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Sunday, 21st of January 2007 (2007-01-21)

Learning Any Language Online

This list of steps can apply researching most all languages.

Itunes Free Learning Languages Podcast Courses

Podcasts rule, but you need to download itunes to open these links.

Learn Arabic
Learn Chinese
Learn Chinese
Learn Chinese
Learn Chinese
English As a Second Language ESL
English For Business
Beginner French
Learn French
Learn French
Learn French
Learn French Verbs
Learn German I II III IV
Learn German Grammar
Learn German
Learn Greek
Learn Hindi
Learn Italian
Learn Italian
Learn Japanese With Video
Japanese for Beginners
Learn Japanese Symbols
Learn Korean
Learn Portuguese
Learn Brazillian Portuguese in Spanish
Learn Russian
Learn Russian For Businesses
Russian Literature
Learn Spanish
Learn Spanish
Learn Spanish

General Steps to Find Language Tutorials

  1. Wikipedia: search the language of your choice and check external links
  2. Google: "Learn X", "learn X free", "x grammer", " x"," x"
  3. Translate: Babel fish serves as a multilingual translator. Google toolbar has an option that will translate words by hovering over them.
  4. Find the Most Popular Sites: Check the alexa top sites by country and find the most popular sites in your language
  5. Culture: Pressdisplay is a awesome tool that has newspapers from 35 languages. Go to and pick a country at the bottom to change language
  6. Interact: Yahoo chat from yahoo instant messenger has chat rooms in other languages and even has voice chat. DMOZ includes a list of chats in other languages
  7. Practice Reading: Project Gutenberg, Wikibooks, and wikipedia all have the option to change languages
  8. Watch Videos: Check the list of domain extensions corresponding to the country. Go to google video and replace the .com with the domain extension. For example here's google video france.

Consol Emulation

Emulation basically makes playing consol games possible on your computer. Read more about it on Wikipedia. Playing games can help me learn a languages? In respect to reading and grammar, absolutely. The old role playing games of the past are completely text dependent. Super nintendo games are mostly targetted because they are of small file size and there are many fan sites like emuverse and Snakeyes that offer translation patches in multiple languages for any game. Awesome titles include Super Mario RPG, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana 3, Star Ocean, Tales of Phantasia, Breath of Fire 1 and 2, Romance of the Three Kindgoms, Final Fantasy 2 - 5. Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced (EU) for GBA and Zelda: Majora's Mask for N64 are among many exceptions of other consols that have multilingual games.

Download: ZSNES: Super Nintendo Emulator
Visit: Rom-world for snes roms
Visit: Romnation for snes Roms

Peer 2 Peer Networks

Beware of peer to peer networks. They can offer some great stuff but you have to check copyrights before you download anything because many of the programs may be illegally redistributed. For more about p2p networks check out my best peer to peer networks article.

Exernal Links

Learn French online
Multilingual TV online
Non English Videos on
List of itunes Language Guides
Learn Chinese
Free French Ebooks
Google Language Tools
56 lectures on Hindi
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