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Saturday, 26th of January 2008 (26-01-2008)

Dofus New Server Speed Run Guilde


It's pretty boring playing an online game where there have been people playing for months or even years. Since there's no way to transfer accounts between servers when dofus makes a new server everyone starts at level one. It's great fun competing against thousands of people to see who can be the most efficient.

Character Choices



Choosing a Name

Get a short name that people can remember. It's one of the most important things you will do. A 3 letter name is best. A lot of people like to try and be fancy writing 'oOo-Bad-Idea-O0oo' instead of just 'goodidea'. For example, someone sees you selling sword skill, and later on someone in their guild says they're looking for sword skill. They may remember 'bad-idea' buy they wont remember all the trash before and after the name.

First Levels

Even if you know the game well do the beginner tutorial. It has a stop button in the top left corner of the screen to skip certain parts of the tutorial. Just click skip until you get to the weak araknee. Kill it over and over until level 5 or higher. Don't forget to equip the amulette after the first araknee. Turn off the option that displays the character pictures every turn. Arrange your spells so that hitting 1 will automatically select your spell. Have the left hand on the keyboard and the right on the mouse, rather than clicking back and forth.


Select a strength friendly class like iop. You get a bonus to carriable weight, so level to at least level 5 with the weak araknee. Level 10 isn't that far off by killing gobballs and tofus. It's sometimes beneficial to just drop everything you've mined/cut if you want to gain level as fast as possible. You'll be able to gather way more in later levels.

To Mule?

Mules are another character you pay for. Many people make mules at the beginning to help them drop gobball and prespic equipment. Many people choose enutrofs because of the +20 propecting, but they get kicked more often and in the first days will make all your battles slower. A saddida and iop make a good combination because the iop can add damages and the saddidas can cast spells that do damage to multiple enemies. A xelor is always useful for stealing AP and making the enemies useless. Bluff ecas are high damage for finishing battles faster. Good enis are always in demand for dungeons. A F2P mule bluff eca can help level your eni for the first few levels, rather than relying on those extremely slow group battles.

Speed Leveling an Int. Xelor

For speed leveling fecas see The Dofus Wikia Tutorial.

Level 1 - 14

Kill the weak araknee until level 5 or 6. At about level 3 with the amulet (don't forget) you can one shot the weak arakne. Set the screen quality to low and use the quick keys to select hand. Disable the option that shows a picture of the character every turn. Level hand and put all points into intelligence. Do not level counter. Level slow down by one point for increased range and the possibility of stealing 1 ap. Go below astrub or near tailena and hunt for tofu groups. Cast Haziness and slowdown on tofus and they can't hurt you. Do not XP in a group, it's far far too slow. At about level 10 or so you can try taking on tofu groups with single low level larvas. Most people avoid those groups so leveling isn't difficult. Do not bother dropping gobball equipment. The groups battles take insanely long. It's often been said to level single Sunflowers, but single sunflowers aren't easy to find. Early mush mush rings are useful.

Level 15 - 26

Go to Tailena and attack the treeachnid spawn. Keep going around the bushes and it will never reach you. Leave tailena and continue killing tofus until the next treeachnid spawn. Level up sandglass but save points to max out temporal dust right when you get it. You can also possibly kill single pig shepards and boars.

Level 27 - 3x

Spend some time dropping gobball equipment. Temporal dust will have saved you tons of time. You need at least 5 people for cape and hat. Level sandglass then counter to 5. Go to popular drop spots and try to always be the one that initiates the battle. Kick all enus, enis and Osas or anyone under level 7. Enis are useful but sometimes they wait until it's their turn to scroll their mouse to each character and check if anyone needs heals, then after 30 seconds they heal 4 life. Kick anyone under level 18. Enus just have a massively high rate of being afk and wasting everyones time and the little prospecting bonus they give is not worth the time they waste on average. Osas summon weak characters that take more time away. Be selective and form a group with characters that actually do damage. If you get a gobball hat that's high in strength try and trade it for one high in intelligence after every battle. Try and get an agride axe +20 wisdom and a ring +20 intelligence as soon as possible. Once you get to 100 intelligence add points to life or scroll life to 25 first and keep the points pending.

