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Saturday, 26th of January 2008 (26-01-2008)

Blocking (Leechers | leachers) on Emule by IP


I'm sure this can work for other peer to peer network, but it's only worth something with programs that have a credit system, so you can personally reward those who give, and remove those who don't.

You may have noticed emule doesn't show you the persons IP that's downloading from you, only the IP of the server they're on. Although emule has pretty good filters/auto ban features/upload score system, like anything else, it's not perfect. Emule is the most downloaded project in the history of sourceforge, so needless to say, it's one of the best, if not the best peer to peer network.

This tutorial is for technically adept people. If you don't know what a high ID is, or can't get one, go away.

How do I tell if someone's a leacher?

p2p Leacher

Suppose someone has given me 50mb, and I've given them 70mb. Well, emule ranks someone who has given me nothing higher because the other person, who has given, has taken more than they've given. I rather block the oodles of losers that have an upload of 3 and a download rate of 30. It's just more efficient and it'll get your file downloaded much faster, so you can be using it, and let the lil tards download it then. That's not to say I don't want to give to those who just started downloading, it's to say once I've uploaded 6 times what I've downloaded, and have made more people competing for the same files, I get irritated. I'll share after it's done, when I'll be using my brand spanking new program.

There's no reason to start blocking people from the start, it's good to see who gives, and who doesnt, when it comes to rare files.

Rule of Thumb

If the persons downloaded 30% of the file, and has given nothing, and you're 500+ on their queue(or list full), get rid of them, and let someone download from you who has given you something in the past.

To see where you are in someone's queue double click the file you're downloading and look for their username.

If someone is on queue, that has the parts you need, and a ton of people that don't have anything to offer are ahead of them downloading, block them, upload to the people that have the file, and increase your queue on their list. Remove the block once your file is done downloading.

Block anyone that has their queue full, they're morons and already have tons of people downloading from them to ever give you anything.

Blocking People Overview

I'll be using dos to block people. I'm sure windows firewall can do it, but it's better to disable windows firewall to begin with when using emule. You could also use sygate personal firewall, but first you'll need to get their IP with netstat.

The command I'll be using is:

route BlockIP MyIP

Getting the IP

I'll be using netstat, to get their IP, ipconfig to be getting myIP, and's DNS lookup, maybe, to translate their emule IP into the numerical format.

First lets get their IP. start -> run and type "cmd" without the quotes. Then type

netstat -b

It will give you a list of all the connections from the internet to your computer. If you have too many programs connecting to your computer, consider cleaning up your startup.

Now just check which IPs are connected to your computer from the program "emule". Sometimes the "Foreign Address" will be really long and contain letters. Use a DNS lookup tool to convert those long addresses into a number like

So now you have their IP address, but which users IP address do you have?

It lists several foreign addresses, which do I block?

It's trial and error unfortunately because you cant tell whosewho. You can block your downloads as well as your uploads, so blocking always works best with files that have few people sharing.


Lets say you have some guy with the foreign address connecting from emule when you type netstat -b. Paste that host name onto the DNS tools link DNS lookup option. It gives the IP You run IPconfig and it says your IP is You run Run the command
route add

And the person at is now blocked. Go back to emule, and you'll notice someone's downloading speed go to 0. If the command removes someone you didnt want to remove from uploading, you unblock them with this command.

route delete

...and they'll begin downloading again.

Quick Overview

See whose connecting to my computer

netstat -b

Look for connections from "emule.exe" that's not :4242 foreign adress. Copy. Use DNS lookup tool if needed to resolve IP.


Find my IP

route add foreignaddress myIP


That's it. lol. If you could follow. If you screw up type route delete blockedIPaddress

Blocking someone you're downloading from?

Due to the system emule uses, you may actually want to block someone you're downloading from. Ever had a file going really fast and then, at the end, right before it's done, it goes extremmmely slow? That's because emule gives you files in pieces. While you have several pieces of the file to download you download from multiple sources. Once the last piece of the file is ready to downloaded, it picks whoever is ready to give it to your first, regardless of their connection. If the file is shared by many people, it's better just to ban the guy uploading to you at 200 bytes and wait for a better source.

What if I screw up


route print

Usually the ones you add are marked default 1 under metric, instead of 20. You can manually delete blocked IPs by typing

route delete IPaddress

Or to clear all bans automatically use

route -f

but then you'll have to reconnect to the internet with the command

ipconfig /renew


To copy from a DOS screen, which is very useful for those long foreign addresses, you can't just click control+C. You have to right click, hit mark, highlight what you want to copy, and right click again, to copy. Very useful.


I tried to upload this on google video. Unfortunately the sound timing is off and the video is all smudged since google converted it to flash. see it here.

This system is Evil

Haha no. I download my file faster and the people who give are rewarded. I don't generally care until the next day about blocking people. This system is against for all the morons that set their upload to 3 and download to 30 or upload 10 and download 500.

Also search for IPfilter in emule, and JimmyR =P

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Table of Contents

  1. Blocking (Leechers | leachers) on Emule by IP
  2. Overview
  3. How do I tell if someone's a leacher?
  4. Rule of Thumb
  5. Blocking People Overview
  6. Getting the IP
  7. It lists several foreign addresses, which do I block?
  8. Example
  9. Quick Overview
  10. Blocking someone you're downloading from?
  11. What if I screw up
  12. DOS TIP
  13. Video?
  14. This system is Evil

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