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Saturday, 26th of January 2008 (26-01-2008)

Education Online Courses

I finished making an article on education. It's basically a massive portal of the best education sites I've found online. Check it out: Education Online Courses.


So far it's the top favorited on and metafilter and well rated on reddit.


The Kicker

I had to submit it several times to reddit to overcome the flood of asshats submitting their blog spam and voting everyone else down. Yep people had the nerve to vote education down and their britney spears blog up. Once up on reddit followed, then metafilter with tons of favorites. Digg only gave me 3 disgusting votes. Netscape is just a blog spam network. The only way to get up is to have at least 5 friends you inter-vote with.

The page is hyper efficient with bookmarking sites simply because it has so much information that the person has to save it. I cant think of any other topic other than education that could be as universally accepted by all subcultures in the population.


Half a year ago I submitted an article on free education online. It got tons of votes on reddit 200 on digg, but the sensationalism got the page a google pagerank of 7, even though it was just a portal. I thought if I could reorganize the list with more content and multiple pages I could be even more successful. I did and I posted a multipage article on learning online resources. It didnt get popular except for a pathetic following of 30 saves on delicious. Reddit voted it down, bastard reddit.

I figured the new style of the layout probably overwhelmed people with links since it's basically a website within a blog. I decided the best way to organize the content was making a "cheat sheet" style format. The problem was that key word didn't play too well when attached to the term "Education" in general as people got confused and thought it was a cheating site (people are retarded). Success again. test1

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Table of Contents

  1. Education Online Courses
  2. Success
  3. The Kicker
  4. History

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