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Saturday, 26th of January 2008 (26-01-2008)

Free Quick Quiz Creator

I'm proud to present the new JimmyR quiz maker. Before I was still proud of it but it had a few bugs and worst of all the GUI for generating the quiz confused a lot of people. A lot of bugs were fixed, the new question generation was made a lot more efficient and the new interface is way easier to use.


Creating a practice quiz is easy. It currently accepts multiple choice selections and direct input questions. It infinitely continues asking questions so you can study until you feel you've mastered the questions.

I'm thinking about registering a domain for it and posting it in various places as a web 2.0 site. It really doesn't use ajax. I can probably import vocabulary lists from different RSS feeds and auto-generate a course of some kind but RSS doesn't really seem useful for the topic. Anyway most people think web 2.0 is having generic logos that look 2.0-ish and the dhtml feel so I probably wont have any problem anyway.

Future Additions

I'm thinking about setting up a sub-blog just for Berkeley courses or anything else I study. I'll just modify the code to where when taking notes in the blog a quiz is auto generated when I submit the blog based on the blogs contents. That would be awesome. Automation can do a lot for convenience.

I might also buy a domain for the quiz creator not exactly sure which yet. Many of the good domains are just held by bastard domain tycoons that just have thousands of ad stuffed doorway pages with no actual content made by the site itself. I wish people would learn to use google instead of guessing URLs so these evil marketers would stop preventing legitimate content providers.

Competition: Funny Personality Quizes

I'm a little concerned about the competition for quiz generators. Most people are searching for stupid funny quiz creators which, at the end of taking a "quiz", generate some stupid image and give you some kind of embed code so you can share the results of the quiz with friends. This is pretty efficient in that you get tons of inward links. The down sides are that people hotlink your large images, you'll be linked on a massive amount of low ranked pages and your main visitors will be kids.

Competition: Flash Card Generators

When I was making the free education site I found a great online flash card making site. It's kind of weird but it seems the word "quiz" has been associated to stupid personality quizes and the unpleasant pop-quizzes the teachers give at schools. The term flash card on the other hand is associated with positive self academic study. Setting up a site about generating quizzes could send me the wrong audience and in the end clutter the site with upset people looking to make and share really stupid quizzes to share with their friends. I think my quiz maker is much more efficient for learning new material than flash card style programs but in the end better targeting usually favors efficiency.

Monetizing a Quiz Maker

I was thinking about adding google ads or yahoo ads to the top of each page but then I remembered how competitive sites used to commit click fraud, they'd send bots to refresh the pages competitor sites and turn their click through rate into nothing making their pay per click rate near 5 cents a click (because low click through translates to low targeting efficiency in the minds of marketers). I would be committing the same thing adding google ads to a quiz maker because each time they hit submit for a new question likely counts as a page impression. Instead it's probably better to add firefox with google toolbar ads and google search bars, rather than spamming the poor students with exploitative student loan consolidation ads for the possibility of getting 5 cents from them. In the end I really admire how efficiently made such a quality archive out of every users posts. I'll have to work really hard to achieve the same type of organization.

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Table of Contents

  1. Free Quick Quiz Creator
  2. Features
  3. Future Additions
  4. Competition: Funny Personality Quizes
  5. Competition: Flash Card Generators
  6. Monetizing a Quiz Maker

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