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Saturday, 26th of January 2008 (26-01-2008) Query String for Blogs

Let Visitors Dynamically Add Your Page is the most commonly used link manager on the internet. Having a quicklink for your blog is pretty useful since not all have downloaded the firefox extension. I personally like to keep firefox as being _just_ a browser, given all the memory leaks from messy extension code and opt for only a tabbed browsing manager extension.

The code to add a url is simple enough:

Where is your website.

Manipulating the Query String

You can add further fields to fill automatically. People usually add bookmarks very fast to reference them later, so having it become more convenient will make it more likely they finalize the process.¬es=foo

Replace foo with whatever your description and notes are. NOTE: It may be better to encode the string in url format. You can do so by using the urlencode() php function, or just typing it in in google and copy/pasting the q= part of the query string. I believe it will still work if you don't, but older browsers may have trouble viewing (like you care).

Tags and Description?

You can't automatically add the tags and description without their username. That part of the query string is automatically removed since believes (correctly) that people should write their own tags. Adding tags automatically still possible, which brings me to the next section

Making it Auto Save Links

To make automatically add your site to their page when they click your link, you need a userbased site. Ask them from their username and store it in the database. Add a link specially crafted for members with a delicious username:¬es=foo
* Where usrhere is their username.

If they're logged in, it will automatically add the site without a prompt. This can be exploited if they use a framed page with constant redirects or popups, potentially adding a huge library of links, given they have your username.

How to build google chrome extensions

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Table of Contents

  1. Query String for Blogs
  2. Let Visitors Dynamically Add Your Page
  3. Manipulating the Query String
  4. Tags and Description?
  5. Making it Auto Save Links

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