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Saturday, 26th of January 2008 (26-01-2008)

Getting Rid of/Disabling the Windows Key


Many gamers use ctrl and alt commonly in their gaming play. It's been that way since the old days of doom and wolfenstien. The problem is ctrl and alt is that they're sandwiching the evil winkey, or windows key which takes you out of your game and into the desktop, where you frantically wait while windows freezes your ability to select anything while it refreshes desktop icons, color settings and screen resolution.

I'm sure this has been the cause of much lost hair, a few holes in the wall, and 20% of the child abuse in america, but instead of taking drastic solutions like trying to find a keyboard without the stupid windows key, there are much better options.

Newer laptops annoying place the windows key at the top right corner of the screen, making it less likely you'll click out of your game. So it is being "fixed" technically. While the majority of people dont use the windows key, it is a useful tool.

I'll tell you why I love the windows key, and how you can solve your computer gaming frustrations of taking it off without resorting to damaging your keyboard or making the companies move it's position, which annoys me.

Why I love the windows key

The windows key enables many short cuts like: Run windowskey+R, find windowskey+f, and windows key+break to see computer stats. I use windows key+R the most, and moving the windows key to the top right makes it a very awkward combination to press. Aside from the cool shortcuts the windows key can be configured to open any program at the click of a button with the program winkey. This is by far the most convenient windows tool aside from my voice recognition software.

Removing | Disabling the Windows Key

To remove the windows key simply download free keyboard remapping software like keytweak. Sometimes your keyboard manufacturer has the option built in if you download their drivers. Just type your keyboard manufacturers name, enter the model in google, download the new drivers, isntall them, go to start(hitting the windows key)->control panel->keyboard to see your new brand spanking settings. This does not work for all keyboards, but if you're beating yourself up everytime you accidently click it, it's worth it to buy a new model keyboard.

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Table of Contents

  1. Getting Rid of/Disabling the Windows Key
  2. Why?
  3. Why I love the windows key
  4. Removing | Disabling the Windows Key

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