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Best Peer to Peer Networks

So you want direct downloads through FTP or HTTP servers? That's not how it works anymore. Everyone uses p2p software to exchange games, favorite music, music videos, movies, and software. Please be patient and you'll be well rewarded...

Direct Downloads Free

WTF is a Torrent!?


Torrent just means the file is networked and shared among many people. Torrent downloads are NOT slow. In the case of pirated software and games, servers will get prosecuted for hosting the games. Instead, they just "index" or list files shared by multiple people.

How do I Start Downloading NOW

First get a bit torrent client like Azureus, Bit Comet, or any other torrent opening program. Install The Client. Now you can open .torrent files! Wow, that was omfg kind of hard huh? Next download the torrent you want. Look for it in a torrent site: Pirate Bay, Bit Torrent, TorrentSpy, MiniNova Read Torrent Freaks 9 bit torrent common questions, bit torrent seeding site comparisons and Wikipedia's article on p2p networks.

Bit Torrent Search Engine

File / Warez / Game / Movie:

I Want Something Like KAZAA or OLD NAPSTER

Kazaa is spyware full now and not worth downloading. It spawned variations like kazaa lite, k++, k-lite among others, but it's still very much not worth using due to its gross amount of spyware. Instead download one of these similar alternative software: Emule, FrostWire, Limewire, Frostwire, Morpheus, Direct Connect, Cabos, Strong DC++, Phex, Shaeraza, iMesh, Bearshare. Don't trust me? Check out Wikipedia's Peer2peer programs Comparison.


If you want to download the latest playstation, xbox, wii ps2 ps3 games, again, everyone uses torrents. Again, type whatever you want into my torrent search engine above or search one of the above programs like emule. There ARE NO direct links to download iso files from your browser, YOU HAVE TO USE ONE OF THE FREE CLIENTS ABOVE... because for example: Fire Emblem Path of Radiance is 1 gigabyte, Final Fantasy X (10) is 3.14 gigabytes, Crysis 2.51 gigs, Microsoft Flight Similator and Addons are 6 gigs, Final Fantasy XII (12) 3.36 gigs, Spore 2.42 gigabytes. Servers would go down fast if they hosted these files because their bandwidth would be depleted from all the cable connections, and because they're be sued to death by the gaming industry. Instead, multiple people transfer the files among each other in a very efficient way, called torrents and peer to peer networks.


All the programs I'm recommending are freeware. Most of them in fact, are open source software from, meaning even the programming source code is free. This isn't an advertisement, so quit spamming your ignorant comments.

How do I make my Downloads Go Faster

Most the p2p clients rely on having certain ports open so they can transfer your files. Many people have firewalls, routers and hubs that block the specified file sharing ports. Having the ports blocked can make downloading extremely slow or impossible. Read the documentation for the program you're using and what ports you need open. Read how to enable the ports on your firewall and router (use google, QUIT asking me!!). Find your router in this Port Forwarding Help site, and follow the directions to add the specific port. Sounds like too much work? It's worth it if you do, though not completely necessary.


ISO files are compressed into rar and zip files. Final Fantasy Tactics for playstation may be 550 mb as an ISO file, but as a zipped file, it's only 220mb. The file may also be compressed as a .7z, .tar, .gz, .tgz file. All of these can be unzipped with an 800k freeware called 7-zip which adds a context menu for unzipping to all unzipable files. Most people use Winzip or WinRAR because of their easy interface.


There are various types of CD Image Files. While ISO is the standard way to make 1:1 copies (one to one), there are many commercial applications that like to make their own standards of CD Images claiming it's more secure or smaller in file size. The programs Alcohol 120% and Nero can burn most any of the images mentioned above. CCD files are for the program Clone CD. NRG Files are for NERO. DAA files are opened in the program Power ISO.

Don't Bother Burning it To CD

If you use the game or software often that continually asks you to insert the CD everytime you play, it's actually better to use Daemon Tools which can run ISO files or similar CD images as if they were inside the CD tray. Alchohol 120% mentioned above can also emulate most CD images onto Virtual CDs. Alcohol 120% recently released a freeware version called alcohol 52%. You can download it here. This makes it so the game is not limited to how fast it can read from the CD, and takes away that whinney cd spinning noise. can provide NOCD programs that let you run your game without continually needing to stick the CD in.


First you burn the ISO file onto a CD. Playstations, Xboxes, etc ONLY work with burned games with a mod chip. You could also use an emulator, which is basically a program that lets you play the games on your computer. Playstation 1 (PSX PSP) has a really good emulator for its games called ePSXe, it is nearly perfect. The playstation 2 emulator still needs a bit of work. Both can use PeOp.s plugins that add a lot of customization.

I Want Free, and Legal GAMES

Check out Source Forge's List of Free Games for Windows, Abandonia's List and The UnderDog's List of non copyrighted games. Maybe you want to program your own game. I bet you have some great ideas! Check out the Game Programming Wiki for tutorials and examples. Here's a list of online free MMORPGs: Runescape, Dofus multilingual, MapleStory, Mana World, Knight Online, Tibia, rfonline, Entropia, Planeshift, Rose Online, RPGwo, MuOnline, ProjectRO, GuildWars, D.O. online, Kalonline, Hellbreath, Kindom of Loathing, Utopia, eve-online, clownphobia, Ragnarock Online, Anarchy Online, FlyFF, Rakion, Endless online, Most Wanted, Shadowmere, City of Heroes, cityofvillains, Legend of Green Dragon, Gunzonline, America's Army, onRPG- mmorpg list, mmorpg- mmorpg list, and Wiki MMORPG List

Search Ideas

If you're a gamer you can search PSP, PS2, GB, GBA, Nintendo DS, N64 Games, PS3 and Wii games, when they come out.

If you're a musician you can search guitare tabs, and sheet music, there are huge archives of it. Sibelius and finale can turn MIDIs into printable sheet music for any instrument. Check out my best free eartraining and music theory software

Language buffs can download pimsleaur and rosetta stones series programs and audio listening courses. Check out my article on getting getting a Free Education Online.


This is really popular among kids. It stinks. Use frostwire or emule instead.


Probably the best P2P client there is right now. It's the top download of all time in sourceforge, the biggest open source community. If you dont know how to configure your router or disable your firewall, I suggest something more simple like frostwire. You can connect to the ed2k network and the kad network. There's usually 5 or 6 million people connected at peak hours. It has excellent anti-leecher capabilities. Be sure to configure your router to have a "high ID". Learn more about high IDs. For best results order the servers by USERS then use a global search.


Similar to kazaa. Excellent for music but not as convincing as bit torrent and emule.


Connects to gnutella2, has 400,000 people at peak hours. Pops up advertisements.


Can connect gnutella1, 2, and the edk server. Good but not as configurable as emule.


Connects to iMesh Network and Gnutella. Has ads.

Safety Tips

Files can be infected with spyware or viruses. It may be a fake, meaning that's not the song or program you wanted. The best tip is be sure to read and search for comments. The more people sharing(meaning the percent finished rather than number downloading) the file, the more likely it's real and doesnt have a virus. The first thing you should download is an anti-virus like avg or search panda, bit defender, norton, or avast. In general AVI video files are safer than MPGs. You should NOT download asf, bat, vb, reg files. Set another video player like Windows Media Player Classic or Irfanview as your main video player to prevent exploits. On emule search "IPFilter" or IP Filter and download it/follow instructions. It will add a bunch of IP filters to prevent leachers and anti-piracy groups from illegally scanning your computer.

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Here's my generic answer to downloading games and music online for yahoo answers.

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