Level 3x - 45

Drop with prespics. It's insanely important you get a very good prespic set. The wisdom amplifies counter and makes monsters way easier to kill. It also adds tons more experience per battle. Don't stop dropping until you have a good prespic set. Trade everything you can to get one. Private message anyone who gets a drop. Save points to max devotion right when you get it.

Level 45 - 60

Kill vampires wabbits or piglets. I recommend vampires because they're usually alone while the piglets and mush'd are insanely competed for. Vampires have a weakness to fire so you do a lot of damage and you'll get vampire blood which will be worth a lot later. You can hit many vampires with temporal dust since the rooms are so small. They wont do a whole lot of damage. Save points to max Blinding Protection right when you get it.

Level 60 - 100

Blops are always good. You won't feel bad for not having toh'lo because you don't need it. Equip full prespic with all the wisdom equipment you can. Find groups of 3 or 4 without biblops. Stay far enough away so they don't get up close. Pass your turn until the reflected damage kills them. It seems to be stackable for up to 3 turns doing up to 40-50 damage on each pass.

Level 60 - 70

Kill Crackenboules at astrub at night alone. Level 5 counter, blinding protection, and a good prespic set should make the crackenboules damage themselves everytime they hit you.


Use wisdom equipment like agride, god rod, and Bre Ad Stick. Rethru hammers, forgemaged cerebrus or toh'lo if you have hammer skill, but even then when fighting blops it's better to pass than to chase them. Clearing Balgourde is a pretty good wand few people mention, but good luck getting that early Dark Treechnid Amber.

Points Assignment

Intelligence: Mob Killer

An early temporal dust can help make dropping in a group way faster in the gobball area. Once you get a prespic set temporal dust is also extremely useful with vampires which spawn close together and in a very tiny room. Follow the guide above. You can solo without maxing slow down and counter. I won't state the levels because it's a matter of circumstance. If you decide you'll be playing with the gobball set, don't level counter. If you get the money to buy a hammer skill scroll, and you get an early toh'lo or forgemaged cerebrus 65% level up hammer skill.


Similar to above except don't up temporal dust and max slowdown as soon as you can. Scroll wisdom as fast as possible. Do not add points to wisdom until you have scrolled to 101 (yes, it's a hard build). After you've scrolled 25 wisdom, don't be dumb like I was, start scrolling with powerful wisdom scrolls instead of wisdom scrolls < 50. It's actually cheaper. Increase intelligence to 100 or 200. Vitality is your choice. There are a lot of monsters that won't hurt you that you'll be able to level on but you won't be all that great at pvp. Low damage isn't really a problem with wisdom xelors because every turn the enemy hits themselves with high reflected as compensation; Crackenboules hit twice, blop blyphs are stackable, and grand pa wabbits are weak to fire, which they attack you with. Monsters that unbewich and players like lvl 90+ saddidas/Eniripsas make wisdom xelors completely useless.

PvP Wisdom

Gaining to level 101 should be pretty easy once you've done the grossely difficult part of scrolling wisdom to 101. Treecaska, Farle Amulette, Gelano, and God Rod can give you 11 AP. Gelano is incredibly difficult to obtain and usually no one sells on newer servers, not even for a million so you can use Ano Neemus/Treering +5/Farle's Bracelet. There's two other +AP amulettes that are cheaper if you can't afford farles amulette. For a belt use Red turtle belt or Adeleus. You can also use a fire kwak set/gelano/Farle Amulette which will give 10 AP. Wisdom Xelors are amusing since you can take away up to 5 AP with haziness and 3 with slow down and make the most powerful Iops and Ecas completely useless. Leveling is isanely fast with full wisdom equipment.

Merchanting Tips

Things to Buy As Early as Possible

Low Level

High Level

Sell these in merchant modes or in the bonta sell rooms. Do not just flood the zaap.

General Tips

Best Drops

Get Rich By Becoming An Artisan

Some people choose a job over fighting to start off the new server. Even though it doesnt take advantage of the double XP, you can be making triple money just from the crazy demand people have for decent items. I still recommend leveling about level 10 with a strength based character.


If you can buy another account for a month you will profit even more. Set a mule in a popular drop spot/kek/under bank with mass quantities of food/items/resources and you'll earn a killing.


