and obsession to ideals. Speed math? Yeah you can get speed math, and speed reading too. Find tricks to memorize and read about intelligence from a newscientist article.

Genius to me is the people who know what's really common and don't rely on others for validation and appreciation. People who act are rare, and people looking for some number, or norm to define them best are common. Neural concentration is correlated to stimulus. Use your brain more and have it become more active. It's that simple. Stimulate all 5 senses when you can and pay attention. Enrich yourself by learning mathematics and music theory, and local laws and rights so when things happen, you'll have a deeper understanding.

When a chessmaster plays a game, and a beginner plays a game of chess, it's the beginner that actually is shown thinking harder, because everything is foreign. It's not how much you practice but also what you practice. If it doesnt feel uncomfortable and complicated, it's likely using much less brain activity. Make things complicated, and look further.

The more familiarity you have with mathematics problems and the english language, the more you will increase your IQ, which invalidates the test to begin with. It's matter of effort and how much you can put into bettering yourself. Does your job really give you more skills everyday, or are you just in a cycle of busywork? Money is worth very little compared to time and intentions.

Schools don't teach mastery, they teach short term memorization so the students are prepared to do busy work jobs. They're a creation for mass population efficiency management, so kids can have a place to go for a good while while parents are at work.

If you ever get in an argument or start talking about intelligence, don't be all arrogant and prove your stupidity by throw out a number. Deh indernet says I smart at 155IQ!! der der den they try to sell me my score. Point to something you can do, your education, or some accomplishment. If I took a poll where people said honestly what their IQ is, the average would be 140. So if you're going to brag, say it's 210 or something, which would be equivalent of genius once the IQ has been adjusted up to fit the average bragger scale.

If at first you score low, try a different test. If you succeed tell your friends... and thus is the evolution of only the stupidest tests, getting popular.

Asimov on Intelligence

DMOZ list of IQ Tests

Wikipedia Entry for IQ test

Mensa Homepage

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Table of Contents

  1. IQ Tests Criticism
  2. Overview
  3. Online IQ Tests
  4. What is real intelligence

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