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Saturday, 26th of January 2008 (26-01-2008)

Google Video does NOT let you upload Pr0n

Something really disturbed me today. I checked the digg top list for today and the top article there was reporting something I had reported nearly a month ago, that google video has a mature adult category.

They report wrongly that this means users can upload pr0n, or "adult videos". This is completely wrong. You can't submit sex videos to google, you can't submit porno, sorry, no dirty porn on google. No teen sex, no nothing., not does that, not google!

Mature Adult Category Already Reported A Month Before

I listed all 38 google video categories in my Hidden Google Video Categories blog which had 2725 diggs. Among the list is again, mature adult, and people even commented on it several times in my thread.

You Violate Google Video TOS

On every video when you add the details it has a checkbox that says

" I certify that this video is not pornographic or obscene material"
Source: Video Edit Page

Also this is listed on their terms of services.

"(c) the Authorized Content is not, in whole or in part, pornographic or obscene;"
Source: Google Video Terms of Service

Dirty Videos

People can submit videos that have some nudity such as in the Penn and Teller Videos. In youtube, a lot of people submit dirty webcam videos. For google most webcam searches end with annoying lip sync. It does have a lot of Raunchy funny Ads.

Don't listen to the guy that submitted this story. The story was already reported, and the story may cause people to violate TOS.

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Table of Contents

  1. Google Video does NOT let you upload Pr0n
  2. Mature Adult Category Already Reported A Month Before
  3. You Violate Google Video TOS
  4. Dirty Videos

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