Increase your farmer level as fast as possible. Drop what you cut so you dont have to keep going to the banque. It doesn't take a killer amount of time to get to about level 40, then you can learn baker and start cutting wheat, making flour and cooking bread. There will be an insane demand for bread so increase farmer as fast as possible for a high yeild of wheat per cutting.


It's insanely easy to level jewler past 10 just with iron and gobball spit. You can also sell rings of agility to the NPC for 20 each, so 50 iron and 150 copper is 1000k. Not horribly bad to start with. Once you have wisdom, intelligence and strength based rings sell in the sell rooms or with a mule at 1000-2000k each. Then you can make livide amulettes and lumberjack amulettes for some great profits.

Sword Smith/Lumberjack

Get to level 30 lumberjack. Learn sword smith. Make tons of twiggy swords. They will be in massive demand. Don't make anything higher level, people will pay insane prices for the twiggy swords. Later on you can make kwakblades and sell them at insane prices.


Farmer is essential because on new servers the flax string needed to craft helmets and other crafts is sold at abusive prices. Tons of people are still dropping items in the gobballs section so taking early advantage, maybe 3 or 4 weeks after the debut when the first people do the blacksmith dungeon is highly recommended. Start collecting resources even before you buy the tailors manual for your crafts. Tailor will be extremely expensive but once you're a level 20 tailor you can take advantage of the flood of people wanting wings and helmets, and later on charge 5000k each craft with an endless supply of clients. Browse the merchant modes in tailena and the gobball drop areas picking of wools and leathers. If you see it cheap, buy white gobball leather, gobball spit, and chief gobball leather too for resell or to give to crafting shoemakers and jewellers. Helmets are the easiest to level on forever. Podlards aren't bad either but hard to obtain. Getting a high level guilde as early as possible helps infinitely as a good well placed collector can get about 200 black gobball leather a day.

To XP or To Craft?

You also have the option to drop everything you're carrying (ores/graines/wood) and continue cutting instead of heading back to the banque each time your inventory is full. Getting a very high level instead of crafting what you have as soon as you get it is extremely useful because you can carry more and you earn more yield per cut later on. Suicide at an early level is a nice option for quick banque transportaton XD. Buying tons of boar hairs and leveling on vampires as a main source of xp (if you're firebased) gives an early advantage.

Merchant Mode

Remember that the item is worth the immediate benefits it gives, not the resources it takes to make it. Early agrides can sell for 10.000k or more even though it only takes about 500k to make them. Ever wondered why some people sell moskito wings 150k each? Simply because I buy them. Good locations are hard to get later on, and if I have to pay 2000k -10.000k to get a nice spot, I'll buy out their inventory of overcharged items and when I wake up I'll have my 200.000k in profit.

Save Slot For Forgemage?

Forgemage, monetarily, is not a good idea unless, for example, you're an intelligence Xelor and you want to forgemage a nitruhant later on. It'll cost you like 500.000+ kamas worth of runes. The dragon eggs are a nuisance to kill so at best you'll have to rely on scara wings and antenna for quite awhile unless you can form a well rounded high level and enthusiastically suicidal group.

Alternate F2P

Even if you dont want to pay for an account you can still make an alternate character. Free to play characters can gain a profession level of 30, so for example if you start out as a lumberjack you can make a f2p account to profit off early twiggy swords without having to learn the profession on your main. Seeing as how the twiggy swords sell 200, 300 each in sets of 10 and lvl 30 has a successful craft rate of ~60%, you can still grossely profit off a very temporary character. Single accounts share the same bank account, so you can have one f2p stocked up on your crafts for quick restocking of sellrooms. You can have another f2p on the same account by banque astrub to get the money from the sold crafts quickly. If you do dungeons, xp in moon or wabbit island, a f2p mule to restock the astrub stores with your crafts is convenient.

Alternate P2P

You can be two farmers/lumberjack/miners at the same time. It's about 11 seconds to finally get the cut. With two accounts you'll still get bored out of your mind and be able to manage both at the same time but you'll have doubled output. Since you cannot have two merchant modes active on the same server at the same time they can also server as merchant mode mules.


