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Sunday, 21st of January 2007 (2007-01-21)

Top 10 University Podcasts

#1 Stanford on iTunes

Downloading iTunes is required to use this site. It contains lectures from professors, interviews and more.

Visit: Stanford on iTunes

#2 Berkley on Itunes

Download iTunes is required to use this site. It contains the same audio lectures as the site Berkley webcasts site.

Visit: Berkley on iTunes

#3 Purdue University Podcasts

Audio lectures available in windows media and real media format. Click the text and not the RSS icon to download the lectures directly.

Visit: Purdue University Podcasts

#4 Southwest Tech Podcasts

Small list of audio lectures by Southwest.

Visit: Southwest Tech Podcasts

#5 UCLA Podcasts

University of california Podcasts.

Visit: Southwest Tech Podcasts

#6 WKU Podcasts

Western Kentucky University Podcasts

Visit: Western Kentucky University Podcasts

#7 DuPage Podcasts

Small collection of podcasts from the College of DuPage.

Visit: College of DuPage Podcasts

#8 NC State University

Has a 56 lecture video podcast on the hindi along with a forbidden-to-download french workbook audios.

#9 The City University of New York

York College offers 4 podcast courses.

Visit: York College Podcasts.

#10 Los Rios Community College Podcast

Small Podcast by Los Rios Community College with several courses.

Visit: Los Rios Community College Podcast

University of California, San Diego

Seems to only feature one podcast lecture at a time free per semester with a flashy site.

Visit: Philosophy Podcast
Visit: University of California Podcasts

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