Gain to level 50 XP using pleasant flour. Once you're absolutely sick of gaining levels start farming flax or wheat. Exchange flax for flax string which will be really in demand for new bow carvers. Once there's tailors in the server demand for flax string will be crazy because everyone wants their helmet and wings for moon island. Many popular crafts need flax string and you can abusively sell it 50k each. Not bad since you'll be getting an average of 5 flax every 4 seconds at level 80.


Agrides, adelus and any other wisdom based weapons sells way overpriced with plenty of demand. Don't count on crafts that require higher level wood or metal, because there wont be any for awhile. Most people want to get gobball equipment at the start so they don't really want anything other than gobball hammers. Later they get prespic sets but they want wisdom based weapons to accompany it. Try to find a lumberjack and miner in the forums or in the game as soon as possible that will accept large orders of wood and iron. It's much better crafting cheap level 1 crafts over and over to level fast than continually having to go to the banque for materials. The XP will be nearly free if you sell your level 1 crafts to the NPC. Bonta is great because it's very fast to travel to the banque and forgeroom by paying 2k, and there's an NPC in the forgeroom. Getting level 30 lumberjack or miner would make things easier. You can even make a non subscriber mule and have two screens open since cutting takes about 12 seconds at level 1.

Playing In French

A Few Things You Should Know

French Internet Acronyms

These are by far the hardest to get through. Chui = Je suis/MDR = Mort De Rire. Who could have guessed? Check out's Article on french abbreviations and even Wishdragon's Forum Post. Also note that in speech the french usually don't add the "ne" part (je ne peu pas), and instead only say use the pas (je peu pas). Their informal writings reflect this.


The below may not be grammatically correct or formal. These are phrases and words I found most important to playing dofus. If you have corrections please post a comment on the bottom. Most importantly, remember, my french is not good =P, but I hope the below phrases will help those amateurs wishing to do the same thing I did. Before starting learning some basic french will help immensely. check out my Free french resources online article.

A Few Selected Words

A Few Selected Survival Phrases

Note To Crafters

Tell them to go check for ingredients, even if you have the french client.



I made a Xelor on Rosal, then a week days later Dofus announced they were making a new french server. I wanted to practice french so I did a speed run again in maimane, deleting my old character. I ended up getting to level 101 combat and level 72 tailor in maimane under the username 'Xelor'. I killed dragon eggs and finally got the resources for my fire potion. My nitruhant was destroyed along with the potion. Rather than use a week dropping again I decided to try a new server again. The new silvoss server was coming and I wanted to try a wisdom xelor with 100 int 0 life and the rest in wisdom. Once it arrived I was very unmotivated to do a speed run like I did before and just quit dofus all together.

Why I Played Dofus

I used to try and interact in french chatrooms but I'd get ignored and quickly get bored of watching people chat. Playing dofus in french gave me daily interactions as everyone wanted a craft from the highest level tailor, and everyone wanted to chat about something in those horrible long dofus battles.

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Table of Contents

  1. Dofus New Server Speed Run Guilde

  2. Introduction

  3. Character Choices
  4. Class

  5. Beginning
  6. Choosing a Name
  7. First Levels
  8. Artisans
  9. To Mule?

  10. Speed Leveling an Int. Xelor
  11. Level 1 - 14
  12. Level 15 - 26
  13. Level 27 - 3x
  14. Level 3x - 45
  15. Level 45 - 60
  16. Level 60 - 100
  17. Level 60 - 70
  18. Weapons?

  19. Points Assignment
  20. Intelligence: Mob Killer
  21. Wisdom
  22. PvP Wisdom

  23. Merchanting Tips
  24. Things to Buy As Early as Possible
  25. General Tips
  26. Best Drops

  27. Get Rich By Becoming An Artisan
  28. Mules!
  29. Baker/Farmer
  30. Jeweler/Miner/Lumberjack
  31. Sword Smith/Lumberjack
  32. Tailor/Farmer
  33. To XP or To Craft?
  34. Merchant Mode
  35. Save Slot For Forgemage?
  36. Alternate F2P
  37. Alternate P2P
  38. Farmer
  39. Smiths

  40. Playing In French
  41. A Few Things You Should Know
  42. French Internet Acronyms
  43. Warning
  44. A Few Selected Words
  45. A Few Selected Survival Phrases
  46. Note To Crafters

  47. About
  48. Who
  49. Why I Played Dofus

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